"Bring Your Own Weapon"

In an era in which most bands are eager to ride the coat tails of punk rock, as the quickest shortcut to commercial success, Bring Your Own Weapon, hailing from Phoenix (Arizona), is a welcomed and desperately needed testosterone driven, hardcore kick in the ass. The drums are furious and tight, the bass heart stopping and convulsive, the guitar provides ripping, infectious riffs, while the vocals force-feed the B.Y.O.W message through snarls, adrenaline, attitude and humor. B.Y.O.W's in your face style, infiltrates the senses. The adrenaline lingers in your soul, long after you've witnessed the unleashing of their tenacious sonic assault.


1 Three Stikes
2 Locked Inside
3 Overtime
4 Punk Rock For Sale
5 Booze Pig
6 Tampons And Beans
7 Political Bullshit
8 Drunk And Broke
9 Ritalin
10 Dts/dto
11 Gridlock
12 Fuck The Middle East
13 Wrecking Ball
14 Bobbing For Babies