"Enemies" CD

THE HOLY MOUNTAIN’s brutality rolls on, crushing all in its path! 2005’s “Entrails” album set new levels of bombardment for THM, leaving those fanatical for all things thrash, crust, and hardcore gasping for air... and grasping for more THM noise to feed their hunger! In response, “Enemies” raises the bar: faster, angrier, more blasts, more leads! “Enemies” is the new 6-song EP, recorded in October and November 2005, released just in time for their European Tour (and immediately following, a tour of the US)! To complete the circle, we have included the “Wrath” 7”, along with two songs recorded at THE FEST 4 in November 2005, bringing the total to 11 songs! Eardrums will ring, turntables and speakers will be scorched and destroyed! (6-song 12” will be released on Alerta Antifascista records, Germany..

Track Listing:

01 Manufacturing Political Leverage
02 The Will Of The People
03 Penned In
04 Historical Reassurance
05 Rope Or Bullet
06 Spilling Currency
07 The Sovereign State
08 Re-Construction
09 Wrath
10 America (Live)

11 Slaves (Live)1-6 Europe-only 12" on Alerta Antifascista Records (Germany)
7-9 "The Wrath" 7"
10-11 live tracks from "The Fest" November 18th, 2005