"We All Go Down Together" CD

With a goal to be influential and not influenced, Attitude have hand-crafted their debut LP as something that they can truly be proud of and stand firmly behind. With a sound that has been described as "fast rock riffs applied to hardcore rhythms" Attitude can easily be described as "atypical" and as a result, heads will continue to turn. "We All Go Down Together" is without a question the bands best and most focused work to date, with songs that represent the search for meaning and identity in a complex world filled with ambiguities from political corruption to the failings of interpersonal relationships. For fans of: Bane, The Suicide File, and Gorilla Biscuits.

Track Listing:

1. More Than A Mouthful
2. Print Is Dead
3. Get S*** Started
4. Scumbag
5. Catch The Fever
6. Get The Shot
7. This Is Personal
8. Damaged Goods
9. We All Go Down Together