"Violence Violence"

After a well received demo (1000 printed) and a debut 7" that sold 2,000 copies in less than a year, Ceremony gives us "Violence Violence," their 15 song debut full length. If "Ruined" was their declaration, "Violence Violence" is their first wave assault, a soundtrack to wage war. A war against everything that hardcore has stood against, but now has been co-opted into its ranks. There's no TRL song on here, there's nothing that'll be heard at a school dance. Hardcore for the hardcore. CD includes the out-of-print "Ruined" 7" as bonus tracks, and the LP is limited gatefold.

1. Violence
2. Ghosts
3. Living Hell
4. My Hands Are Made Of Spite
5. Along
6. Nail
7. Bite Down
8. Cross Them Out
9. Violence
10. Clouds Of Fire
11. Pressure's On
12. Walking Home
13. Asleep
14. Kersed
15. It's Going To Be A Cold Winter
16. This Is My War
17. You're All The Same
18. Troubled Water's
19. Throwing Bricks
20. I Want To Put This To An End