"Scarlet Whore Of War" CD

Second full length release from this Bay Area hardcore/punk band featuring Cinder Block from TILT and members of OPPRESSED LOGIC. This CD brings 14 brand new songs of pulverizing hardcore/punk rock that run the gamet between politcal commentary and dark humor. Intense engery and vital ideas to get your blood boiling and ready to destroy!!

Track Listing:

1. Scarlet Whore Of War
2. Freaky Nightmare
3. Bludgeoner
4. Blue Kid Trapped In A Red State
5. I'm A Rat
6. Unmarketable
7. More Bad News
8. Leviathan
9. Smoke Yourself Sick
10. Dull Murmur
11. Blot It Out
12. Stop Breeding
13.Upright Candidate
14. Lying Sacks Of Shit

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