Shows that I have played with Eventide!


January 9th, Earth Crisis, VOD, Eventide and Drowning Room @ Tuxedo Jct, Danbury CT

June 13th. Ensign, Fastbreak, Follow Through, Bane, Eventide and Uprise @ The Tune Inn, New Haven CT

June 14th, Snapcase, Cast Iron Hike, Eventide and Ground Zero @ Zootz, Portland ME

August 17th, Non Compos Mentis, Eventide and Last Ones Standing @ Club Metronome, Burlington VT

September 2nd, Seaweed, Eventide and Sweet Deisel @ Tuxedo Jct, Danbury CT

October 12th, Drowning Room, All I Ask, Voice Of Reason, Divided By Hate and Eventide @ The Tune Inn, New Haven CT

November 10th, Hatebreed CD Release Party with Eventide, Follow Through, One King Down, Pushbutton Warfare and Voice Of Reason @ Tuxedo Jct, Danbury CT

December 28th, Higher Force, Dismay, Follow Through, Eventide, Pushbutton Warfare and Another Victim @ The Bristol Bike And Skate, Bristol CT