Full Speed Ahead "Born To Lose"

Recorded almost four years ago, Full Speed Ahead’s swansong "Born To Lose" has been sitting on the shelves due to artwork complications and the band’s untimely breakup. With a new full color piece by none other than Pushead in hand, this scorcher is ready to rip. Full Speed Ahead combine the anger and intensity of hardcore stalwarts Black Flag and Negative Approach with the skate punk energy of bands such as JFA and the Big Boys. This is one for the history books.

Former LIFETIME vocalist Ari Katz makes a guest appearance on the third track, "Consume."

One of the best cds to come out in 2004, be sure to check it out...

Track Listing:
1) Drain Pool
2)Lost Signals
3) Consume
4) Erase In Mind
5) Overload
6) Living In Debt
7) Everyone's In My Way
8) From The Wait
9) Reaching An End
10) Building By Day
11) Hourglass
12) Undertake
13) Scraps
14) Taken Run
15) Jealous Again (Black Flag)
16) Outlawed
17) Routine