Shows that I have played with Up Front!


DEBUT SHOW! February 6th Images, Brewster NY with Wide Awake and Aware

February 7th The Anthrax, Norwalk CT with Bold, Wide Awake and Aware

Saturday March 14th The Anthrax, Norwalk CT with Verbal Assault, Breakdown and F.C.C.

Thursday April 2nd Student Union, University Of CT, Storrs CT with Sacred Denial, 76% Uncertain ad Wide Awake

Aprll 25th The Pyramid Club, NYC with Straight Ahead and The N.Y. Hoods (Cancelled)

May 2nd The Anthrax, Norwalk CT with Eels, Straight Ahead and Beyond Possession

May 16th Club 288, Albany NY with Token Entry, Underdog and Gorilla Biscuits

Sunday June 7th The Italian American Club, Mahopac NY with Bold, NY Hoods, Rest In Pieces, Wide Awake and Aware

Friday June 26th Putnam Valley VFW Hall, Putnam Valley NY with Revelations, Aware, Breakdown, Mutilator and the New York Hoods

July 31st Putnam Valley VFW Hall, Putnam Valley NY with Leeway, Kriegkopf, Breakdown and Wide Awake

August 7th The Anthrax, Norwalk CT with Dag Nasty, Uniform Choice and Crucial Youth

September 24th, Up Front, Cranial Abuse and Final Terror @ Hyberia Hall, Albany NY

Saturday November 14th The Anthrax, Norwalk CT with Youth Of Today and Warzone

January 2nd The Anthrax, Norwalk CT with Touchdown and Wide Awake

January 31st The Right Track Inn, Long Island, NY with Outburst, Occupied Territory & Bustin' Out

Friday February 5th The Pit, Rye NY with Pressure Release and Target 19

March 12th Streets, New Rochelle NY with Raw Deal (Formerly Breakdown) and New Breed (Formerly Sucker Punch)

March 18th The Anthrax, Norwalk CT with Project X, Pressure Release and Judge

April 24th The Brick N Wood, New Haven CT with Skeletal Ambitions, Forced Reality, Freedom Of Choice and Pressure Release

Sunday May 15th The Right Track Inn, Long Island with Pressure Release, Bustin' Out, Our Gang and Bad Trip

June 19th The Anthrax, Norwalk, CT with Pressure Release, Scooter X, Slow Children At Play, Rambo Smurfs & Beyond Meaning

July ?? WNYU 89.1 FM

August 28th The Anthrax, Norwalk CT with Hogan's Heroes

September 10th The Anthrax, Norwalk CT with No Outlet, Pressure Release and Our Gang

October 9th The Anthrax, Norwalk, CT with Reach Out & Wishful Thinking

December ?? Lititz Rec Center, Lititz, PA with Side By Side & Pressure Release

March 17th The Anthrax, Norwalk CT with Bold, Beyond, Turning Point and Face Up

March 24th The Outreach Center, Frederick, MD with Insted, Vision & Cause and Effect

April 2nd The Chameleon Club, Danbury CT with Pay Back

April 7th UCONN with 24-7 Spyz

April 14th The Anthrax, Norwalk CT with Vision and Our Gang

May 20th, Sayerville NJ with Bold and Second Thought

May 27th Skate Ramp, Trenton NJ with Release

May 28th Schenectidy NY with Face Up

June 22nd WNYU 89.1 FM with Unit Pride

June 24th The Pipeline, Newark NJ with with Krakdown, Vision and Unit Pride

June 25th, Harrisburg, PA with Unit Pride

June 27th, Toledo, Ohio--CANCELLED

June 28th, Kalamazoo, MI with Unit Pride

June 29th Berea Roll, Cleveland OH with Unit Pride and Confront

June 30th, Buffalo, NY--CANCELLED (Van died)

July 1st, Syracuse, NY--CANCELLED (Van died)

July 2nd, Albany, NY--CANCELLED (Van died)

July 7th The Anthrax, Norwalk CT with Insted, Wind OF Change, Release (5 songs) and Unit Pride (2 songs)

July 9th Aaron Straw Benefit Show at The Anthrax, Norwalk CT with Sick Of It All, Underdog, Unit Pride, Supertouch, Wide Awake, Within and Inside Out (NYC)

Spirit Summer Tour with Insted (July 14th - August 27th)

July 14th The River Rock Cafe, Buffalo NY with Insted and Gorilla Biscuits

July 15th Syracuse "Cancelled" (we drove to Cleveland to see GB, Confront and Die Hard at the Berea Roll)

July 16th Sonic Temple, Wilkinsburg PA with Insted, Underdog & The Goon Bunch

July 18th Wally's Place, Alantown PA with Insted, Wind Of Change, On Life, Voice and Stand Up

July 19th Toledo OH with GB, Insted and Majority Of One (we got there late and missed the show)

July 20th Kutskas Hall, Green Bay with Insted, Underdog and Vasicular Bassalt

July 22nd Jefferson Street Elks Lodge, Rockford with Insted, Underdog, Gorilla Biscuits and Full On Straight

July 23rd Chicago, IL (we did not play but sold merch and saw Insted and Underdog)

July 25th Iowa City with Insted, Gorilla Biscuits, Libido Boyz and Pussy Galore

July 26th Sokol Hall, Omaha, NE with Insted, Supertouch, Head On and Say No More

July 27th Grandma's Bingo, Colorado Springs, CO with Insted, Gorilla Biscuits and Libido Boyz

July 28th Fort Colins, CO with Insted, Gorilla Biscuits and Libido Boyz

July 29th Tuscan, AZ (Cancelled)

July 30th Pheonix, AZ (Cancelled)

July 31st The Country Club, Reseda CA, Swiz, Gorilla Biscuits, American Standard, Inside Out and Pushed Aside (We went to on our day off)

August 3rd, Tempe, AZ with Supertouch (we drove all of the way there to find out that it was Cancelled)

August 4th Fender's Ballroom with Youth Of Today, Gorilla Biscuits, Insted, Supertouch, Judge, Bold and Chain Of Strength

August 5th Gilman Street, Berkely CA with Bold, Supertouch and Judge

August 6th Covered Wagon, San Francisco CA with Supertouch and Judge (never played, all three bands bailed)

August 9th La Quinto De-Sol, Embudo, New Mexico

August 11th 4 Palms, Houston TX with Walk Proud, Refuse To Fall, Why Am I... and Intent

August 12th Axis, Fort Worth TX with Walk Proud, Sobering Consequences and the Chemical People

August 15th Studio G, Memphis TN with Sudden Awareness and Raid

August 16th, Atlanta, GA (Cancelled)

August 17th Pensicola FL with Release

August 18th, Tampa, FL (Cancelled)

August 19th North Recreational Center, Miami Lakes FL with Release, FWA, The Believers, Quit, Powerhouse, Awake and The People's Court

August 27th City Gardens, Trenton NJ with Social Distortion, Chain Of Strength, Insight and Sobering Consequences

May 12th ABC No Rio with Face Up, Sticks & Stones & The Wretched Ones

May 18th Unisound, Redding PA with Vision, Admiral, On Life & The Passed

May 19th The Safari Club, MD with Face Up, Falling Short and SFA

June 1st The Anthrax, Norwalk CT with Gridlock

June 9th River Rock Cafe, Buffalo NY with Release & No Joke

Sunday June 16th The Urban Jungle, New Haven CT with Process Of Elimination and Nobody's Perfect

Sunday February 24th The Underground, Syracuse University with Citizens Arrest, Dead Image and No Joke

Friday March 1st The Fortune Cookie, Norwalk CT with Onion and Within

Sunday March 3rd The Monkey Bar, Norwalk CT with Onion and the Wussies

March 23rd New Brunswick H.S., New Brunswick NJ with Secret Wrong, No Future, No Laughing Matter, Structure, Blindside, Mouthpiece, Lifetime, Witchhunt, Enough Said, Dare To Defy, Edgewise, Greyhouse, Seperate Peace and Conviction

April 17th outdoor amphitheater, Westchester Community College's Earth Day concert, Valhalla, NY with New Faith

May 17th The Fortune Cookie, Norwalk CT with 7 League Boots and Onion

June 16th The Urban Jungle, New Haven CT

Thursday June 20th WNYU 89.1 FM

June 28th Hudson Youth Center, Hudson NY

June 30th 242 Main, Burlington VT with Stigmata, Substance & The Champions

Daybreak Summer Tour (August 3rd-30th)

August 3rd Club Copa, Providence RI with Burn, Bad Trip, No Escape, Puzzlehead, Iceburn, The Wurst, Bugout Society & Drop Dead

August 4th Electric Banana, Pittsburg PA with Dead Image and The Stiffs

August 9th THD House, Minneapolis MN with Edgewise and Dead Image

August 10th The Beer Gardens, Minot Fair Grounds, Minot North Dakota with Edgewise

August 11th Romans Ron De Vu (downstairs at the Hideaway),Rapid City SD with Edgewise, Dead Image and Preps On Welfare

August 14th Cerebex Center, South Dakota

August 16th Club Mitch Garage Show, San Diego CA with Strife, Outspoken, Lifetime and Process

August 17th Toe Jam, Long Beach CA with Strife, Lifetime, Outspoken and Chorus Of Disapproval

August 18th Spanky's Cafe, Riverside CA with Farside, Strife, Lifetime, Edgewise and Drift Again

August 23rd Slipped Disc, Dallas TX

August 24th, Memphis TN (Cancelled)

August 25th Bastilles, St. Louis MO with Structure and Enjoy

August 29th Sgt. Pepperoni's, Kalamazoo MI with Twitch and Deconstruction

August 30th Apartment show, Milwaukee WI with Trial, Drawback, Bloodline, Soulstorm, React and Demise (shut down by the man)

September 7th Fishkill NY

Friday November 8th Middlesex County College, Edison NJ with Sick Of It All, Vision, Resurrection and Mouthpiece

European Tour (December 27th - January 11th 1992)

December 27th JUZ, St. Ingbert Germany with Majority Of One

December 29th Club Vinile, Vicenza Italy

December 31st Flex, Vienna Austria with Frogs of War and That's It

January 3rd Sportsplatz, Leonberg Germany with Intricate

January 4th Konkret, Hohenems Austria with Hogan's Heroes

January 5th Discothek Labyrinth, Wurzburg Germany with Charley's War and Out Of Question

January 6th Club Fritz, Essen Germany with Charley's War

January 7th Club AJZ Bahndamm, Wermelskirchen Germany with Intricate

January 8th Roter Sand, Bremerhaven Germany with Quicksand and Intricate

January 9th K.O.B., Berlin Germany with Intricate

January 10th Konne Island, Leipzig Germany

January 11th Schlachthof, Aurich Germany with Quicksand, Manliftingbanner, Hammerhead and Crivits

European Tour with V Card (May 27th - June 18th)

May 25th Berlin Germany

May 28th Konne Island, Leipzig Germany with Intricate

May 29th Schreinerei, Schweinfurth Germany

May 30th Burgerzentrum, Koln Germany with Intricate

May 31st Beatbarracke, Leonberg Germany

June 1st AJZ, Homburg Germany

June 2nd Between Open Air Festival, Bregenz Austria

June 3rd The Bunker, Nova Garcia Slovenia

June 4th Perugia Italy

June 5th Montebelluna Italy with Think Twice, V Card, Spring Down & Gastric Saucers

June 6th 007, Prag Czec Republic with Leeway, Only Living Witness and Sleeper

June 7th JUZ Immenhausen, Kassel Germany with Leeway and Only Living Witness

June 8th Zwischenfall, Bochum Germany

June 9th The Abyss, Bremen Germany

June 10th Alte Weberei, Gutersloh Germany

June 11th Korn, Hannover Germany

June 12th

June 13th Pod Lampou, Plsen Czec Republic

June 14th Ostrawa Czec Republic

June 15th Poland

June 16th Rockbahnhof, Eberswalde Germany

June 17th AJZ Talschock, Chemnitz Germany with No No Yes No

July 1st Studio 158, Willamantic CT with Ashes, Grip and Shades Apart

July 3rd The Lost Horizon, Syracuse NY With Ashes, Shades Apart, Dayspring and Autumn (Up Front never confirmed the date and did not play, but were advertised on the show flyer)

December 20th The Yardly Community Center with By The Grace Of God, Hands Tied, Rain On The Parade and Saves The Day

December 21st The Tune Inn, New Haven CT with Follow Through, Envy, Slip Cycle and Trust

January 25th The Wetlands, NYC with Ensign, Fastbreak, Hands Tied, Indecision and Common Ground

May 3rd Benefit for Trash American Style at The Tune Inn, New Haven CT with Time Will Tell, Rain On The Parade, Follow Through and Fastbreak

January 2nd The Space, Worcester MA with In My Eyes, Follow Through, Envy and Days Gone

January 3rd The Middle East, Cambridge MA with In My Eyes, Follow Through, Envy and 7th Rail Crew

January 4th CBGB, NYC with Envy, Follow Through, Fastbreak and OS 101

Japan tour (January 7th - 9th)

January 7th Bears, Osaka Japan with Meaning Of Life, Protect and Dug Revenge

January 8th Huck Finn, Nagoya Japan with Tomorrow, X Not A thing X, Elemental Tweak and Without A Limit

January 9th Anti Knock, Tokyo Japan with Next Style, State Craft, Protect, Downfall and Set Point

December 13th Middlesex County College, Edison NJ with Underdog, Wide Awake, Vision and Fast Times

May 14th The Newtown Teen Center, Newtown CT with Fast Times

May 22nd Rodano's, Wilkes Barre PA with Fast Times

European Tour with Fast Times (May 28th - June 26th)

May 28th Forellenhof, Salzgitter Germany

May 29th Vanersrocken, Vanersborg Sweden

May 31st Zlotowski Dom Kulture, Zlotow Poland

June 2nd Konne Island, Leipzig Germany

June 3rd P-Werk, Blieskastel Germany

June 4th Industry 45, Zug Switzerland with Half My Time

June 5th Le Bistroy, Lyon France

June 6th Le Paradise D'Asie, Nantes France

June 7th Cafe DelMar, St. Beiuc France

June 8th Clin D'Oeil, Troyes France

June 9th Zwischenfall, Bochum Germany

June 11th The Victoria Inn, Derby England

June 12th Evil Fest at The Garage, London England with In The Clear, Cameran, Kafka, Touchdown, Area Effect, Guiding Line, Fast Times, Oil and Knuckledust

June 13th Tskut, Aalbeke Belgium

June 14th AJZ, Bielefeld Germany

June 15th AZ, Aachen Germany with Fast Times, Good Clean Fun and Indicaton

June 16th Wild At Heart, Berlin Germany

June 18th Talshok AJZ, Chemnitz Germany

June 19th Mind Over Matter Festival, Oberwart Austria

June 19th Hardcore Festival in Gyor Hungary with Fast Times, United Side, Dawncore, Burning Inside, Forcas, Free Hands and O.P.E.L.

June 20th Limelight, Stuttgart Germany

June 22nd Barrakka, Kutina Croatia

June 24th Flohzirkus, Hannover Germany

June 25th Iduna, Drachten Holland

June 26th Goudvishal, Arnhem Holland with Shai Hulud

July 30th The Moose Lodge, Stratford CT with Society In Breakdown, Unexplained, Second Class Citizen, When Freedom Dies, Pay Back and Bloodshot Hooligans

Sept 18th, New Age Records Presents Coming of Age Music Festival @ The Showcase Theater, Corona CA with Mean Season, Countervail, A18, Countdown to Life, Where Eagles Dare and 7 Generations

Oct 1st CT POSI FALL FEST! @ the Knights of Columbus, Cromwell CT with Outspoken, Bold,, Good Clean Fun, Have Heart, Triple Threat, Count Down to Life, Fired Up! and UpperXHand

Nov 21st A Time We'll Remember Positive Hardcore Festival with Right Idea, Mindset, Get the Most, Face Reality, Gator Bait, Outlast, Resolve, Force Fed, Reveal the Truth, Not Sorry, Alert, Overload, Truth Inside, Envision and Thought Crusade @ Champion Ship Records, Lemoyne, PA

July 17th Everybody's Scene Book themed show with The Vatican Commandos, Our Gang, Ed Gein's Car and Loud Youth @ The Mercury Lounge, NYC

Sunday the 19th The Pipeline, Newark NJ with Turning Point and Our Gang
May 20th Gatsby's, Sayreville NJ with Terminal Confusion, Unholy Alliance and Second Thought