COMEBACK KID "Turn It Around" CD
Heiling from Winnipeg, Canada, COMEBACK KID features 2 members of Figure Four and musically can be recommended for fans of Carry On, Bane, Reach The Sky and Ensign. Fast, straight forward hardcore is what you will find on this 13 track debut!

Facedown Records label bio:
Submitted by Jason Facedown

In 1997 I was touring a lot with my band - No Innocent Victim. I started a distro on that tour to help out friends bands. When I came home from tour I started offering the distro stuff through mail order and I named it Facedown Distro. In late 1997 I decided to put out my first record under the name Facedown Records. It was a split 7" of 2 NIV songs live at CBGB and a New Jersey band called Phanatik (Featuring Rob D of Breakdown). The 7" did good and I started work on my next release which was another split 7" with Persever (Maryland) and Positive Youth (San Diego). The first band that we signed to Facedown was Overcome from Phoenix, AZ after Tooth and Nail released them from their contract. Signing overcome was the biggest move for me at the time and really helped establish Facedown in the metallic hardcore scene.

Since 1997 Facedown has grown leaps and bounds but the reason behind it remains the same. To support and establish good hardcore, metal and punk bands and get work to get them the respect that they deserve! From a 10' x 10' metal shed to a 3 bedroom house, the label is doing great and I am excited to see where it will go in the future.

Current Facedown bands: Sinai Beach, Comeback Kid, Dodgin' Bullets, Hanover Saints, The Deal, One 21, Symphony in Peril, and Seventh Star.Previous Facedown bands: Figure Four, Falling Cycle, Born Blind, Anchor, Torn in Two, Point of Recognition.

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