V/A" They Came For Your Milk Money"

Brand new comp from New Music Revolution Records. In the spirit of 1980's hardcore/punk comps, featuring all new and exclusive songs from The Alligators (Roger AF and Rich, Bear and Steve from Insted), The First Step (their first released songs since 2001's Open Hearts And Clear Minds), Nothing In Return, Say Goodbye, One Against One, Bullet Treatment, Kill Your Idols, The Geeks, Shea's Rebellion, Trust and the last ever recorded song from OCSE legends's Insted (contributing a cover of Dag Nasty's One To Two).


The Alligators
1. Song 1
2. No Brains, No Balls
3. We The People
The First Step
4. We All Die
5. No Way To Live
Nothing In Return
6. Fuck Your Morals
7. Hegemony
Say Goodbye
8. How Much
9. They Have Their Place
10. Don't Back Down
One Against One
11. Gonna Have To Fight/Whatever I Do
12. War
13. See The Gun
Bullet Treatment
14. Is It What You Tasted
15. What More Do You Want
Kill Your Idols
16. What I've Become
17. Vengeance (Breakdown)
The Geeks
18. See This
19. Positive Stance
Shea's Rebellion
20. Last Comes First
21. SST
22. Todos Por Igual
23. Recuerdos
24. One To Two (Dag Nasty)