Verse "Rebuild"

The first full length recording from VERSE is finally here. 11 songs that will really make you feel the urgency to change yourself and change the world around you. The unique song writing and blistering vocal delivery found within this album possesses an uncanny ability to make a person THINK and maybe more importantly, make a person FEEL. There's just enough speed to remain intense, just enough melody to bring about emotion, and just enough pain and anger in the vocals to peak interest in a song and its lyrics. This record is for those of us that have been shut out by the world, for those of us who are angry and frustrated as hell with how things have turned out. This record is for those of us who remain part of this hardcore punk community because we want to make things fucking better.

Bystander Fanzine online
Review By: Scott J
I cannot believe someone could write a hardcore record this good in this day and age. Hardcore has slowly become a pile of washed up rehash, especially the style that this band has somewhat been cornered into. There are a lot of good bands out there, and there are a ton of good recordings put out, but this is great. At times leaving me speechless.

Scene Point Blank online zine
Review By: Steve
Initially what grabbed me about Verse was the music. It’s fast and heavy, but also very melodic and catchy. It instantly reminded me of the last recordings Turning Point did before they disbanded, a connection that in my opinion is a great thing. The songs are so driving and well written that there’s never a dull moment on the record, which is a pretty tough thing for me to say about a hardcore LP.

In Our Hands online zine
Review By: Chris
I will say that this is one of my top three records of 2004 so far, without a doubt. It's a really tight album, and it is sure to become a classic of this era of hardcore. No doubt, it will stay in constant rotation on your turntable or your CD player.

Track Listing:
01. Rebuild
02. Tear Down These Walls
03. Painting Pictures
04. Let It All Rust
05. What This Means
06. Saying Goodbye
07. Searching
08. Road Less Traveled
09. We Must
10. Nothing More
11. Waiting On Revolution

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