"The Fear, The Terror, The Horror"

Featuring ex members of VOORHEES and IMBALANCE, these UK hardcore veterans have compiled their first classic full length album: 18 songs in 22 minutes. On this album they tuned down and are playing faster than ever before. The lyrical content on this album targets everyone and does not make room for survivors. Prepare for the fear, the terror THE HORROR!


1. Fear, Terror, Horror
2. Get Your Ass To Mars
3. Annihilate Us All
4. Coal Not Dole
5. Who Mourns For Adonis?
6. Reagan's Out
7. So Full Of Shit You're Poisonous
8. Still Hate Thatcher
9. High Drama
10. Or8
11. This Is Not Bedford Falls
12. Conan The Republican
13. What Does Stella Know About Me?
14. Catastrophic Fatalities
15. Shout For Barabbas
16. Give Me Boxed In Or Give Me Death
17. Reunited Ripper
18. Kneel Before Gode