Justice "Look Alive" MCD

Justice are one of the hottest bands in Europe right now. This MCD has 6 new tracks and the 5 from the demo. Awesome straight edge hardcore filled with get-low mosh parts and a hint of Straight Ahead. The new tracks blow away everything they've previously recorded.


Summer 2003, four straight edge kids inspired by Straight Ahead, Underdog and Youth of Today started a band to play the music they love. In September 2003 they began rehearsing on a steady base. Justice was born.
At the end of 2003 Justice hit the studio to record a 5 song demo. The reactions to that demo were incredible. They're playing lots of shows and getting kids back into true hardcore again. They hit the studio at the end of April to record for their self released 7" on Complete Control Records on and CD on Dead & Gone. The demo is also being pressed onto 7” by Lockin’ Out.
This band is off the hook live, full of energy and this reputation has made them one of the most talked about bands in Europe. They’re touring this summer with Mental and this includes coming back to the UK following on from a short weekend trip with Downslide. This band is everwhere.
* Tilburg - guitar
* Spoiler - bass
* Dunk - guitar
* Switch - vocals
* Stief - drums