v/a "Up All Night"

"Unearthing The Relics Of CT's Lost Underground"

The INCAS RECORDS "Up All Night" CD release is a compilation of fourteen of the earliest and most ground breaking bands from Connecticut’s first wave of punk rock. These bands were not only there at the beginning, they were the beginning of punk rock as it has come to be known. The bands styles and sounds are extremely varied ranging from power-pop to downright in your face fast and aggressive punk. This group of 23 tracks has been compiled onto one CD to show the raw talent of the underground music scene that spawned and thrived in the small cities and towns in the state of Connecticut. Most of the material here has never before been released. This CD marks the first of many up-coming releases...

Track Listing:

1. Thief Of Lovers Lane
2. Transistor Sister
3. Brainwashed
4. Got No Money
5. Summertime Blues
6. Die Walking
7. She Knew
8. Fuck You Nazi Punks
9. Life In Suburbia
10. Department Store Dummys
11. I Hate You
Gregg Won
12. Light Street
13. L.A.I.D.
Last Supper
14. Relief
15. Funtime
The Kids
16. Down At Ron’s
17. Little DJ
No Milk On Tuesday
18. Pressure Sensitive
19. Opie’s Gay
The Cadavers
20. I Wanted More
No Music
21. City To City
22. Same Old Shit *
23. Railhead