The Partisans "Idiot Nation"

Anyone who claims to be a punk surely knows who THE PARTISANS are. They started out in the early 80s having put out two 7"s and one full length on the legendary No Future Records as well as a 7"ep and full length on Syndicate. Plus reissued cd's on Captain Oi and Anagram Records sell very well! It's been about 20 years since their last full length release and they haven't lost a step. This new release is the best thing they've done since their first LP. THE PARTISANS have influenced countless amounts of bands over the years and with good reason. This new material is a cross between their old stuff mixed with a little late 70s Clash. Powerful music, intelligent and relative lyrics make this a must have.

Track Listing:
1 Reality TV
2 Hypervalue
3 All Turned Out
4 No-One Asked Us
5 5AM
6 That Girl
7 What I Want
8 This Town
9 No Satisfaction
10 Celebrity
11 Keep On

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Just when you thought most of the "newer" bands sucked, here come San Fransisco's THE TEXAS THIEVES to prove you wrong! Taking the finer points of bands like: MIA, THE FACTION, JFA and ZERO BOYS, THE TEXAS THIEVES give you some of the most catchy fast paced good ole skatecore punk rock to come along in years. Phenomenal artwork by their singer Fozzy coupled with great songs make this an incredible release.
"The new face of Skate Punk in San Fransisco! Hints of (older) 7 Seconds and The Freeze" AMP Magazine
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