The Nipples

"Weekend Toys"

The newest release from all the kiddies favs' The Nipples takes you on a ride through the eyes of America's disgruntled youth. Albeit these guys are not youth's anymore. The relentless attack of Nipples songs can be felt on such soon to be classics like "Numb", "Social Elite", "Exurbia", and the title track "Weekend Toys". Having grown up in a era of such debacle, the Nipples sing about topics that still relate to the growing Punk Rock community. Whether it be tackling such controversial issues as trying to live a life without underwear, or being attacked by that menacing gang of misfits the "Garbage Pail Kids", The Nipples put things into a light that any youngster or teen can understand and appreciate. Just like their youth, time has seemed to have passed them by. Maybe that lends it reasons for the band to be such controversial subjects on playgrounds everywhere.

1 Weekend Toys
2 Anti-underwear
3 Family Circus
4 Hypocrite
5 Exurbia
6 Cowboys And Indians (manifest Destiny)
7 Believe The Hype
8 Teenage Anthem
9 Social Elite
10 Numb
11 Fuck Up
12 Hit The Deck
13 Garbage Pail Kids Return
14 We Love Sluts
15 E Has Talent
16 Toy Box
17 Perfect
18 All That Pink
19 Dwi
20 Measured Life
21 Dreadful Hour
22 Gossip King