"All The News That's Fit to Scream"

Tough bare knuckle hardcore with tough intent, charging guitars lead speeding blast beats to heavy SXE-styled breakdowns and choruses while hoarse shouting vocals resonate full bore, double barrel, no holds barred political Lyrics. Straight forward in overall attack, Memphis, Tennessee's BURY THE LIVING's second full Length LP's 21 tracks are filled with enough dark twists, experimentation and pulling from diverse influences within the Hardcore formula-from blast beat Mid '90's hardcore to SXE hardcore to late '80's experimentation with rock formulas within the hardcore format to fit well as their Prank Records debut.


01. Skateboards And Kung Fu
02. Your Brutality Has A Name
03. Not For Sale
04. Linger And Choke
05. I Hope
06. Of God And Country
07. Burn And Haysack
08. Another Generation Rages On
09. Like Roaches
10. Plummet
11. What We've Sewn / Branded
12. Befriend To Behead
13. Sticken
14. Raise My Fist
15. Best Intentions
16. The Sting Of His Whip
17. Outsourcing Torture
18. Mr Bush
19. For Your Suffering
20. Consider Me Your Enemy