Charge "Universal Tribe"

Released on May 11, 2004

CHARGE is made up of: Giri (vocals, djembe, and congas), Zion (guitar), Shawn Z (Bass), and Steve Di Maggio (drums). CHARGE hail from the outskirts of New York City and have taken the music scene by storm, playing sold out shows at CBGB in support of the mighty SICK OF IT ALL to the most dilapidated basements all over the country.

CHARGE is a musical unit that plays what they describe as "rebel music". Pulling from many musical genre's ranging from Hardcore/punk, to 60's protest rock, reggae/dub, true conscious hip hop and world beats and rhythm. From percussion beating, bass thumping groove rock, to brutal New York city styled hardcore, slow groove reggae rockers, and hip hop laced forward drive post hardcore, CHARGE truly stand out in a sea of endless bands. Through music, CHARGE stand to communicate with others about subjects social, political, spiritual and simply human.

CHARGE is a band for the people, because Charge is a reflection of the people. It's time to wake up the masses...this is rebel music and we all are the Universal Tribe. Rise-Our light will shine!

CHARGE play honest and positive music that will be remembered long after they are gone, maintaining appeal to fans of: Bad Brains, Rage Against the Machine, Sick of It All, Strike Anywhere, Run DMC, Absolution, Burn, and anyone that truly loves the music and the message.

This is definitely a unique cd. A cool mix of Absolution, Burn, Inside Out (CA), and the Bad Brains. If you are sick of the same old same old, then be sure to check these guys out!