Deceased "Rotten to the Core" CD

Deceased is one of a few bands including Doomstone and October 13 (Metal Blade Records) led by one King Fowley, a popular metal personality in his home state of Virginia. Formed back in 1985, Deceased became the first band signed to the fledgling Relapse Record label in 1990. They are often lumped in the death metal category, but this isn't entirely appropriate, as while Fowley's vocals fit this tag, much of the music is more rooted in traditional eighties metal, with some thrash and death touches...and of course Deceased know how to play PUNK rock . This CD, "Rotten To The Core" is a tribute from Deceased to the bands with some of their songs that changed how PUNK was made. Deceased would like to thank all the bands that they cover on this CD. Remember, who ever said PUNK was dead...will be.

Here are the bands with the songs Deceased pay tribute to:

45 Grave - Violent World
Agnostic Front - Eliminator
Angry Samoans - Stupid Jerk
Bad Brains - Right Brigade
Cro Mags - World Peace
Dead Kennedy's - California Uber Alles
English Dogs - False Prophet
Excel - Social Security
MDC - Corporate Death Burger
NOTA - Ultra Violent
Plasmatics - Nothing
The Ramones - I'm Not Jesus
Raw Power - State's Oppression
Sex Pistols - Bodies
Sheer Terror - Here To Stay
Verbal Abuse - V.A. Rocks your liver

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Crosstops "Truck and Disorderly" CD

Some might have considered Crosstops a mere pimple on the West Coast punk scene, but they've been evolving into a full blown festering sore right where you wouldn't admit it. On their 2nd full length CD "Truck & Disorderly", the take no prisoners approach to their particular off brand punk sound leaves one to wonder what hole these creeps crawled out of and when are they going back? Well, they're here to stay and are ready to blaze a trail of carnage across the butt cheeks of America. They might represent the dark side of life and are certainly not in any way affiliated with the watered down bubble gum punk of the day, but they do have a certain spice to their sound that is easily digestible. Heavy guitar riffage accented by a balls out rhythm section topped with articulate yet inordinately funny vocals dealing with the finest pleasures in life or possibly, the worst of the worst. But it's all in good fun and serious is barely a word in their vocabulary. But the thing they are serious about is kicking up the dust and making sure every show is as important as the next one. The band has been a constant source of the San Francisco music scene for many years and has traveled nation wide as well as Canada & Mexico spreading their word over both truck CB's and stage microphones.

Crosstops consist of strange and impressive characters such as lead guitar master and vocals The Wooper (a.k.a. Barry "D'live" Ward) who has served time for many years with R.K.L. (Rich Kids on LSD), and done some hired gun gigs with the likes of Gwar, Me First & The Gimmie Gimmie's & many more. Eyeball (a.k.a. Isaac Camner) jams the Rhythm Guitar and is also known for a slew of music videos he's directed for Bad Co films & Hot Rod Pictures. Chatty (a.k.a. Andre Salcido) is the drum extraordinaire and on this recording Dui Goodpecker kicks out the bass lines and handles vocals with ease. Recently departing for other obligations he's been replaced by The Silky Weasel (a.k.a. Joey Hancock) as the new 4 string slinger. As a team the band will continue to infest the minds of those who listen and continue to inspire, entertain, inform and perhaps force feed the masses with a heavy morsel of rock candy guaranteed to curb almost any punk enthusiast's sweet tooth.