CLOSE CALL Someone Talked CD


1. Shred This
2. Fazed Out
3. Where's your Faith!
4. All too Safe
5. From Within
6. Zombi
7. Never a Friend
8. Paper Thin
9. Left in the Dark
10. What's Your problem? (Circle Jerks)
11. The name game
12. Vitality (Beyond)
13. Might makes right (Slapshot)
14. From within (live)
15. Left in the dark (live)
16. All too safe (live)
17. Zombi (live)
18. Never a friend (live)
19. Question at hand (live)
20. Slipping away (live)

Hailing from Winthrop, Ma, this cd contains the band's original "Someone Talked" EP, originally only available on vinyl, plus extra tracks recorded during that same session. The cd also contains rare compilation tracks and a live set recorded on the radio at WERS in Boston.

I highly reccomend this cd for fans of old school and new school alike. If your into Tear It Up, What Happens Next, Life's Halt, Mental, Judge, and the bands that Close Call cover on this cd, then you are pretty much guaranteed to love this release.

BLUE MONDAY What's Done Is Done CD


1. Play it safe
2. Vacancy
3. Number One
4. Scars may fade
5. Mid-course correction
6. Run you through
7. The rain
8. Bite the curb
9. The heist
10. Step up to the plate
11. Above and beyond
12. We will be here forever

Blue Monday's approach is straightforward and stripped-down. Taking influence from early 80's hardcore (think DYS, Negative Approach) as well as mid-nineties "youth crew", the band has a sound that's neither retro nor paint by the numbers. Coming from Vancouver BC, a town known for having great bands that never really make their mark outside of their area, Blue Monday refuse to fall into the same trap.