Regulations “Destroy” 7"

Track Listing:
01 Destroy, 02 My Future, 03 We're Blank, 04 ?, 05 Policecar

Here is a review I found on the 7" from Equalizing Distort April 2004 and it pretty much sums it up the best and that is why I am using it...

This is a band from Umea Sweden featuring members of Epileptic Terror Attack (R.I.P.) and The Dead Ones. But instead of continuing with the skate thrash fastcore sound, the Regulations create an earlier more Killed by Death sound. I know this was recorded within the last year, but it sounds like something straight out of the ’78 L.A. scene. Otto still sounds like he could have been Keith Morris understudy, but he also sounds like a “Bonus Fat” era Milo Aukermann. The guitars are played a lot more accoustically without the aid of distortion or fancy amps, but they are played with all the fury of the late 70’s bands with fast picking and slashing sounds that embody the anger of the first wave. The eerie riffing in “Police Car” actually reminds me of Klaus’ Floride’s guitar sound on “Plastic Surgery Disasters”, but in listening to this ep against the “How can hell be any worse” Bad Religion there are a lot more similarities in sound. I think it is more fair to say that there are a smattering of early west coast influences, like the Germs, the Zero Boys, and pre-Rollins Black Flag. They have certainly dug deeper this time around and it reminds me of a cross between Fucked Up and The Vectors, as much as it reminds me of a cross between SOA and the Circle Jerks. This is an incredible follow up to their debut ep on PFC.

Taken from the Busted Heads Records web site:

Nostalgia? Perhaps. A glorification of the early days of US punk? Most definitely. Call it extreme retro of you want, but don't even dare try to ignore the sheer punk power of tracks like "Police car" or "Destroy". In less than two years of existence Regulations has managed to gig all over Sweden, getting a bad boy reputation as a fierce and chaotic live act. The self-titled debut 7" was released late last year by Malmö's ever reliable PFC, receiving rave reviews everywhere. Now the time has come for 7" number two, consisting of five tracks of Black Flag/Germs styled hardcorepunk that will make you set cop cars on fire and shit your pants. Feat. current and ex-members of ETA (Epileptic Terror Attack), Dead Ones, Vectors.