D.R.I. "Live at CBGB's 1984" DVD

Review By: Jeff Terranova

Classic, raw footage of D.R.I. in their early years and in my opinion, in their prime! Lead singer Spike claims that the CBGB's set and the bonus entire set from the Masonic Temple, Portsmouth from the same "Rock Against Reagan" 1984 tour are the only two videos that exist of D.R.I. pre 1986 and with this line up!

The CBGB's video is from Sat April 7th, 1984. It was D.R.I.'s 1st time playing CBGB's and they shared the Saturday matinee with Corrosion Of Conformity and the Prevaricators. It is filmed from CBGB's house camera from one angle, but it does focus in close from time to time. The audio is taken from a soundboard cassette recording (which was also just released on cd by Beer City Records). The soundboard tape runs out after track 32, so tracks 33-39 have the original audio from the video camera and then the audio returns to the soundboard for the encore track 40 Violent Pacification,

Great intro and menus, plus many extras like skating footage of Kristian Svitak, a flyer slide show, liner notes from Spike and credits!

This DVD is a must for any fan of old school D.R.I.. It's no pro-shot multi camera masterpiece by today's digital age standards, but don't let that deter you from taking a trip back 21 years and witness history in the making... 40 songs in 45 minutes... Welcome to 1984!

Track Listing for CBGB's Sat April 7th, 1984:
(pretty much the same for the Masonic Temple, Portsmouth show)

1. I Don't Need Society
2. Reaganomics
3. Commuter Man
4. Plastique
5. Why
6. Balance of Terror
7. My Fate to Hate
8. Who am I
9. Money Stinks
10. Human Waste
11. Yes Ma'am
12. Dennis' Problem
13. Closet Punk
14. How to Ac
t 15. Give My Taxes Back
16. Equal People
17. On my Way Home
18. Bail Out
19. Snap
20. The Explorer
21. Slit My Wrists
22. Stupid War
23. Counter Attack
24. I'd Rather be Sleeping
25. Running Around
26. Coach Slouch
27. To Open Closed Doors
28. God is Broke
29. Soup Kitchen
30. Sad to Be
31. War Crimes
32. Busted
33. Draft Me
34. First Round Draft Choice
35. Capitalists Suck
36. Mad Man
37. Misery Loves Company
38. No Sense
39. Blockhead
40. Violent Pacification