MDC "Magnus Dominus Corpus"

Old school punk rock band MDC is back with their 7th full length album, (first new album in 11 years) featuring three of their four original members Dave Dictor (also Submissives), Ron Posner (ex-con-ron), Mikey Donaldson (founding member of The Offenders and Sister Double Happiness) and drum sensation Mike Pride(Dynamite Club).

Track Listing:
01.) Destroying the Planet
02.) Going nowhere faster than you
03.) Founding Fathers
04.) Poseur Punk
05.) Let's kill all the cops
06.) Life, but how to live it
07.) Prime Evil
08.) Time Out
09.) Girls like you make me queer
10.) Sleep a little less, dream a little more
11.) Walking in thin ice
12.) No more cops
13.) Long day, short life
14.) Timmy Yo
15.) Nazi's shouldn't drive
16.) Sick of it
17.) Prick faced bastard
18.) Ballad of G.W.

HOLY SHIT, MDC has a new record out on Sudden Death! That's right, you may remember them as San Francisco's Millions of Dead Cops (or Millions of Damn Christians, or Multi-Damn Corporation, or--), and it was a universal truth they were to the 80s what people imagine the MC5 was to the rock scene of the late 60s.
Sent without a bio, and nothing about their reunion on the SDR website, I am left with only fresh-sounding, jaw-dropping protest punk to report on -- 18 tracks of bouncy reportage and rage, from the Bush descriptions of opener "Destroying the Planet," to "Poseur Punk" (complete with a picture of Good Charlotte on the lyric sheet -- HA! -- "there you go scruffy and mean / All tattooed and pierced for the scene").
You can understand the band lyrically because of the perfectly sung (sorta Lee Ving-style) vocals, the guitars are all punching you straight in the chest with brass knuckles the whole time, and there's even those sweet little touches like the bass runs at the top of "Time Out" and "Sleep a Little Less, Dream A Little More."
Throughout the record, MDC occasionally stray from the regular political venom to kick at insular hypocrisy from hipper-than-thou scenesters in "Girls Like You Make Me Queer," and profitable exploitation in "Timmy Yo," which names names (Epitaph, "sold yourself out for a little distribution -- sorry if it don't mean a shit to me"). There's even a hilarious dig at right wing pit-polluter Ian Stuart ("Nazis Shouldn't Drive"). Okay, I'm pretending to know who that is. The bluesy rant against a lousy-attitude suck-ass co-worker/supervisor "Prick Faced Bastard" is also very cool.
But it's the well-played anthems like, "Let's Kill All The Cops" and "Prime Evil" and "No More Cops," that make this truly wonderful rock and roll -- it's as if the years passing and recent atrocity of an election has somehow given this band a ferocious reason for being in the moment.
If old-timers say you need to start with Smoke Signals or This Blood's For You, they're just nostalgia hounds (with great musical taste, I admit). You can start right here, with a full-length comeback that is just as tough and substantial as MDC's 80s albums were when they were originally released.
Reviewed by Chris Estey