RF7 "Addictions & Heartache"

RF7 was formed in 1979, in Simi Valley California. They first appeared on vinyl on the much-acclaimed compilation "Public Service." "Public Service" also included the first recordings from Bad Religion and Circle One, as well as songs from pre-teen veterans Redd Kross. Over twenty thousand copies of "Public Service" were sold, and this gave RF7 much exposure and credibility through association. A following friendship with Redd Kross helped RF7 obtain key bookings with The Circle Jerks, The Chiefs, Fear, The Dead Kennedy's and more. They were also able to record their own first album, "Weight of the World," which lead to touring outside of the LA area
This isn't some new "old-styled punk" band but a punk/h.c. band from Southern California who's roots go back all the way to 1979. Musically this isn't too different from the later-era Poison Idea material (the more punk & rock leaning stuff not the hardcore stuff), Fear, The Goons, and a bit of AntiSeen (in the vocals mainly). Punk n' roll, rockin' hardcore - whatever you wanna call it's all here.

Track Listing:
1) Liquor Store
2) Mad, Mad World
3) The Rebel Soul.
4) Asian Flu
5) Addictions & Heartache
6) Newcastle
7) All Things Unfinished
8) Wave After Wave
9) A Desparate Man's Jesus
10) Greedy World
11) Ugly American
12) Sweet As Honey
13) Westerfield
14) Where Have All The Quaaludes Gone
15) Lazy America