Broken "Homeland Insecurity"

Jim Martin and his band Broken have been a staple of the New Haven, CT underground hardcore/punk music scene for an entire decade now. With Jim's roots going even deeper as an artist creating artwork for album covers and creating show flyers for the Legendary Anthrax club throughout the mid to late 1980's, his old band Malachi Crunch, and even roadie-ing for Nausea's second European tour in 1991. I am sure that there is a lot more that Jim has contributed to the scene that I am overlooking, but what cannot be overlooked is the intensity and the sincerity that Homeland Insecurity delivers. This record is hands down the band's pinnacle release. The production stands up to any bigger indie labels such as Fat, Victory, Epitaph, etc. The songs walk a fine line between hardcore and punk, with the music never lacking energy or feeling and lyrics that open your mind to a lot of the injustices in this world. Broken are not just a local CT band and I am sure that this release will achieve them worldwide notoriety!

Track Listing:
1 Under The Heels Of Jack Booted Thugs
2 Movie Deal
3 Treasonous
4 Dead Weight
5 Rumor Mill
6 It's For You
7 The Regressed
8 Bad Decisions
9 Clown Suit
10 The Greed
11 Crime Scene / Message Board Hero
12 Suicide Watch
13 Dover Test
14 Jaded

Out now on Feralette Records