"Live at CBGB's 1984" CD

Remember when HC was just that? When it was HC, and not some watered down, consumer led fad forced into mainstream acceptance via corporate policy and greed? You do? So do D.R.I., and as such they (along with Beer City) have unleashed “CBGB”, recorded on their infamous 1984 US tour, at the home of hardcore, which helped to establish the legend of the Dirty Rotten Imbeciles…this is how HC should be. Loud, proud, aggressive and raw. Nothing else matters. Close your eyes, suit up and get ready to slam. Who would have thought a history lesson could be this much fun? The past never sounded so good…

Track Listing:

1. I Don't Need Society
2. Reaganomics
3. Commuter Man
4. Plastique
5. Why
6. Balance of Terror
7. My Fate to Hate
8. Who am I
9. Money Stinks
10. Human Waste
11. Yes Ma'am
12. Dennis' Problem
13. Closet Punk
14. How to Ac
t 15. Give My Taxes Back
16. Equal People
17. On my Way Home
18. Bail Out
19. Snap
20. The Explorer
21. Slit My Wrists
22. Stupid War
23. Counter Attack
24. I'd Rather be Sleeping
25. Running Around
26. Coach Slouch
27. To Open Closed Doors
28. God is Broke
29. Soup Kitchen
30. Sad to Be
31. War Crimes
32. Busted
33. Draft Me
34. First Round Draft Choice
35. Capitalists Suck
36. Mad Man
37. Misery Loves Company
38. No Sense
39. Blockhead
40. Violent Pacification