Between Us "Regrets & Apologies" MCD

The debut mini CD from these Swedes, "Regrets & Apologies" was originally released in Europe late January, and is now out on the Japanese label Alliance Trax with 5 extra tracks, of which one song is previously unreleased and the other 4 taken from a 7’inch released by Bridge Records.

While trends are always changing, it's not easy to stick to what you believe. As a band that has been around since the late nineties, Between Us saw the diminishment of the scene, as the mainstream media lost interest and decided that hardcore/punk was no longer trendy. Resisting this mindset, Between Us played out as much as possible, releasing two seven-inches on underground labels No Comply and Bridge Records. Constantly gaining a larger following within our small but strong movement, Between Us has become one of the most significant hardcore bands in Sweden today. As others abandoned the music, Between Us proved that it is possible to incorporate melody and lyrical emotion into hardcore, without losing the intense and fast-paced sound that they are known for. As hardcore bands strayed to 'evolve' the style, these guys proved that it is possible to musically grow and still stick to your hardcore roots.

Track Listing:
01. Regrets & apologies
02. Nothing left
03. Bluff called
04. Dialog
05. Looking back
06. Drowsiness after insomnia
07. Thaw
08. All that I missed
09. Reflection
10. Move ahead
11. Song to you

Available on Japanese label Alliance Trax!