Retching Red

"Get Your Red Wings!"

Get Your Red Wings! is Hardcore Punk taken to a new level. This train wreck of pure intensity is headed straight for your brain, out to eradicate every shred of MTV dreck pounded into your head. Oakland based veterans Cinder Block (Tilt), Cyco Loco (Oppressed Logic), Joe Fucko (Strichnine) and Crash Diaz (Troublemaker) make sure you can't go wrong with this ground-breaking recording.

Female vocalist CINDER BLOCK is formerly of the world renowned punk band TILT, but cut her teeth on old school punk rock and has performed in bands since 1983. Cinder holds no prisoners in Retching Red and she's pissed! She's also co-founder of Cinder Block Inc.

Bassist CYCO LOCO also sings in the long lasting notorious OPPRESSED LOGIC and has been in a fuckload of bands since 1986.
Cyco Loco DJs on Piratecat Radio Tues. nites 10-12

JOE FUCKO plays guitar for Retching Red and also is the bass player for STRYCHNINE Joe has played with NAKED AGGRESSION and a slew of other well known punk bands.

Drummer CRASH also "crashes" with those hardcore maniacs TROUBLE MAKER and has played with THE EDDIE HASKELLS and HOT PLATE as well.

Track Listing:

1 Battery Acid
2 Bullshit Repellent
3 Plentiful
4 Day 3 (No Dirty Water)
5 Dispatch
6 Disowned
7 Insomnia (Agression)
8 Rooster
9 Little Loomers
10 Spear And Magic Helmet (The Gits)
11 West Bay Fuck Off