"On the Stremph!"

Punks, core-men, and rockers unite! Baltimore, Maryland's Slumlords have returned with their sophomore full length, "On the Stremp!." Following the success of their well received self-titled debut on Perfect Victim/I Scream and a slew of out of print 7" releases, "On The Stremph" delivers 16 raucous anthems of punk rock/hardcore, tackling some of today's most serious issues, while still maintaining a sense of humor and fun. Enhanced CD contains bonus "Involuntary Skinhead" video.The Slumlords feature Jeff Perlin from Breakdown on lead vocals!

1. On The Stremph!
2. Coffee & Cigarettes
3. Who Are You Fighting?
4. We'll Have a Toast
5. Drunk At The Y.O.T. Reunion
6. Kids On Ritalin
7. I Hate Holidays
8. Involuntary Skinhead
9. Beer Goggles
10. Resilient
11. Digging In The Corners
12. Lester Bangs
13. When You're Wrong You're Right
14. Thursday Night
15. City That Bleeds
16. Heavy Metal God (That Lives on My Block)