7 SECONDS "Take It Back, Take It On, Take It Over!"

One of the most anticipated punk/hardcore releases of 2005!! The LEGENDARY 7 SECONDS are back with their original hardcore sound from "The Crew" and "Walk Together Rock Together" era - fast songs, powerful lyrics, aggressive and catchy.
17 tracks of pure adrenaline with what is now their trademark melodic sing-along chorus. With songs such as "Our Core" and "Still On It", 7SECONDS is a legendary hardcore band for kids fed up with the typical pop punk band.

Track Listing:
1. All Came Undone
2. Meant To Be My Own
3. This Is Temporary
4. My Band Our Crew
5. Still On It
6. Say My Thanks
7. Big Fall
8. Stand Here and Just Stare
9. Where’s the Danger
10. Big Hardcore Mystery
11. Panic Attack
12. Our Core
13. Breaking News
14. One Friend Too Many
15. Your Parents Hardcore
16. Your Frustrations
17. Rules to Follow