Review By: Jeff Terranova

This DVD release is a must have for all Dwarves fans! Filmed with multi camera angles that switch back and forth from color and black and white, and in front of a jam packed crowd at NYC's Continental. The overall quality of the audio and the video is rock solid and exactly what you would expect from a small club show. Lots of interaction with the crowd and attention drawing in between song banter!
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Notorious for their ferocious live performances spanning over two decades, the Dwarves have rocked and offended audiences the world over. This sinful 19-song performance DVD was filmed at the legendary Continental Club in NYC on October 18, 2004 and includes several extra music videos like "Over You", "We Must Have Blood", "Bleed On", "Pimp", and "Way Out" as well as alternate camera angles of the show. In this age of prepackaged punk and ready-made rebellion, the Dwarves remain fiercely independent and unrepentant to the end... This DVD supplies all the crazy-ass bullsh!t you've come to expect from this band of degenerate f*#ks.

Song Titles:

1. Massacre Intro
2. Dominator
4. I Will Deny
5. Everybody's Girl
6. Like You Want
7. Relentless
8. Salt Lake City
9. Anybody Out There
10. Way Out
11. Over You
12. You Gotta Burn
13. Act Like You Know
14. How It's Done
15. Back Seat of My Car
16. Detention Girl
17. Astroboy
18. Must Have Blood
19. Unrepentant

Filmed at the legendary Continental Club in NYC on October 18, 2004

Music Videos:

1. "Over You"
2. "We Must Have Blood"
3. "Bleed On"
4. "Pimp"
5. "Way Out"

DVD released: April 19, 2005
Cast: Blag Dhalia, Wreck Tom, Clint Torres, The Fresh Prince Of Darkness, HeWhoCanNotBeNamed
Approximate running time: 75 Minutes
Aspect Ratio: 1.33.1 Fullscreen
5.1 Surround Sound
Region Code: 0
Format: DVD
Label: MVD