"The Mistake"

Orange County is well known for its eyeliner-wearing scene and flavor of the week trends, with kids who don't know punk rock exists outside their local Hot Topic. Bullet Treatment is here to give these kids a history lesson. Like every true hardcore/punk band, Bullet Treatment play by their own rules, but it's safe to say they have a formula unlike any other. Think Fast! and Bullet Treatment are teaming up for the band's first official full-length album titled "The Mistake." Lineup for the Halloween scheduled release consists of Matt Caughthran on vocals (from The Bronx, Island/Def Jam Records), founder and sole song writer D.C. on guitar, and brothers Vince and Dave Hidalgo (who has taken part in various bands including Suicidal Tendencies) on bass and drums.

1. Illustrations
2. Coke Nose
3. A Reason For Violence
4. Spread My Legs
5. Grindstone
6. Pointless Conversation
7. Trapped Inside
8. A Hundred Faces
9. Hand In Hand
10. Friday Night
11. Father And Son
12. Touch Us
13. Something Like You
14. Already Dead
15. Not Afraid Of The World
16. The Mistake