We've always been a live band, so it's frustrating to go into the studio and try and capture the same energy as a live show; Failure" is by far the closest we've come to capturing that energy" says vocalist Ryan O'Connor. Sixteen brand new songs make up the band's debut full-length and in true hardcore/punk fashion the record clocks in at a hair over twenty minutes. Though this is the bands first full-length, in their five year existence they've managed to release two EPs and become true road warriors, playing hundreds of shows in thirteen countries, including tours with everyone from Agnostic Front to Comeback Kid. The band has also received a noteworthy amount of press, including interviews in AMP Magazine and a feature as one of the fifteen "Hardcore Bands To Know" in the highly publicized Alternative Press. All the while their average age is barely out of the teens. Using the aforementioned as fuel for motivation, Outbreak entered The Outpost with Producer Jim Siegel, who helped craft the self-proclaimed live band's first full- length. The group's dedication and DIY work ethic showcase that "Failure" is a perfect example of the natural progression a band can endure after mulitple previous efforts and years on end spent on the road. Outbreak has always walked the fence of hardcore and punk rock, but finding an appropriate genre is a task they've never worried about. with a true focus on creating the music that they love, not to please the critics.


1. Down Not Out
2. Handed To You
3. A.S.
4. Lessons Learned
5. Test Of Time
6. Lost For Words
7. New Beginning
8. Giving Up, Giving In
9. Losing Streak
10. Behind The Screen
11. Built To Break
12. Chewed Up, Spit Out
13. Voices In My Head
14. Restless Minds
15. Wasting Away
16. Square One