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The Anti-Emo Empire! was a weekly radio show that catered to old school and new school hardcore and punk rock. You could hear the show every Thursday night from 8-10 PM on WNHU 88.7 FM, West Haven, CT and ran from May 29th, 2001 to September 3rd, 2009.

The show did not claim to be the "authority" on old school hardcore, but that is what the show's main focus was on. I liked to think of the show as a source to school the new kids on the bands that were around back in the day that they may not already be familiar with, as well as being a 'flashback' to the good ol' days for the old school listeners. The show was also very helpful in schooling myself on what was fresh and new in today's underground hardcore/punk scene. I tried to give as much info as possible about the bands, old and new. Be it the band's history, if the band was new or older and broken up, if the release was out of print or still available, etc. 99% of the music played on the show was from my personal cd collection. The radio station had an okay music library for the newer punk and metal releases, but not much at all in terms of old and new hardcore.

I got into hardcore/punk back in 1985 crossing over from the underground metal scene. The school that I am from is hardcore/punk/crossover, there was a fine line between all of these styles and all three influenced one another and were all perfectly acceptable back then. I come from a scene and an era of hc/punk that was loud, abrasive, obnoxious, against the grain, sincere, and was pure, and that is exactly what you could expect from The Anti-Emo Empire! Radio show.

For many years, this was the only radio show in all of CT of it's nature and content. There were many "punk" shows on the radio, but there was nowhere else that you could hear the selection and combination of bands that I played. I did the show primarily out of my continued love for the music and as means to support the scene. All in all, it was a lot of fun and I would have continued to do the show, but I decided to move to Long Beach, CA in December of 2009.

Besides spinning music, the show also brought you live interviews from The Rabble Rousers, Peter Cortner (Dag Nasty, Los Vampiros, The Gerunds), Adult Crash author Dave Brown, Radio Silence authors Nathan Nedorostek and Anthony Pappalardo, Mike Scondotto, Dave Smalley (DYS, Dag Nasty, ALL, Down By Law, Sharpshooters), John "Stabb" Schroeder of Government Issue, The Poodle Boys, Toby Morse from H20, Craig Bell (Rocket From The Tombs, Saucers, The Plan, The Bell System), Anthony "CIV" Civarelli from Gorilla Biscuits, Chris Jones and Dylan Roy from Verbal Assault, Danny Slam from America's Hardcore, Dave Markey from We Got Power Films and SIN 34, Jason Hall from Western Addiction, Eddie Sutton from Leeway, Orlandito "Dito" Montiel from Major Conflict, Dave Campo and Kevin Bobbins from When Freedom Dies, Katon W. DePena of Hirax and Jim Martin and Gerry Stopper from Broken.

This web site is still available to check out Playlists, photos and listen to the interviews that were conducted on the show, so be sure to check it out.

I reiterate, the Radio Show is no more, so please do not contact me with expectations that the show is still active. I want to thank Katie Vicious who co-hosted the show with me from September 2008 - September 2009, as well as ALL of the Bands, Labels and listeners that made it all worth while and an amazing 8 1/2 year run!

- What The Hell Is Emo Anyway? -

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