The Accüsed "Oh Martha!"

This 8th studio full length release heralds the return of Blaine Cook, Tommy Niemeyer, Alex Sibbald and Steve "O-Ring" Nelson. Together again after 15 years!
The Accüsed are an undeniably influential band to tons of bands and the originators of "Splatter Rock".

Martha Splatterhead is featured throughout the album both lyrically and visually. Most notably throughout the 12 page color booklet which multiple artists have contributed artwork for.

As a 20th Anniversary celebration, the band re-recorded their classic 5 song Martha Splatterhead EP and included the tracks at the end of the album!

It seems that The Accüsed have returned from the dead and there is nothing they cannot do...

Track Listing:
1 Martha Will
2 Fueled By Hate
3 Crapassreality
4 Fast Zombies Rule
5 Dying On The Vine
6 Hooker Fortified Pork Products
7 Life Kills On
8 NES (National Embalming School)
9 Filth Hounds Of Hades
10 Stay Dead
11 Scream And Die
12 Of The Body
13 13 Letters
14 Have You Never Been Mellow?
Bonus Tracks:
15 Distractions
16 Martha Splatterhead / Slow Death
17 Take My Time
18 Fucking For Bux
19 Outro