Joey Keithley "I, Shithead A Life In Punk"

Review by Joe Snow

Let me just start this by saying Joey "Shithead" Keithley is almost fully responsible for punk rocks emergence in Canada, but you already knew that. His new book "I, Shithead" gives you some insight as to just how this happened. The book in it's entirety is a great read for those of you who have your own personal punk rock stories and are interested in how others came to be saved by the good word of punk. Joey Shithead not only gives you the overview of his days playing with the legendary DOA but perhaps the most interesting aspect of this book is his account of what led up to the formation of that band. He lets us in on how a child of the 60's and the hippie generation becomes one of the major voices of the 70's/80's punk rock movement.
This isn't a chronological, day by day, documentation of the exploits and experiences of DOA and Shithead doesn't try to paint any pictures here. This is the kind of history you get when your just talking to your friend over a beer, not a historical account but rather an overview on what the whole thing meant on a more personal level. Blah blah blah....It's a real good book. Buy it!