Only Crime "To The Nines"

Black Flag + Bl'ast! + Good Riddance + Descendents/All = Only Crime. Featuring Russ Rankin from Good Riddance, Zach Blair and Doni Blair from Hagfish, Aaron Dalbec from Bane (once in Converge), and Bill Stevenson from Black Flag/Descendents/All.

"Word on the street was that these guys were out for some serious mid-period Black Flag worship, and that's exactly what the opening track, "R.J.R.," comes off as. In fact, it sounds so much like a modern hardcore band reinterpreting Black Flag that one might reasonably be excused for mistaking Only Crime for the world's current kings of Black Flag imitation, Annihilation Time"...Deep Fry Bonanza

Track Listing:
01 R.J.R.
02 Sedated
03 Doomsday Breach
04 Pray For Me
05 To The Nines
06 Real Enemy
07 Tenebrae
08 Virus
09 The Well
10 On Time
11 Fallen Idols

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