December 30th, 2004
The New Haven Register posted a follow up to Tuesday's article!

WNPR says UNH plans benefit community
Joe Amarante, Register Staff

WNPR-Connecticut Public Radio officials, in defense of plans to air public radio programs during the morning and afternoon drive slots on the University of New Haven FM station, WNHU (88.7), said the change would benefit students and the community.

Some station members have objected to the proposal, saying it will be repetitive and crowd out some of WNHU’s eclectic shows, but Carol Sisco of WNPR said it’s a win-win situation with a big educational element.

"It’s a proposal at this point, but there’s a lot of benefit here. … It offers opportunities for both organizations, said Cisco, vice president of corporate communications.
WNPR News Director John Dankoski said he looks forward to helping students learn how to produce local news for WNHU. The training would take the form of seminars and internships.

"We’ve spoken to the student news director and some other news folks and they’re excited," Dankoski said.
"They would get an affiliation with a professional organization that does radio."

As outlined in the Register this week, WNHU General Manager Hank Yaggi would like to air WNPR’s "Morning Edition" from 6 to 9 a.m., "All Things Considered" from 4 to 6:30 p.m. and "Marketplace" from 6:30 to 7 p.m.

Monday through Friday. Weekends would not be affected.

Opposition concerns are summed up by this e-mail from a WNHU listener, who noted the value of such programs as Scott Whipple’s Tuesday morning jazz show and said, "The airwaves are filled with multiple stations playing NPR chatter.

"I am also a fan of the ‘Go Cat Go’ rockabilly show, punk rock, and the Irish music shows as well as the late evening blues show that is on Monday nights," said listener Keith Henderson. "My 17-year-old son is a huge fan of the various alternative music forms, especially death metal. It is the only way he can hear this music and find out about new artists, which I thought was the point of college radio."

On Wednesday, Harold Kramer, WNPR’s vice president of business development, said some of WNHU’s good shows don’t get good ratings and he thinks WNPR’s "promotional impact" can help with that.

Yaggi did not say which shows would be moved or discontinued.

The uncertainty has local show hosts, such as Jeff Terranova of "The Anti-Emo Empire," concerned.
He said he understands the university is looking for exposure and prestige, but thinks the timing of the plan is bad (students have gone home for break) and it seems "like more of a marketing tool for the university as opposed to something beneficial to listeners and students."

Terranova said music fans are losing six hours a day of airtime and his big fear is that amount will increase.

"To me, true college radio is being eaten up left and right," he said. "The giants (Clear Channel and Cox among them) have bought up everyone else already."

As for benefits to WNPR, officials there said that WNHU’s audience would be a new (and potentially younger) one for Connecticut Public Radio. In addition, the signal of the station would help WNPR’s programs be heard in spotty areas such as West Haven and north into the Valley.

Kramer said it is hardly a case of WNPR taking over a college station, as some have charged. He said WNPR can help WNHU managers with membership lists, audience research and fund-raising plans.

"It’s about community service," Cisco said. "That’s what engaged us all here."

The confusion on the part of listeners comes in the fact that WSHU-FM in Bridgeport and stations in New York also air public radio programs but aren’t part of the CPR family of signals (WNPR’s main transmitter is at 90.5 in Meriden). WNPR for years has had a similar part-time deal with college station WECS-FM at Eastern Connecticut State University.

"There’s a lot of competition on the left end of the dial for public radio," Kramer admitted. "But we don’t do the same programming" as non-WNPR public stations.

He mentioned WNPR’s "robust coverage of the state capitol" as an example

.©New Haven Register 2004

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December 28th, 2004
We got press today in the New Haven Register about the NPR fight...

WEST HAVEN — Officials at WNHU-FM on the campus of the University of New Haven are mulling a change in morning and afternoon drive-time programming that has some students and community members upset

.If final details can be worked out, WNHU General Manager Hank Yaggi plans to air National Public Radio’s "Morning Edition" from 6 to 9 a.m., "All Things Considered" from 4 to 6:30 p.m. and "Marketplace" from 6:30 to 7 p.m.

AdvertisementOpponents say there are already enough outlets airing NPR in the area, that it will cut down on some alternative music (metal, hardcore rock) on the station’s air, and that it will take programming and training away from students.

One WNHU alternative-music show host from the community, Jeff Terranova of the two-hour punk-music show "The Anti-Emo Brigade," has been organizing an e-mail and phone campaign against the changes, saying the move would be "turning a community radio station into another bland station broadcasting the same NPR programming that is already — on seven other stations in the surrounding areas."

Yaggi disputed the idea that he was turning WNHU over to NPR, saying, "That is nonsense."
He said the station is an underutilized asset, and the NPR programming would "offer something we can’t duplicate." Without a broadcast journalism major, for instance, UNH doesn’t have a pool of students to produce anything like "All Things Considered." WNPR, meanwhile, is interested in the 30 miles of signal radius that WNHU broadcasts into eastern Connecticut. It also would be another platform from which to air NPR pledge drives. Yaggi said such NPR phonathons would be limited to the two drive times.

The station’s new-music director, sophomore Mark Scialabba of Wallingford, said drive time is too big a listening period to hand over to Connecticut Public Radio’s WNPR.
"It’s kind of a slap in the face to all the students who put so much time into the station and don’t have input into the changes," Scialabba said last week.

Yaggi, former top official at WTNH-TV, has held the UNH post for almost a year and has been working to raise the visibility of the station and university in the community. He said he discussed the changes with some station managers and wants to meet with a representative from the opposition to answer concerns. Opponents gave out a mistaken e-mail address, so he’s been hearing about concerns secondhand.

"We’ll be answering them. … But if it’s just ‘we don’t want change,’ that’s not good enough," Yaggi said. "Change is the principal component of growth."
The broadcasting veteran said there are key advantages to bringing in NPR during drive time, not the least of which is marketing for a college that doesn’t have a six-figure advertising budget.

The station and school will get daily mentions on the rest of the WNPR system in the area, he said. The affiliation would be an opportunity to extend the station’s listenership through the polished NPR programming.

And as part of the deal, some UNH communications students will get the chance to intern at Connecticut Public Radio’s new studios in Hartford.
"A lot of people don’t have a remote idea of what we do (at UNH)," he said. "NPR brings value to us in filling our void in news and informational programming. And we’ll be able to promote our ethnic programs, new music and stuff on campus."

Yaggi said the non-commercial station is just completing expensive studio renovations for students, and it would continue to do student news and information "in small segments during the day." Training, he said, would improve under the plan.

The WNPR arrangement, he added, will not cost WNHU any money. Opponents, some of whom also protested when ethnic programming was moved to weekends in place of a metal/new music block, worry now that public-radio material will squeeze them out eventually.

©New Haven Register 2004

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December 27th , 2004


The University of New Haven administration has recently announced its plans for NPR to be broadcasted during the morning and afternoon drive times of WNHU. This was done behind the backs of the student and community staff of WNHU, without their knowledge and without their input. This plan is in stark contrast with the goals and concepts of WNHU.

WNHU exists to serve the community. How can nationally syndicated programming that is already broadcasted on at least 7 other radio stations in our market help the community? It can only hurt the community by decreasing diversity on the radio dial and decreasing the speech of one of the few community radio stations in our area.

WNHU exists to serve the students. How can reducing the times students have to work on the radio station help in any way? It can only hurt the students by keeping them off of their radio station.

WNHU is almost entirely student funded. The equipment and upkeep of that equipment comes from the student government money, money that comes directly from the students. The students do not want their equipment used for the broadcast of NPR and should have a say. The money allocated by the student government for upkeep and purchase of radio station equipment was not intended for the use of furthering the cause of NPR, it was intended for the students.

The university decided to keep their decision to bring in NPR to the student radio station secret until the beginning of winter break. This is a blatant attempt to keep any student dissent from being heard, as most students will not be around during the winter.

In an age of unprecedented media consolidation in the United States, the need for independent voices in the media is greater than ever. Radio is essentially the last localist media because of its relative cheapness and wide scope of audience. Consolidation in the radio industry has happened rapidly following the passage of the Telecommunications Act of 1996. Radio is now dominated by two commercial entities (Clear Channel and Viacom) and a “public” counterpart, National Public Radio.

With NPR’s heavy reliance on corporate sponsors, there is nothing public about it. It is part of the problem of media consolidation. NPR has worked against the licensing of low-power FM radio stations to communities through out the US. These shameful actions have been anti-democratic, harmful to radio diversity and fueled by arrogance and an intense fear of competition.

There is nothing public about NPR and NPR will not serve the community. How can the staff of community members of WNHU not serve the community infinitely better than nationally syndicated corporate sponsored radio?

We are asking for the community’s help.
Please e-mail (Hank Yaggi, WNHU general manager), (Steve Kaplan, UNH President), (Julian Schuster, UNH Communications Dept)
and send mail addressed to
Communications Dept
University of New Haven
300 Boston Post Rd
West Haven, CT 06516

December 22nd, 2004

For over thirty years 88.7 WNHU has been broadcasting in a thirty mile radius of New Haven CT. It has provided programing that you CANNOT find any where else. WNHU has supported the metal and hardcore communities by offering over 13 hours of hardcore/metal programing each week and serves as the only TRUE alternative in CT to commercial radio.

The school administration has decided WNHU will be broadcasting NPR during the morning and afternoon drive times, not only taking programming away from the students, but turning a community radio station into another bland station broadcasting the same NPR programming that is already being broadcasted on seven other stations in the surrounding areas. This decision was made with out the input or knowledge of the students.

PLEASE e-mail the following people and tell them NPR on WNHU is a bad idea and they should not go through with it:

And also, call these people on the phone:
School of Business Dean 203-932-7115
Communication Dept 203-932-7208
Student Affairs 203-932-7199
Call 203-932-7200 and ask for the president, because i can't find his phone number.

And finally if you can spare 37 cents, please write a letter to:
Communication Dept.
University of New Haven
300 Boston Post Road
West Haven, CT 06516

November 19th, 2004
The Abused have found a few long lost Live tapes and they will be released shortly on Ltd. Edition vinyl and Cd , for posterity and historical accuracy .With previously unreleased material!! Along with a re-issue of the "Loud And Clear" EP!
Check out the band's official web site...

October 26th, 2004
Legendary BBC DJ John Peel Died
JOHN PEEL 1939 - 2004

October 23rd, 2004
From the Bomp! Records mailing list!
--Greg Shaw
We have some very sad news to report-- Bomp's founder, Greg Shaw, died on Tuesday, October 19, from heart failure at the age of 55. Greg's lifelong devotion to discovering, raving about and releasing authentic -albeit obscure- rock & roll, and promoting rock fandom over four decades was extraordinary. Among his many accomplishments were fanzine publisher, magazine editor, band manager, author, indie label owner, and rock historian. Though his roles often varied, two things were absolutely consistent: his impeccable taste in music and the ability to be there first.
Though we grieve for him now, please know that Greg's legacy is the Bomp/Voxx records he was so proud to release, as ever they will be in print and available to inspire music lovers everywhere through the efforts of his business partner, Suzy Shaw, and Alive/Total Energy's Patrick Boissel.
However you choose to honor Greg's memory-- do it with anything but a moment of silence

7 years, 26 releases – fuck it, let’s go!
Hey kids, here’s the news:
* Busted Heads is quitting! Yes, the label and the distro will stop to exist within the next few months. Be no more. This is an ex-label. By the end of 2004 or January/February 2005 I hope to be rid of this behemoth named Busted Heads.
* Why am I ending my label/distro? Many, many reasons. But the most important one is that my heart is no longer in it. I want more free time. During these past 7 years there’s so many books I haven’t red, films I haven’t seen, people I haven’t met etc. I wanna put my energy into other shit.
* What shall I do with my stock and distro? Well, my apartment if filled with tons of vinyl and CD’s and to be honest I have no clue what to do with them all. If there is any label/dsitro who might be interested in buying the lot – let me know!!! But yes, you can keep ordering stuff for the next few months. Please do, help me live again!
* Thanx to all the people who have helped and supported me through the years.

October 11th, 2004
From the official Agnostic Front web site:

Agnostic Front joins the Nuclear Blast family!
Spread the news! NY Hardcore legends Agnostic Front have signed a recording deal with Nuclear Blast worldwide! The official release date for the very anticipated "Another Voice" is set for November 22nd in Europe and January 5th for the United States! With Matt Henderson (Madball/AF) on guitars! and Production by Zeuss and Jamey Jasta (Hatebreed), AF is offering their meanest, nastiest and sheer brutal NYHC Anthems! The enhanced CD will including a ripping band performance and a guest appearance by Jamey Jasta (Hatebreed) captured by acclaimed director Dale "Rage" Resteghini (Fear Factory, Hatebreed, God Forbid, Shadows Fall, Candiria...) Other special guest vocal appearances on "Another Voice" will include Scott Vogel (Terror) and Karl Buechner (Earth Crisis)" ................................ Spread the news!!!!!!!!!

Agnostic Front Home DVD!!!!
We will be shooting our 1st ever home dvd here in NYC at the legendary CBGB's club on November 7th! We will be performing 2 shows starting at 3pm and 5pm for only $5 per show. There will be no openers being it is a live recording! so come on down and be part of NYHC history! We will be performing 2 different sets with songs from everyone of our releases including our upcoming "Another Voice" release!

Song List: AF CBGB’s DVD 2004
New Jack
Victim in Pain
United Blood
Friend or Foe
Last Warning
All Is Not forgotten (new)
Peace (new)
One VoiceOver The Edge
Gotta Go
Riot, Riot Upstart
Police State
Somethings Gotta Give
Public assistance
So Pure To Me (new)
Public Assistance

September 16th, 2004
Johnny Ramone, of 'The Ramones,' Dies at 55
Johnny Ramone died in his sleep Wednesday afternoon at his Los Angeles home surrounded by friends and family, his publicist said. He had battled prostate cancer for five years, and was hospitalized in June at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.
Ramone, born John Cummings, was one of the original members of the Ramones, whose hit songs "I Wanna be sedated" and "Blitzkrieg Bop," among others, earned the band induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2002. and

September 13th, 2004

Motorhead cancels US tour
Motorhead regrets to announce that the U.S. tour scheduled for September/October 2004 is canceled due to a foot injury suffered by vocalist/bassist Lemmy.
Lemmy injured his foot on stage about month ago while touring in Europe.
Lemmy, ignoring the pain and against his European doctor's recommendation, completed the few remaining shows on the Motorhead summer festival tour.
Since he was not able to rest his foot for a while, Lemmy's injury worsened, and his U.S. doctor insisted in no uncertain terms that Lemmy stay off his foot for several weeks in order for it to heal properly.
Motorhead will return for a U.S. tour in March 2005. Lemmy, guitarist Philip Campbell and drummer Mikkey Dee hate to disappoint their fans but it is necessary for Lemmy's injury to heal so that Motorhead can rock long into the future.
Motorhead's latest album, 'Inferno,' has earned the groundbreaking band the best reviews of its career. The Associated Press calls this Metal-Is/Sanctuary Records release "their best album ever ... a 12-track opus that packs as much power, punch and attitude as anything that's ever been committed to tape."

September 3rd, 2004

The New Haven Advocate did a nice A through Z piece on "The School Of Local Rock" in their recent issue. WNHU got their logo on the cover of the issue and The Anti-Emo Empire! as well as my wife Michelle (Go Kat Go Radio), Basement Takeover and Mandatory Feedback all received mention under "R is for radio". Click here to check out the write up...or click here to check out the Advocate's site...

The tv program "Oasis D' Neon Video Magazine" is CT's "longest-running arts/music/culture cable access program" of it's kind. The program is cablecast every Thursday at 11pm from CTV on ch 27 (citizens television) in New Haven, which goes out to West Haven, Hamden and New Haven. In addition to current stuff, the show constantly airs the older historical programs of great CT musical heritage, such as Lost Generation, 76% Uncertain, Seizure, Stratford Survivors, Cadavers, Mill Valley Taters, Delvis, Dresden, Vatican Commandos, CIA, Black Hole, Miracle Legion, Stray Divides, Dumptruck, Hello Strangers, Saucers, Poodle Boys, Future Plan/ Ad-x, Editors, Throttle Babies, Thing's Fingers and many more...

August 31st, 2004

Malcolm Tent from Trash American Style was my special guest in the studio this afternoon. He prepared a show with the theme "punk rock as seen by Malcolm Tent". The show documented the bands that introduced him to punk while growing up in Florida in the mid to late 1970's up until the mid 1980's as Malcolm found CT to be his new home.
Check out the playlists page for the madness! I am sure that Malcolm would love to hear from you... Malcolm /

The 9th annual Film Fest New Haven takes place September 16 -19, 2004 in New Haven
Sunday, September 19th @ York Square Cinemas
A feature documentary about The Ramones Directed by Michael Gramaglia & Jim Fields

August 26th, 2004

After one year, my buddy Joe Snow came back to co-host a second all Connecticut band show yesterday. This is what Joe had to say in a mass email that he sent out:

Hello everyone! I just wanted to let you know that I will again be guest DJing on My Friend Jeff Terranova's WNHU radio show tomorrow (August 25th) at 4pm (I think). We will be playing PART 2 of the all Connecticut band series that we started with last year. This time around you will be hearing a more diverse selection of bands and sounds. The playlist ranges from 1976 to 2004 will tons of real cool unreleased tracks that have never been heard elsewhere! Expect to hear everything from punk and hardcore to retro 60's garage and 90's alterna rock. Also I will be playing some selections from the upcoming yet to be released Incas Records compilation "UP ALL NIGHT" which features many of the CT punk forefathers that we should all bow our heads in respect to. LISTEN IN, IT'S GONNA BE A REAL COOL TIME!!!
Joe Snow

Check out the Playlists page and also get in touch with Joe if you have CT band info or music to share with him. He is truly the most avid collector of everything CT and would love to hear from you...Joe Snow

My prayers have finally been answered. Another State Of Mind has finally officially been released on dvd!!!!
Another State of Mind

DVD Release Date: August 24, 2004
Suggested Retail Price: $14.98
Genre: Musical/Performing Arts
Cast: Social Distortion, Minor Threat
Summary: An incredible journey through the punk rock underground. Are these kids socially deviant or just the "flower children of the '80's?" This seminal punk rock film tracks the tour of "The Better Youth Organization of Los Angeles" - basically a fancy name for several punk rock kids crossing the country in a dilapidated school bus. A few of these punks were members of the pioneering bands Social Distortion and Youth Brigade, and their raucous concert footage is captured here. This a fine pairing of visceral and exciting music with an informative sociological look into a youth subculture.
DVD Special Features: Region (unknown), Keep Case, Full Frame - 1.33
Additional Release Material:
Commentary 1. Mike Ness 2. Adam Stern
MPAA Rating: NR

August 20th, 2004

I posted pictures from Sick Of It All, Terror and Champion from last night's show at Toad's Place. Check them out on the pics page...

August 18th, 2004

Holy crap!! Last night at Café Nine was one of the best shows that I have seen there this year! Texas Terri Bomb! from Los Angeles and The Midnight Creeps from RI/MA. Both bands were so incredible that I just kept taking pictures all night. Just when I thought that it was safe to put the camera away, the energy intensified and I found myself taking more and more pics. There were so many good ones that I could not choose which ones to leave out, so I posted A LOT of them on the site. Be sure to check them out on the pics page...

On the show Tuesday August 24th we will have Jim Martin and Gerry Stopper from Broken talking about the new cd and the cd release show coming up on the 28th.

On Wednesday the 25th Joe Snow will be returning to co-host an all CT show. View it as part II from the show that he co-hosted with me last year.

Lastly, on the show Tuesday the 31st Malcolm Tent from Trash American Style in Danbury will be my co-host spinning punk rock as Malcolm sees it!

Look for bigger and better things for The Anti-Emo Empire! once the new school season starts. There is going to be a huge programming change in mid September on WNHU and it's looking like we are going to be moved to Monday nights from 8-10 PM. I am excited about the new time slot and all of the new opportunities it will open up for the show!!

August 16th, 2004

I had the huge honor of emceeing the 1st Summer Skatefest which was held this past Saturday at Calf Pasture Beach in Norwalk in honor of the official opening of the Norwalk Skate Park! It was a great day and a great event. The Mayor made a short speech and officially cut the ribbon with the kids to open the park. Live bands played the whole day, there were raffles and booths from tons of great companies and sponsors. If all goes well we can do it all over again next year! Check out the pics!!!

August 11th, 2004

Posted pictures from a show at CB-GB's that I attended on Sunday. YDI, Lethal Agression, Eyes Of Hate, Two Man Advantage, Kill Your Idols, Only Crime and Verbal Abuse. Check them out on the Pictures page...

It's looking like there is no one to fill in for Search and Destroy on wednesdays from 4-6 so I have volunteered to do it for the remainder of August. Be sure to tune in to The Anti-Emo Empire! Tuesdays from 3-5 and Wednesdays from 4-6. Also, there is a good chance that the show is going to be moved to Monday nights from 8-10 sometime in September, I will keep you posted when I find out more.

This Saturday is the Summer Skatefest in Norwalk and I just got word that I will be emceeing the day, so try to come out and support the new Norwalk skate park, Axis Board Sports and a bunch of great bands. Scroll down to the news from July 23rd for more info about the event!

July 26th, 2004

Posted pictures from two shows that I attended over the weekend. Friday night I saw Only Crime, FC Five, Stretch Armstrong, Hope Conspiracy, and Bane at the Knights Of Columbus in Wallingford, CT. Saturday night I saw the Disaster Party, Nasty Disaster and the Misfits at Toad's Place in New Haven, CT. Check out the Pictures page...

"The Adolescents are working on a collection of 1980 demos and rehearsals to be released at end of the year on Frontier records. That should be interesting. OC Confidential mixes are almost completed. The release for OC Confidential is announced for spring 2005. Don't ask why, just accept it."

A feature documentary about The Ramones Directed by Michael Gramaglia & Jim Fields
Opens in August in the USA

July 23rd, 2004

Summer Skate Fest 2004
Saturday August 14th from 12 noon to 6pm at Calf Pasture Beach in Norwalk, CT
Pro skateboard demos from 5 Boro Skateboards and from Bodega Skateboards both from New York City.
Rraffles and fund raising for phase 2 of the park.
Free skateboard lessons
The mayor will speak
and of course live music all day on the main stage!
Vendors booths from companies like Bastard on Wheels, Kultjah, Skateraid, Axis Boardsports, Etnies and more!

A basic schedule of events is as follows
12:00 - 12:25 - International Brunch Mummies
12:30-12:40 - Mayor speaks
12:40-1:05 - Running Like Theives
1:15-1:40 - Mugshot Militia
1:50-2:25 - Human Vice Patrol
2:25-3:05 - Workforce / Matikhan (back to back sets, no change over)
3:15-3:45 - Planeside
3:55-4:25 - Dead 50's
4:30-5:00 - Raffle prizes giveaway
5:00-6:00 - Sixty Cycle

For more info contact Axis Board Sports in Norwalk 203-866-6444

From interstate 95 (northbound , from NYC)
1-Take I-95 to Exit 16 East Norwalk
2-Turn right onto East Ave. go approx .4 miles
3-Turn slight left onto Cemetary St. go approx .1 mile
4-Turn slight right onto Gregory Blvd. Go approx .3 miles
5-Turn left onto Ludlow Manor. Go approx .1 mile
6-Turn Left onto Marvin St. Go approx .1 mile
7-Turn right onto Calf Pasture Beach Road
8-Follow to end to Calf Pasture Beach Park
From interstate 95 (southbound, from New Haven)
1-Take exit 16 off I-95 East Norwalk
2- Turn left onto East Ave.
3-Follow from directions above (starting with #3)
From interstate 84
1-Take I-84 to Exit 3 (mall,Rt 7 South)
2-Follow Rt 7 south to Norwalk. Approx 35 minutes
3-Follow signs to interstate 95
4-Get on interstate 95 East.
5-Follow directions above (starting with #1)

July 21st, 2004

On Wednesday July 28th, Kevin (Basement Takeover), Mark (Shock And Awe), Jessica (Search And Destroy) and Myself will be on the air from noon til' 6pm. After 3 solid years of spinning punk rock on WNHU, Jessica is relocating to the west coast. Wed July 28th will mark her last Search And Destroy show on WNHU. Us other punk/hardcore dj's have decided to throw her an on air bon-voyage party and we have taken over the radio station for a 6 hour block. Be sure to tune in, this will be definitely be one afternoon that you will not want to miss!!

July 15th, 2004

New York Doll Arthur 'Killer' Kane Dies
Arthur ‘Killer’ Kane of seminal punk band the New York Dolls has passed away. The bass player with the pioneering punk-rock outfit is reported to have died Tuesday night (July 13) in a Los Angeles hospital from complications with pneumonia at the age of 55.
Kane becomes the fourth Doll to pass away following guitarist Johnny Thunders and drummers Billy Murcia and Jerry Nolan...

There will be a public memorial held behind the Mormon Temple on 10777 Santa Monica Blvd on Saturday July 17th at 10AM.
Our deepest condolences go out to Kane's family, friends and fans!

July 12th, 2004

Posted some pictures of The Reducers from Sailfest this past Saturday.
Also, check out some Sailfest pics of The Swaggerts at Go Kat Go Radio!

July 9th, 2004

I filled in for Shock And Awe yesterday afternoon. Played a lot more Rock N' Roll than normal. Check it out...

July 6th, 2004

New All Ages Venue In Boston

Boston now has a big DIY all ages venue that can hold punk and hardcore shows in Boston!!!!!
The Polish American Citizen's Club in Dorchester, MA
This was the venue we held the In-Fest (Three days, 50 bands..!) last month. They have agreed to allow us to promote as many shows as we would like. Of course we cannot book just any ol show there. It is a big venue, and looks really empty unless it has more the 100 people in it...and even then it looks empty. Think of it as a substitute to Bill's Bar or Axis....with out the huge over head costs.
We are now booking shows for a couple big punk bands, but we want to book hardcore bands also...we love it all!
The venue has the following:
Easy subway access
All Ages
Bar for 21+ w/ID
Huge open space (As big as the Elk's!)
A real stage! (3ft.)
Good lighting and fans
Low cost!!!!! Wicked low!!
Don't settle for huge Clear Channel venues, or other venues who odviously rip bands off (we all know which ones).
We cannot book every band or every show. Again it must be a band that can draw! If you know someone who does booking for bands, or you need a big show me fns_publishing(at)msn(dot)com
FNS Records and Promotion have slowly built a reliable reputation in the Boston music scene as a reliable and responsible label and promoter. We run a label and publish zines and do all sorts of shit.....look us up.

July 1st, 2004

It's been a good few weeks for New Haven's own Jim Martin and his band Broken. With the recent completion of the band's 14 song cd to be called "Homeland Insecurity" and released on Scrap Records (UK and Europe) and the just announced domestic release on New Haven's Feralette Records. An incredible live performance on June 17th at Cafe Nine, a show tonight at Rudy's with the Deuce Frehley Band and The Murder Junkies, and a cool feature in this weeks New Haven Advocate called Stuck In A Corner With Jim Martin.

On a sad note, The Roxy in Norwalk will no longer be doing shows!

The Clash's Classic 'London Calling' Album Upgraded to 2-CD Plus DVD Set
In celebration of the 25th anniversary of the release of The Clash's landmark third album, "London Calling" (December 14, 1979 in the U.S.), Epic Records has announced plans to issue a deluxe Legacy Edition version. "London Calling: The 25th Anniversary Edition" will feature 2 full CDs of music plus a newly-created DVD component. The package will arrive in stores on September 21st.
The Clash and "London Calling" are constantly cited as influential by the media, music industry, and the band's immense fan base, and recent accolades have included the band's induction into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, and "London Calling" being named the # 1 Album of the '80s by Rolling Stone Magazine and one of the Top 5 British Albums Of All Time by Q Magazine.
"London Calling: The 25th Anniversary Edition," will include 2 CDs of music and a DVD housed in a lavish digipack. The original packaging will be expanded with full lyrics, a new historical essay, and rare photos by band photographer Pennie Smith. Disc 1 will feature the complete classic album. Disc 2 is entitled "The Vanilla Tapes" and features previously unheard demos for the album which were recently discovered in vocalist/guitarist Mick Jones' storage house. Among the demos that will feature on "The Vanilla Tapes" are a number of tracks that never made the final cut of the album. Finally, the DVD will represent a time capsule of The Clash at the time of "London Calling's" release, and one of its features will be a newly-created 45-minute documentary by the band's longtime biographer and collaborator, Don Letts. The documentary includes newly discovered footage of the band in the recording studio with producer Guy Stevens, as well as previously unseen live performance footage, interviews with band members Joe Strummer, Mick Jones, Paul Simonon and Topper Headon, and for the first time ever band manager Kosmo Vinyl telling his side of the story.
Incorporating elements of rockabilly, funk, blues and reggae into The Clash's amphetamine rush of sound, and spread out over four sides of LP vinyl, the 1979 release of "London Calling" was closer to a manifesto than an album release. The album's influence is immeasurable and reaches from the ska-punk of latter day bands such as The Offspring and No Doubt, to the political pronouncements of Rage Against The Machine and System Of A Down.
Sony Legacy Recordings

Social Distortion has announced that they will be releasing their first ever live DVD, entitled Live In Orange County via Time Bomb Recordings. The DVD was filmed on January 19, 2003, at the House of Blues in Anaheim, CA, and will feature backstage footage, interviews, a photo gallery and more along with the show itself, the setlist of which spans the band's entire career, and even includes two brand new songs;“Footprints On My Ceiling” and “I Wasn’t Born To Follow.” Both songs are to be included on Social Distortion’s forthcoming studio album due out later this year. Live In Orange County will be in stores July 27th.

June 28th, 2004

Added pics from an incredible show at CB-GB's yesterday afternoon. I posted my thoughts and feelings about it on the Live Wire Records message board.

June 22nd, 2004

Added pictures of The Reducers from the 26th Annual Meriden Daffodil Festival Saturday April 24, 2004. Also added Broken and The Defcon Five from Cafe 9 June 17th, 2004!

June 15th, 2004

Johnny Ramone fighting a 4 year battle with prostate cancer!

June 9th, 2004

I had an opportunity to fill in for Search And Destroy! this afternoon. It was a great three hour show! Check out the playlist...

May 27th, 2004

I had an opportunity to fill in for Shock And Awe this afternoon. It was a great three hour show! Check out the playlist...

May 18th, 2004

D. Boon's brother Awest just posted some previously unpublished photos of D. and friends.

May 11th, 2004

If you haven't noticed, we added two new pages to the site a few weeks ago. Those being a Reviews page and a Concert Wise page. So far we have two book reviews posted and hopefully more to come in the near future. The Concert Wise page is updated every week, so be sure to check back weekly for Anti-Emo Empire! recommended shows.

A huge thanks goes out to Dave Smalley who mailed me an autographed copy of his book The Last Brigade 20 Songs From 20 Years Of Punk Rock to give away to a lucky winner of the show. I read a passage from the book on the air this afternoon and will do the same again next week. On Tuesday May 25th be sure to tune into the show for your chance to call in and win the book. Check out my review of the book on the Reviews page...

May 4th, 2004

Kung Fu Records has announced that legendary punks The Circle Jerks will be the subject of the next volume of Kung Fu's The Show Must Go Off! live DVD series. The live shoot, filmed last week at the Anaheim House Of Blues, featured eight 24P digital video cameras and 24-track audio. Expect a late Summer or Fall release.

Here is some info that I thought was interesting about CD-R's!

Are we putting too much faith in the ubiquitous "recordable CD", or CD-R? It is undeniably one of the most useful means of storage around, offering an inexpensive way to save digital photographs, music and files and costing less than 50 pence per disc.

If you check the claims made by some manufacturers of popular CD-R brands, you will see that some make bold claims indeed. Typical boasts include: "100-years archival life", "guaranteed archival lifespan of more than 100 years" and "one million read cycles". One company even says data can be stored "swiftly and permanently", leaving you free to bequeath those backups of your letter to the electricity company to your great-great-grandchildren.

But an investigation by a Dutch personal computer magazine, PC Active, has shown that some CD-Rs are unreadable in as little as two years, because the dyes in the CD's recording layer fade. These dyes replace the aluminium "pits" of a music CD or CD-Rom, and the laser uses that layer to distinguish 0s from 1s. When the CD is written, the writing laser "burns" the dye, which becomes dark, to represent a "1" while a"0" will be left blank so that if the dye fades, there's no difference; it's just a long string of nothing to the playback laser.

So have you already lost those irreplaceable pictures you committed to medium, after its own testing found some with unreadable data after just two years. "Though they looked fine from the outside, they turned out to be completely useless," wrote the technical editor Jeroen Horlings, who had tested 30 brands in 2001, left them in a dark cupboard for two years and then re-tested them in August 2003. Of the brands tested, 10 per cent showed ageing problems. And it wasn't just Horlings. After seeing the results, shocked readers contacted the magazine with their experiences.

Recordable DVDs are not off the hook either. The "dye chemicals" in write-once DVDs are similar to CD-R, though recording density and disk construction differ. "We're in the process of testing DVDs and we're sure that the same problems will occur," said Horlings, who plans to publish his findings soon.

Gordon Stevenson, the managing director of Vogon International - a company specialising in data recovery - is familiar with these shortcomings thanks to the experiences of his customers, one of whom commissioned Vogon to retrieve pictures of his second honeymoon from a failed six-month-old CD-R. "The dye layer was fading," Stevenson says,"but we were able to recover most of the disk. But these claims [of a 100-year archival life] are unhelpful and misleading. If you're spending 20p on something, you probably don't expect it to last 100 years," he says.

In the wrong conditions, such as sunlight, humidity and upper surface damage, your CD-R will slowly turn into a coaster. "CD-Rs should never be left lying in sunlight as there's an element of light sensitivity, certainly in the poor quality media," says Stevenson. "I wouldn't rely on CD-Rs for long-term storage unless you're prepared to deal with them as recommended."

Such views are echoed by the National Archives at Kew. "Generally speaking, we don't recommend CD-Rs for long-term storage," says Jeffrey Darlington, a project manager at the Archives' Digital Preservation Department. "We don't regard CD-Rs as an archival medium. Most of the CD-Rs on the market are not of archival quality." Instead of CD-Rs, therefore, the National Archives tend to use magnetic tape rated for a 30-year life. Also, they are careful to copy, check and re-copy to avoid losing information and this is also a useful strategy for CD-Rs. "If you keep doing that so the CD-R is never more than physically three to five years old, you'll be safe enough. A hundred years sounds pretty unlikely," says Darlington.

Not all optical media is vulnerable. The rewritable variants (RW) use metallic materials that change the phase of the light, rather than light-sensitive dyes. Commercial magneto-optical and ultra-density optical systems are different too. Stewart Vane-Tempest, the optical product director at Plasmon, the archival specialists, has first-hand experience of unreadable CD-R media. "Some dyes are very robust, but others not," Vane-Tempest says. "The one thing they have in common is susceptibility to environmental conditions. I do a lot of digital photography and pay top price for media. If I have anything important, I generally make a couple of copies. I've not used CD-Rs for long-term archiving."

Vane-Tempest also offers a tip. Blank CD-R disks have a code that your CD writer reads to find the best writing strategy. If this isn't in the CD-writer's inbuilt software (its "firmware"), the default may be a poor compromise. Vane-Tempest says that some "less scrupulous" Far East companies have been using other people's codes, with deficient results. However, there is a way around this which is to find out which brands suit your writer and ensure the firmware is up to date.

While such matchmaking is useful, there's no way to assess CD-R longevity at home. All you can do is check periodically. As for whether manufacturers are guilty of using finger-in-the-air methods, Kevin Jefcoate, the marketing and product management director at Verbatim, says: "It's a bit more than guesswork because there's a lot of scientific evidence to back it up."

The answer, Jefcoate says, is to use a climate chamber to accelerate the ageing of the organic dye. Using a relationship between chemical reaction rate and temperature, 100-year lifetimes may be argued for normal conditions. Jefcoate adds that he has never known users to complain of age-related failures? "We haven't had anyone complain that, after three to five years, it hasn't worked." It's easy to blame budget CD-Rs when things go wrong. Novatech's purchasing and product manager, Kriss Pomroy, suggests users buy a small quantity for testing first.

The PC builder sells unbranded CD-Rs sourced from a Far East distributor that buys over-production from well-known factories. Are we saving pennies and taking risks? "No," says Pomroy, "You can get problematic batches, but that's as true with branded media." The company now sells two-and-a-half times more unbranded write-once DVDs than CD-Rs. The world's No 1 supplier of CD-Rs, Imation, talks of "saving precious digital photo memories" - exactly what many people think they're doing. Semar Majid, its technical marketing executive, hasn't heard of any> ageing problems. "Optical media should last between 30 and 200 years,"he says, "but it's dependent on storage conditions and how you handle it." He suggests transferring important photos to DVD, and keeping on moving to new formats.

Another big maker, TDK, takes a cautious view with DVDs, claiming only a 70-year lifespan. "This does not mean that DVD is more fragile or unstable in time compared to CD-R; this is only because of the shorter experience that we have in manufacturing and testing this relatively young technology," says the TDK product manager Hartmut Kulessa. There have been no complaints about ageing failures.

As the oldest CD-R is barely a teenager, there are no definitive answers either. But perhaps the last word belongs to Jeroen Horlings at PC Active. "We see a lot of manufacturers and they think that quantity is more important than quality," he says. "The problem will remain."

For more info on CD-Rs and dyes:

April 23rd, 2004

Congratulations to New London Connecticut legends the Reducers who after 25 years of existence are going to rock 'n roll in Japan this coming June!!
June 25th (Friday) - Shelter Club, Tokyo, Japan
June 27th (Sunday) - Pipe69, Osaka, Japan
June 29th (Tentative) - Fiddler Pub, Tokyo, Japan
July 1st (Tentative) - venue TBA
July 3rd (Saturday) - Shelter Club, Tokyo, Japan

April 21st, 2004

Unless you live in a cave, you should be fully aware that the government has been pushing to control what we see and hear on tv and radio. If you believe in freedom of speech and are uncomfortable with the idea of the government having the power to soley dictate what you can and cannot hear and see and also have the power to hire/fire radio and tv personalities, then go to StopFCC.Com and sign there petition. It only takes 30 seconds and every name makes a difference. There is also a link on the site where you can send an instant fax or email to your local Senators. This too only takes about 30 seconds. It's more important than ever for the citizens of the United States Of America to stand up and fight for our freedom of speech!

April 14th, 2004

Dr. Strange NEWS!
BROKEN BONES Just in TODAY is the newest release on Dr. Strange Records; BROKEN BONES 7”ep., “No-One Survives!”. This is a GREAT release. (3 new songs) Imagine: Classic Discharge (good Discharge!) mixed with the vocals of Negative Approach and you’re on the right track. This one is STRICTLY limited to 800 copies; 400 on black and 400 on white. Be quick, many of these are going to distributors overseas so we don’t have a lot

THE PARTISANS is joining the Dr. Strange family. They will have a new full length release out in July called “Idiot Nation” as well as a U.S. tour. I’ll have song samples, artwork etc.. on my site as soon as possible. Their new stuff is AWESOME!!! It’s a cross between their old stuff and vintage Clash.

1st Annual KNIFE OR DEATH FEST 2004
FRIDAY JUNE 4th and SATURDAY JUNE 5TH: KNIFE OR DEATH FEST at the Fairless Hills Fraternal Order of Eagles Hall in Fairless Hills, PA. (It's ten minutes outside Philadelphia and five minutes from Trenton, right off of route 1). YOUTH OF TODAY (both days), ANTIDOTE (NYC), KIDS LIKE US (Tallahasse, FL), CHARGE (Hell Bent Records), VISION (NJ), DOWN TO NOTHING, MOUTHPIECE, Mental, Desperate Measures, Righteous Jams, Love is Red, Thumbs Up, Punishment, One Up and xtraitorx!

June 25 Boston, MA tba w/ The First Step
June 26 Montclair, NJ Bloomfield Ave. Cafe w/ The First Step
June 27 New York, NY CBGBs w/ The First Step
Check out Indecision Records for more info...


March 24th, 2004

A friend and long time supporter of the New Haven music scene has decided to relocate to Fresno, California. Chris Arnott of the New Haven Advocate wrote a very heart warming article about Fran Fried in last week's edition. Here is a link to the article, check it out. I searched all over for an online copy of the "farewell" article that Fran himself wrote in last week's edition of the New Haven Register's Weekend section, but could not find it. So...I scanned in my copy, so if you want to check out the article just follow this link for Fran Fried's last Weekend column. Fran we love ya and wish you all the best in Fresno, but New Haven will always have the #1 music scene...

I got into the Descendents back in 1985 and 'I Don't Want To Grow Up' and 'Milo Goes To College' were two crucial albums for me when I was growing up. I used to know all of the lyrics to every song and would sing them loud and proud while driving past the nuclear tits in my 1972 Chevy Malibu Classic. When things got too tough to cope with at school or in life, I would retreat to my room, put on the headphones and crank up 'My World'. I had the pleasure to see the band at the Ritz in NYC back in 1985 and I still cherish the memories and the Official Bonus Cup that I bought at the show and have proudly displayed on my office shelf to this day. The reason that I say all of this is because I just got a copy of their new cd 'Cool To Be You' on Fat Wreck Chords and I cannot say enough good good things about it. It truly fuckin' rocks!!!! So be one of the proud, the few, and rock out with the Descendents tonight...

On a funny note, check out this movie clip with Straight Ahead and the Smurfs!

March 17th, 2004

Stiff Little Fingers has signed with Kung Fu Records to release their latest album "Guitar and Drum" in the U.S. and Japan.

I had the pleasure to go to England for 10 days and I posted some pictures on the pictures page for you to check out...

In sad news, Dave Schulthise AKA Dave Blood, the bassist of the Dead Milkmen committed suicide on Wednesday March 10th. You can see and read more on the In Memory page...

To end on a funny note, check out this link to see/hear Ian MacKaye from Minor Threat/Fugazi singing a kids song called Vowel Movement

March 10th, 2004

For Immediate Release:
I am sorry I have to be the whistle blower yet again. I am deeply embarrassed by the poor quality of their new "Live at the Deaf Club" CD. It could have been a good album. But in my opinion the sound quality and remix are so lame it's not even as good as the versions on "Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death." And those mixes are almost 20 years old. If they really "spent the better part of a year" on this, I wonder what they were really doing most of the time.

I don't think the artwork is as boring as "Mutiny on the Bay," but it doesn't really rock my world either. To me it's a dumbed-down version of the good stuff Winston Smith and I made, but now it seems deliberately designed not to offend anyone. Sad.

I relayed my concerns to East Bay Ray, but as usual I never heard back. I have also been confronted several times at shows by people feeling ripped off by the "Making of In God We Trust Inc." DVD. They said they felt especially burned by only 22 minutes of content, and that the karaoke section was as stupid as the elves (yes, elves) on the cover.

Please, folks, I had nothing to do with this! Like the fake Dead Kennedys "reunion" tours, I did not authorize either of these projects and was not allowed any meaningful input at all. I can't double-check the 22 minutes or whatever because I am not allowed to possess the MVD releases unless I buy them from a store. I have never received copies, or even a contract, from Ray & Co. at all. Nor am I allowed to see all the books.

In 1998 the other ex-Dead Kennedy's filed a vicious lawsuit against me stemming from a dispute that got ugly when I opposed putting "Holiday in Cambodia" in a Levi's Dockers TV commercial. Unfortunately, their lawsuit is still going on. I maintain my innocence, and am sickened by what they have done to exploit Dead Kennedys once - good name and legacy since. I would like to go into much deeper detail about all this, but our attorneys have asked me not to. Let's just say it is far from over, uglier than ever, with no end in sight.

So please be aware of the mentality behind all current Dead Kennedys releases, and where the money is really going.

If anyone wishes to help in any way, please support the Alternative Tentacles Legal Defense Fund:
Alternative Tentacles Legal Defense Fund
P.O. Box 419092
San Francisco, CA
On the Internet:
Lick Bush in '04,
Jello Biafra

March 2nd, 2004

WOW! I haven't posted any news in a month. I have been getting so much music for the show these past two months that it is occupying most of my time going through it all. Anyway, I will not be live on WNHU next week, the show has been pre-recorded. I am playing a classic Compilation LP from 1982 called Maximum Rock 'N Roll Presents All Is Quiet On The Western Front. This is one show not to be missed, they don't make comps like this one anymore. As a matter of facts almost all of the comps from the past decade suck ass! All they are is rehashed songs from lame bands sold for $3.99 at the local mall Hot Topic. Comps from back in the day were different, they featured songs that were exclusive to the comp and they featured a ton of bands, much like the one that I chose to play. Enjoy the show and if you are listening from home you can follow along with the playlist...

February 6th, 2004

The Adolescents will release a live DVD on February 24th. It is another installment in Kung Fu Records' "The Show Must Go Off" series. The show was recorded at The House of Blues and also comes with a free live CD of the show. You can watch video clips from each DVD at

The Vandals have a live DVD from the House Of Blues also in the works...

February 5th , 2004

Smorgasbord Records News / upcoming new releases and more...

Smorgasbord Records is proud to announce our triumphant return. It's been over two years since our last new release, but that is about to change. Here's what's new and exciting. No official release dates have been set, but both releases will be out late March / early April 2004.

First up is Smor 028: Windfall / Psychopunch limited edition split 7 inch. Four songs in all, two from USA's Windfall and two from Sweden's Psychopunch. The songs are exclusive to this vinyl only split 7 inch release. The cover art was created specially by Mike Fisher at Wrecking Crew Studios. See what it's like when two countries collide and bring you raw, powerful, hardcore/punk rock 'n roll! We are accepting pre-orders and suggest that you pre-order to guarantee a colored vinyl copy. There will be 1,000 total records pressed, and there will be only one pressing. The price will be the same as any other Smorgasbord 7 inch release, $4.00 postage paid if you live in the USA and $7.00 air mail postage paid to anywhere else in the world. Pre-order now and receive a free Windfall "Awaken" cd/ep. Pre-orders must be received by March 31st and must be through the snail mail. This offer is available for direct mailorders only.

Next up is a cd release from Up Front compiling all of the band's 7 inch releases onto one cd. Smor 027: Twenty five songs in all including three tracks from the 1999 split 7 inch release with Building, six tracks from the 1994 7 inch release "What Fire Does", four tracks from the 1992 7 inch release "Changes", seven tracks from the 1990 7 inch release "Daybreak", and five tracks from the 1996 7 inch release "Doin' It Live On WNYU". Except for the "What Fire Does" 7 inch, these recordings have been sold out and out of print for many years. The cover art was created specially by Jason Powell / Killerkatt Artworks and is very reminiscent of the band's 1988 LP release "Spirit". Fans worldwide have been asking, and we finally got this release together. All from the original masters, no remixes here, just what you heard on 7", only now remastered for cd format. Pre-order now and receive a free Up Front "Movement' cd. Pre-orders must be received by March 31st and must be through the snail mail. This offer is available for direct mailorders only.

We are also planning a follow up Up Front cd in about a year or so compiling all of the band's demos onto one cd. What demos might those be you ask? Before the three tracks that appeared on the 1987 "X Marks The Spot" 7 inch, a friend of the band Mitch Mitchell recorded the band's 1986 six song demo tape. These were the only recordings with the band's original drummer Dan. Six songs were released, but thirteen songs were recorded in all. In addition to the 1986 demo, the band recorded a four song demo in 1991 prior to the recording of the Striving For Togetherness Records "Changes" 7 inch and a four song demo in 1996 prior to the recording of the "Movement" LP. I don't know how, but over the years none of these recordings have leaked out and besides for the original six song demo from 1986 that you occasionally see on ebay and/or trade lists, the other songs have never been heard by anyone other than Up Front and close friends of the band!

So as you can see, the wheels are still turning here at Smorgasbord Records and we are extremely excited to add these fine releases to our catalog.

The Up Front "Spirit" cd and the Wide Awake "25 Song Discography" cd have both been sold out for the past year or so. If you tried to order one and could not get one, we apologize. Good news though, the reorders have been placed and both cds should be back in stock the same time that the two new aforementioned releases are available! If you pre-order one before March 31st we will be sure to throw in some buttons, stickers, and whatever else happens to be lying around.

Lastly, we are so excited about the new releases and the re-presses that we are having a HALF OFF sale on select titles. Check out the Releases page for more details...

January 28th, 2004

The Descendents finally have a web site, and it's a damn good one...


Re-issues coming in April!
Get ready -- this April, Bad Religion will be re-releasing completely re-mixed and re-mastered versions of How Could Hell Be Any Worse, Suffer, No Control, Against The Grain, AND Generator! Also coming is a re-issue of the Along The Way video on DVD. It all hits stores on April 6th!


After Brian finishes recording the new Bad Religion record this December / Jan, he will focus his attention on the new Dag Nasty record, which will begin tracking at Inner Ear Studios (tentatively) in spring 04. Hopefully the guys will do their daily photo / text recording journal like they did for Mo1, which was a blast. That journal will be making a re-appearance on the site very soon along with some other missing pages.

January 17th, 2004

I had the oppotunity to team up with Kevin from The Basement Takeover for a four hour show yesterday. Third time total, first time in 2004. We spun for four hours, played 60 songs, fulfilled 15 requests, and had a great time... I focused mainly on cover songs, just like the last two times. Check out the playlist

January 3rd, 2004

Happy New Year!

Over one year ago my friend Tim Cundle released a book through Three Days Dead Records. Long story short, the owner of the label turned out to be a liar and a cheat and Tim was left with cases of unsold books. He still has copies of "Compression", the novel that was written under the pseudonym Martin Crisis and is selling them cheaply - £3 ppd UK, $8 ppd (airmail) US and 10 Euro ppd (airmail) for the rest of Europe, available from the Mass Movement address. You can read a bunch of reviews of the book below.

CF32 9BB,

Compression – Reviews

"The debut from writer Martin Crisis has been released on Punk label Three Days Dead ‘ cos it would be a tragedy if this book was left to rot on the shelves of a big time publisher while they figured out how to market it to Guardian readers. Author Crisis probably wouldn’t want them touching his book anyway, y’see Compression is built around punk music and it’s author has a passion for it that stretches way beyond name checking Black Flag within the novels pages. The book begins with it’s hero Flanagan returning to the seaside dump of his youth for a school reunion. Having escaped the town to become a famous punk rocker with a major label deal and a home in the States, it becomes obvious that the singer is returning for more than a chance to see old school chums. Witnessing the murder of a mentally disturbed man haunts him and Flanagan returns to seek redemption after drugs and music have failed him only to find that the murder case has been reopened. With excellent characterization and a rawness that’s hard to find in the bookshelves of WH.Smiths, Compression raises questions about the power of music to change one’s life, the validity of being ‘punk’ in the new millenium and what it means to be truly honest with oneself. Fully recommended"
Big Cheese Magazine.

"The debut novel from the cryptically named Martin Crisis, Compression, is the story of Michael Flanagan, A successful. Contemporary British punk musician (okay, this is a novel) whose past – and present – hides many secrets, some murkier than others. The story unfolds over the space of 24 hours, with more and more being gradually revealed, as Flanagan seeks redemption, and eventual freedom, from the long carried burdens of his youth. Although the ‘action’ starts less than promisingly with the long, rain-sodden tedium of a motorway journey, things soon pick, and the reader really starts to care about Flanagan’s fate. Mr.Crisis has a definite way with words and this is a promising debut. I’d recommend you seek this out"
Virginia Black, Rock Sound Magazine

"Martin Crisis, whoever he may be, is one pissed-off individual. His hatred for himself and everyone around him is smeared across every page of his debut novel like so much blood and shit. ‘Compression’ is a high-octane mixture of autobiography, wish fulfillment and twisted fantasy; the sordid tale of a punk rockstar returning to his home town for his school reunion, to confront a dark secret from his past that he has struggled to keep buried ever since he left there in the first place. Several painful home truths have to be exhumed and dealt with en route; not least of all the fact that he is in love with the wrong woman – and that for most of his adult life he has been living a lie!
This has been written with tremendous feeling, and the anger of the author reaches out to grab the reader by the throat and doesn’t let go. And as someone who refused to attend my own school reunion – mainly out of disinterest than to make any concerted point to anyone – I can certainly relate to the frustrations of the book’s nihilistic anti-hero. Worth checking out".
Ian Glasper, Terrorizer Magazine

"I’m so pleased to see books coming out of the punk rock underground and especially from the UK scene. This is a work of fiction but methinks certain characters and situations are culled from the authors’ own real-life exeriences. Flanagan is a successful punk rocker returning to his hometown for a school re-union, the re-union is just a feeble excuse for him to tie up loose ends he left behind and more importantly, a chance to relieve his guilt of a crime committed years previously. It’s a simple, short story, there are few surprises and the writer leads you to the hopefully perfect ending that you wish for the main character. I must admit that I thought it may be a bit of a tough read, but I found myself absorbed after the first few pages and it’s a solid piece of work. I enjoyed it and you should support this endeavor, the more underground DIY literary projects the better as far as I’m concerned and watch out for further books from the guys at Three Days Dead. Good stuff"
David Stuart, Fracture Magazine.

"It’s great to see a piece of essentially punk rock based fiction from the shores of the UK that is more than capable of matching the work of Charles Romalotti (Rash / Salad Days). As with Romalotti, you know the author has a very defined understanding of the traits which when compiled together forge believable characters of a Punk basis.
At the heart of "Compression" there lays a very simple story – one of maturing; of awakening; of coming to terms with ones own past. It focuses on Flanagan, a Punk Rock superstar who is growing ever more disillusioned with his life and what it represents. For the first time in many years, he heads home to the town of his youth. It is a town that holds a deep, dark and very discrete secret for he and his former adolescent school chums. It is also a school reunion.
Flanagan reacquaints himself with his former gang (who have gone on to be a copper, porn star, mental case and more) and revisits the scenes of activities old as the book progresses through it’s 112 pages while slowly building to the tumultuous reunion finale.
This just paints the soft white underbelly of the book though. I’m not talking about the streak of drug and alcohol abuse that proliferates through the pages, nor the sexual references. The heart of this lies in the past, Flanagan’s past and the past of his cohorts. It’s dark and perfectly expressed here. The past and the events that it contains has effected them all to different degrees and a lot of the enjoyment of the book pivots around the discovery of how each individual involved deals with that long gone situation. What is the ominous secret the past holds? For that, you have to buy the book! Just trust me when I tell you that you won’t guess it!
There’s definitely a sense of the author putting a lot of himself into the main character too, from little cynicisms through to all out brashness. It lends a sense of familiarity and certainly a sense of sincerity. This in turn leads to a stronger novel."
Steve B, Scanner Magazine

December 23rd, 2003

"Mullets & Alcoholics" Compilation CD
Its finally here! That's right "Mullets & Alcoholics"; 34 songs or 80 minutes of punk rock debauchery! Thanks to all of the bands and labels who participated! This has been an amazing success that will surely help keep Hussieskunk alive for some time to come. So who all is on the disc, some of you may ask? Well how about MDC, US Chaos, A Planet For Texas, Blitzkid, Lame Ducks, Large Marge, I Voted For Kodos, Lazy American Workers, and The Narcoleptic x5 to just name a few. All the bands and labels have a few copies available, as well we do to. So help support Hussieskunk and those that participated by picking up a copy for yourself. We have them available on our site for $6 (that's $5 for the disc, and $1 for shipping), or go see one of the bands live to get a copy. A CD release party is being planned right now, taking place around the end of January. More details about that will be coming in the next few weeks.
Radio For Punk Snobs
P.O. Box 1599
Reynoldsburg, Ohio 43068

December 17th, 2003

From December 23rd through January 20th, the Anti-Emo Empire! will be starting one hour earlier at 3pm for a full two hours of broadcast. Be sure not to miss Tuesday December 23rd for the Hardcore/punk Christmas extravaganza!!

Twisted Chords Records relases a ton of MDC stuff, old and new!

MDC "Hey cop! If I had a face like yours..." LP
MDC "Millions of dead cops" Picture-LP
MDC “Chicken squawk” 7”
MDC “Multi Death Corporations” 7”
MDC / Stains “John Wayne was a Nazi” 7”
MDC were and surely still are one of the best, most important and most influential US-hardcore bands of the early 80s. Beside bands like Reagan Youth and Dead Kennedys, MDC stood for political lyrics and a –for that time- new and unused sound: hardcore!

Twisted Chords • reutweg 1a • 76327 pfinztal • fon 0049-7240-36205 •

December 11th, 2003

Hell Bent Records will be releasing the Nausea “Punk Terrorist Anthology Vol 1” on Feb. 17 2004, this is going to be a double LP. The best part about this record other than it being a Nausea record is that the covers are hand silk screened canvas that we are personally making in the basement of our office. Not only that it comes with a Nausea pin and a poster. It is a must have for any fan of punk music.

The Nausea “Punk Terrorist Anthology Vol 1” Double LP is available for pre order now at and the first 100 pre orders will come w/ hand numbered hot pink silk screened canvas covers…..hurry, these are going fast! Interpunk will have another 60 limited with green screened canvas covers. THIS IS THE ONLY OFFICIAL NAUSEA RELEASE!

Taking Pre-Orders now for Nausea "Punk Terrorist Anthology Vol. 1" Double LP/Pin/Poster

Hell Bent Records
Po Box 1529
Point Pleasant Beach NJ 08742 USA
PH: 732-745-1513
FX: 732-879-0430

December 10th, 2003

I just found out that it's NOT the legendary New Haven Saucers that were around in the late 1970's who are playing Cafe Nine this Saturday night. I guess that there is a funky groove rock band from Stamford with the same name... Check out the show if you like the funk!

December 9th, 2003

The Saucers will be playing New Haven on Saturday night at Cafe Nine!

December 7th, 2003

As of January 1st, 2004, Stab & Kill Records (the label known for having released such great bands as BLUE MONDAY, CLOSE CALL, A-TEAM, and many more) will be changing their name to Perfect Victim Records. With two years of hard work, solid releases, and lots of learning under their belts, the label has decided that a less abrasive name will do nothing but help them and their bands.

Perfect Victim Records plans on continuing the growth process in 2004, with their current family of bands, as well as new releases by Florida's ON OUR OWN and Massachusetts's RATTLE BATTLE. 2004 will also see continued partnerships with other labels such as Jamey Jasta's Stillborn Records, from whom Perfect Victim Records will be licensing SUBZERO's forthcoming full length and the debut full length from the highly acclaimed WITH HONOR for release on vinyl. Having teamed up with Invisible Youth PR for both press promotions and retail marketing, 2004 should prove to be the best year yet.

All remaining releases with the Stab & Kill logo will still be sold by Perfect Victim Records, with any repressings carrying the new Perfect Victim branding. Additionally, the label will retain the same contact information and address as Stab & Kill.

December 2nd, 2003

Well it seems that the unveiling of Joey Ramone Place this past Sunday was very eventful. Check out Official for all of the info. Also be sure to
check out some pictures and video of the day on

It seems that everyone now a days is writing a book. Here are two that you might be interested in checking out

The Last Brigade: 20 Songs from 20 Years of Punk Rock -- by Dave Smalley.
The singer for Down By Law, Dag Nasty, All and D.Y.S. shares some of his favorite lyrics from over the years, and tells the story of each one. Softcover only. $12 postpaid (includes shipping costs for U.S. -- international orders, please send address and postage rates will be provided).
Checks should be made out to: C.S. Graphic Design.
Send orders to: Never Surrender Publishing, 1231 Jefferson Davis Highway, PMB #123, Fredericksburg, VA. 22401.
If using PayPal, or for any other questions, please email: Caroline.

'I Shithead, a life in punk' by Joey Shithead Keithley
Joey Shithead Keithley’s new book
, ‘I Shithead, a life in punk’ has just been named as one of the top 25 non fiction books of 2003, by The book has been selling briskly across Canada. I Shithead is due to be released in America this coming April. A German translation version will follow shortly thereafter.

The book has been whipped along by Joey’s spoken word shows, where Joey relates wild and unruly stories from the book, as well as his take on the state of punk and politics in the modern world. This positive punk show went over great on D.O.A.’s recent cross Canada tour, with Joey doubling up with spoken word shows in Montreal, Halifax, Toronto and London, ON. Come and hear him Tuesday in Vancouver.

November 26th, 2003

Taken from Official
On Sunday, November 30, 2003 the City of New York will officially name the corner of Bowery and Second Street "Joey Ramone Place" in a ceremony honoring the late rock music legend. The street sign dedication is the culmination of the efforts of his fans, family, contemporaries, community and the city itself to recognize Joey Ramone's historic achievements and contributions to New York City's music scene.
Check out a lot of links to press about the event on

The Basement Anti-Emo Empire Takeover returned to the airwaves this afternoon. 2 hours, 33 songs, 5 great requests. It was a lot of fun getting together with Kevin for the 2nd time. We will try to do it again over the X-Mas break. Check out the playlist!

November 21st, 2003

The Basement Anti-Emo Empire Takeover returns to WNHU on Wednesday the 26th from 2-4 PM. That's right, I am teaming up with Kevin MacKenzie from The Basement Takeover for the 2nd time this year. Last time it was an end of summer 4 hour bash, this time it will be a two hour Thanksgiving Eve bash.

Saw Sick Of It All at Toad's Place last night. That band has been the tightest, most hard working, energetic band for 15 straight years. They always put on a stellar live show and you get more than your money's worth!! Check out the radio Id's that they were gracious enough to do for the show on the Sounds page.

November 17th, 2003

I wrote this in the wee hours of the morning just after I got home from the show, but did not post it until today 11/17

I just got home from the Soul Brains, Murphy's Law, Red Tape show at Toad's Place. I don't know who opened the show, but they were absolutely terrible. Next up was Red Tape from Burbank, CA and I have to say that I was quite impressed. Fast, old school sounding hc/punk, I loved it and I am looking forward to the band's debut release early next year on Roadrunner Records. Murphy's Law, what can I say that already hasn't been said. It was like my 20th time seeing them and they are always entertaining, never a let down. Jimmy G is 38 years old and he rocks harder than most singers 1/2 his age. The band is just as good, if not better than when I first saw them back in 1986. Now, speaking of let downs, the Soul Brains were actually worse than the opener. The musical portion was right on, rock solid, and what you would expect from these master musicians. HR on the other hand has lost his energy, his ability to entertain, and apparently has lost his mind. Dressed in his finest white sweat pants, inside out with the pockets hanging out and his sox pulled up over them, his slippers and athletic jacket, and his ability to not stand up or put any energy what so ever into singing, this is one of the biggest let downs in my life. I had seen the band a dozen plus times throughout the years, mostly from 1986-1992, and they were always incredible. I even saw HR doing his solo reggae thing at the Anthrax and I loved it. It was passionate and sincere and that is always the thing that is the most important to me. Tonight was a joke and I feel bad for everyone who dropped $20.00 on a ticket, because you were short changed. I mean at one point the entire band walked off of the stage and HR rambled on and on and on and sat behind the drum kit and tried to play, it was embarrassing. I fully respect Dr Know, Daryl Jennifer, and Earl Hudson, but I have lost all respect for HR, and it hurts me to say that,... a lot. On the other hand, if the man has truly lost his mind and needs to be atmitted into a mental hospital, get him off of the streets before he hurts someone or himself...

Check out some pictures from the show. The best one is the last picture on the Soul Brains page, where Mike from The Defcon Five is looking at me like WTF?

I also added some new WNHU and Anti-Emo Empire! ID's that I recently got. Jimmy G from Murphys Law, Jesse Malin from D Generation, Tim Armstrong from Rancid, Ernie from Token Entry, Jason Biggs, Good Charlotte, and Red Tape. Check them out on the Sounds page

November 13th, 2003

Coming soon on Cold Sweat Records

Hardcore from the early days: A 3 way split featuring the
Target Cells, White Pigs, Chronic Disorder
500 on LP ( 200 on coloured) / 750 on CD
When Tim Yo reviewed the TARGET CELLS demo in MRR #15 at the time he called it the “metal” side of hardcore and the guitars were “heavy”. Times have changed so much that these days it would go through as 100% hardcore. Whatever you want to call it, it seriously rages. This demo has never made it onto a disc or vinyl until now.
Fans of Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Nihilistics etc will love it.
The WHITE PIGS are better known, but still a lot of HC fans still don’t know their first EP, which is a great thrasher. First released (1000 copies) in 1984, never repressed and definitely worthwhile re-releasing. Some tracks on this album are from that EP and some are unreleased.
CHRONIC DISORDER needs no introduction, they made quite a name for themselves and they had numerous releases. They even recorded for the legendary Posh Boy records! Their first 2 self financed EP’s are very rare (300 made) and a selection of tracks are included on this LP/CD. As a bonus we have added some live stuff recorded at the legendary CBGB’s. They are still going strong to this day.
Killer artwork (12 page booklet with lots of photo’s, flyers, lyrics etc) and a truly fantastic production/remastering ( done at, Walingford, CT)makes this release a must for the old school hardcore fans...

Rocket From The Tombs are going to be appearing at TT The Bear's on Saturday, Dec 6th (10 Brookline Street, Cambridge, MA 617 492-BEAR) Rocket From The Tombs 11:30pm / US Maple 10:30pm / Unnatural Axe 9:30pm .

If you DO NOT know who Rocket From The Tombs are, here is a brief history lesson for you:

Not to be confused with San Diego-based alternarockers Rocket from the Crypt, Rocket from the Tombs was a mid-'70s Cleveland rock/punk outfit best known as the band that split into two better-known Cleveland punk bands, Pere Ubu and the Dead Boys.
Rocket was formed by a reporter for the weekly Cleveland entertainment newspaper The Scene who went by the name of Crocus Behemoth. Behemoth met Peter Laughner, a guitarist/songwriter who played at many of the same clubs as RFTT as a member of the band Cinderella Backstreet, a now-infamous Cleveland band of which Pretender Chrissie Hynde was briefly a member. Laughner became a fan of Rocket and occasionally joined the band for a song or two. Before long, Laughner and Behemoth became partners, and with the addition of guitarist Gene O'Connor, bassist Craig Bell, and drummer Johnny "Madman" Madansky, Rocket from the Tombs became a fairly stable unit. Playing high-energy rock influenced by the Stooges and Lou Reed (Laughner's hero), RFTT made a name for itself in the Cleveland club scene, as well as opening for touring thud-rock has-beens like Iron Butterfly. In 1975, a scrawny, Iggy-worshipping kid from Youngstown, Ohio named Stiv Bators came to Cleveland and was tried out as lead singer, but he didn't last. Laughner, meanwhile, had met and become friendly with influential rock scribe and fellow gonzo Lester Bangs after sending Bangs a Rocket demo tape that he reviewed favorably for Creem. Soon Laughner was writing for Creem and traveling to New York for a first-hand look at the punk scene at CBGB's. Blown away by Patti Smith and especially Television, Laughner returned to Cleveland only to find that the issue of musical direction was tearing RFTT apart. Within weeks, the band was no more.
Laughner and Behemoth (who at this point was going by his birth name, David Thomas) began Pere Ubu, while Gene O'Connor (now called Cheetah Chrome) and Johnny Madansky (now Johnny Blitz) had wisely remembered to keep Stiv Bators' phone number; they called him up and formed the wonderfully scuzzy Dead Boys. Craig Bell moved to CT and formed the Saucers. Laughner's time as a member of Pere Ubu was short, and by 1976, he was fronting a series of new bands, among them Friction, the Finns, and Peter and the Wolves. Despite this flurry of creativity, which included a good chunk of writing for Creem, Laughner was fueling a substance abuse problem that had reached critical mass, and in 1977 he was dead of liver failure at the age of 25. Both Pere Ubu and the Dead Boys went on to have respectable careers (Ubu more so than the Boys), but the sad legacy of Rocket from the Tombs is that of Peter Laughner, an extremely talented man who didn't live long enough to see his talent rewarded.

The Day the Earth Met the Rocket from the Tombs CD / Double LP

Taken from the Smog Veil Records press release:
Rocket From the Tombs, the Cleveland band that featured a pre-Pere Ubu David Thomas and future members of the Dead Boys, has been hailed by numerous serious rock critics as overlooked punk and new wave forefathers. They never entered a recording studio, however, and for the most part their scant body of demos and live tapes have been heard only by serious collectors, though some were available on the 1990 album Life Stinks (itself hard to find now). The Day the Earth Met the Rocket From the Tombs does not issue every tape known to exist by the group, and is not perfect from the standpoints of fidelity and performance. The 74-minute disc does, however, finally make a reasonably comprehensive document of their work widely available for the first time. The first half is devoted to a February 1975 loft rehearsal, and though the sound is on the muddy side, the performances raw, and the songs on which David Thomas sings lead afflicted by some indistinct vocals, it's a quite powerful fusion of hard rock, metal, and art rock that in retrospect can be seen to contain some seeds of American punk. Particularly edgy are an early version of "30 Seconds Over Tokyo" (redone to famous effect by Pere Ubu) and the nearly out-of-control "Life Stinks," though the standout number is the unexpectedly melodic, lyrically desperate "Ain't It Fun." The next seven songs, from one of their final shows in July 1975, boast better (though not outstanding) fidelity, and some of their most innovative compositions ("Final Solution" and "Sonic Reducer"), as well as the arcane Velvet Underground cover "Foggy Notion" (at that time impossible to find even on bootleg). Thomas doesn't sing lead on any of the July 1975 numbers but does on all three of the final selections, taken from a May 1975 show, including the future Dead Boys staple "Down in Flames" (with a downright avant-garde instrumental section) and a cover of "Search & Destroy." There are shortcomings to Rocket From the Tombs: some of the songs leaned too heavily on heavy metal and simple outrage, and for all the notoriety attached to the band because of the Pere Ubu and Dead Boys connections, their best moments were actually the more sensitive reflections on troubled youth by Peter Laughner. And there are some imperfections to the package in that it doesn't include all the known Rocket From the Tombs tapes, the excerpts seemingly selected so as not to repeat any song twice (it's also unfortunate that the loft cover of the Rolling Stones' "Satisfaction" fades out almost as soon as it starts). Yet, in all, this is a release of considerable historical importance and definite musical worth, enhanced by lengthy and knowledgeable liner notes.

October 30th, 2003

Added some pictures from a few shows that I attended recently. Temptress and Nasty Disaster at Alchemy from the 29th and 3 Finger Demon at Cafe Nine from the 23rd. There is also a very silly picture of me dressed up for the show on the 29th!

Happy Halloween!

October 14th, 2003

D.O.A. 25th Anniversary

D.O.A., Canada's most influential punk rock band, is beginning the celebration of their 25th Anniversary. Having influenced a couple of generations of punks and musicians and made a big impact on underground "people power" politics, D.O.A.will mark the occasion in a couple of special ways. Sudden Death Records (Canada's punk godfather Joey Shithead Keithley's own record label) will release the definitive D.O.A. album "War and Peace" a 26 track compilation of D.O.A.'s greatest recorded moments. War and Peace starts at the roots with "Disco Sucks", "The Enemy" and "Liar For Hire" right through to their modern blitzkrieg sound of "Dead Men Tell No Tales" and "Just Say No To The WTO".

D.O.A. will blast through live shows with their new rock solid lineup of Joey, The Great Baldini on drums and new bassist Damned Dan Yaremko (Econoline Crush, Bif Naked). This fall, Shithead's first book "I, Shithead, a life in punk" will be out on Arsenal Pulp Press. It is a definitive and raunchy look at punk and the spread of counter culture throughout western society. Sudden Death Records will also release this fall "Let's Start The Action" an electronic tribute to D.O.A. performed by 20 different artists from around the world and inspired by the anti-globalization movement. As well, Sudden Death has recently re-released D.O.A.'s first two albums "Something Better Change" and "Hardcore 81", recently picked as two of the top five Canadian punk rock albums of all time, by AMP Magazine. A full length documentary on D.O.A. "Talk-Action=0" is being developed by film maker Marcus Rogers (The Widower).

D.O.A. has travelled a long, tough road, that has taken them around the world and the raw energy continues. The band has never been more active, having recently released their second DVD, D.O.A.'s "Greatest Shits" and a split album with metal legend Thor ("Are U Ready"). Recently Mayor Larry Campbell of Vancouver declared December 21st to be " D.O.A. Day" in Vancouver. The band has also been featured in punk and political books published around the world. Come join in the power and non compromise that is D.O.A.

D.O.A. 25th Anniversary Tour/Joey Keithley Spoken Word Tour/I,Shithead Book Launch

October 13th, 2003

This is Sasha Tankovich from Russian-language beer-punk band THE PAUKI (THE SPIDERS).
We have recently released our compilation (1000 copies!) of the best songs from 1996 to 2001 "THE PAUKI: IS THAT WHAT YOU EXPECTED?". The compilation includes 19 songs from 5 albums!
The price of the CD is 5$/euro (if you order 3+ CDs the price is 3$/euro).
You can also purchase other albums of THE PAUKI (5$/euro):
1. THE PAUKI "The Dragon Tooth" 1997 (12 tr; 43 min; Rus. language)
2. THE PAUKI "The Pauki: Is That What You Expected?" 1996-2001 (19 tr; 74 min; Rus. language)
3. THE PAUKI "Through" 2002 (12 tr; 33 min; Rus. language)
You can check out all detail on our website You can listen to 30 of our greatest hits in section MUSIC.
196641, P.O.BOX 86
If you are interested you can write me to:

Hellcat Pictures presents a You've Got Bad Taste Production, Live Freaky!, Die Freaky!. An epic motion picture of puppet proportions. Produced by Tim Armstrong. Written and directed by John Roecker. Creepy crawling to you December 2003.

October 2nd, 2003

Got a last minute phone call from WNHU to fill in on Wednesday evening. Check out the playlist.

Right after the show, I went to Alchemy to check out The Defcon Five, The Lamb Bombs, and The Disaster Party. It was one incredible show. Check out the Pics that I posted!!

Also, props to Skratch Magazine, who very graciously apologized and immediately added my name for photo credit for the Threats picture with the interview that I mentioned below...

September 29th, 2003

Well, it looks like Skratch Magazine from CA published one of my pictures with their Threats interview. I wasn't credited, but what else is new? Check it out:

September 16th, 2003

Stab And Kill Records will be releasing Subzero's Necropolis, City of the Damned EP as a 12" record. Subzero is back and have released this killer EP on Stillborn Records. Not only is the music on this release awesome NYHC that you would expect from these veterans, but the artwork is amazing as well, thanks to Dave Quiggle. We hope to have this record out the door by November when the band starts touring in support of the record.

JOE STRUMMER AND THE MESCALEROS "Streetcore" is due out on October 21st, and it looks like Epitaph are going to have THREE songs up and streaming off of this record. You can hear "Coma Girl" right now at the link below, and next week we'll have "Get Down Moses" up for you to hear.

September 15th, 2003

Man oh man, a lot went on the past week or so. I am sure that you all already heard about the Friday September 12th deaths of Johnny Cash and John Ritter. Both men were legends in their fields and will truly be missed. Anyone who has never heard a Johhny Cash song or saw an episode of Three's Company, must live in a cave. Check out the In Memory page for my recent Johnny Cash addition!

This past Saturday the 13th I went to the Let's Get Furious tribute to the Furors cd release party at Aunt Chilada's in Hamden. There were some killer performances by a bunch of the artists on the cd and a great set from the Furors. The old school were out in full force and I had the pleasure to meet members of The Poodle Boys, The Saucers, The Stratford Survivors, and the Subdudes. They all appear in one form or another on the let's Get Furious cd. It's a 2 cd set featuring 38 bands and I highly reccomend that you check it out.

Monty Pythons Eric Idle on The Greedy Bastard Tour another stupid evening... will be coming to New Haven Saturday, October 18th at the Shubert Theater. Check out ALL of the tour dates here.
In the Spring of 2000 Eric Idle toured North America with Eric Idle Exploits Monty Python, a very silly evening of sketches and songs ripped off or entirely stolen from the sacred canon of the semi-legendary British comedy troupe.
He played 31 gigs to over 50,000 people.
At the end of every show the entire audience rose to its feet. And then left.
Now he's back on the road with The Greedy Bastard Tour.
Described as an evening of songs, skits and skirts, the semi-legendary quasi-entertainer will be on the road from October 2nd in Rutland (get it?), Vermont till December 20th in LA.
Accompanying him will be John Du Prez, Nigel Spasm, the Bruces, Sir Dirk McQuickly of The Rutles, Peter Crabbe, Jennifer Julian and some mystery guests.
The show will feature new material from his latest Rutland Isles CD as well as old Python favorites, and there will of course be lots of very rude sing-along opportunities.

August 29th, 2003

I Want to thank Kevin from the Basement Takeover for letting me co-host his four hour show with him this afternnon. It was a blast! Besides the requests, we played all punk/hardcore cover songs. Check out the playlist. Four hours, sixty four songs, 19 requests fulfilled...

We recorded the entire show onto cassette, so if you missed it and would like a copy, feel free to contact Kevin or myself!

August 28th, 2003

Went to Alchemy in New Haven last night. What a great show!
Local greats The Disaster Party opened up, and I had the opportunity to rock out with them for the very 1st time. Check out their web site!
Next up was NYC's Temptress. All I can say is Temptress are to Rock N' Roll what Wayne/Jane County And The Electric Chairs are to Punk Rock! You need to check these guys/gals out.
Headlining the evening was The Deuce Freely Band. Unfortunately I was no able to stay for the entire set, but what I saw was fun. In memory of the 10 Anniversary of G.G. Allin's death, they played mostly G.G. covers.

Check out some pics I took of all of the bands on the Pics page!

August 25th, 2003

Went to the Fiend Fest at Toad's Place on friday night and all I can say is that it was incredible. D.I. opened the show and played pretty much all songs from the 1st three albums. Balzac were up next and they played a solid set of Misfit's-esque punk and being that they are from Japan, you can sense how humble they were to be on the tour and having the opportunity to play the Fiend Fest. Agnostic Front were next, they played a great mix of Victim In Pain songs and some of their newer Epitaph albums material. They threw in a very impressive cover of Cock Sparrer's "Take Em' All". A few songs into the set Roger invited all of the girls in the crowd to come up onto the stage and it was nuts. There were like 40-50 girls lining the front of the stage for two entire songs. It was one of many moments that I wished I could have captured on film, but I only brought my digital camera with a 2X zoom, so I literally would have had to have been in the front 5 rows to capture it. The Dickies were up next and they were just as good as when I saw them at the Anthrax back in 1987, if not even better. Tight snakeskin pants, plenty of puppets and props, as well as jokes between songs, these guys never get boring. From Eve Of Destruction, the band's 1st single to the more recent My Pop The Cop, they kicked serious ass!!!!!!! The Damned played next and all I can say is Damn!! My friend Andrew got a copy of the band's set list and it looked something like this:
Just Can't Be Happy Today
See Her Tonite
Street Of Dreams
13th Floor
History Of The World
Neat Neat Neat
Smash It Up
They played an encore but the song escapes me right now. Then up were Jerry Only, Dez Cadena, and Marky Ramone. Besides for the few 1950's covers that they played from the new Misfits Project 1950 cd, it was pretty much the same set as when they came around as the Misfits 25th Anniversary tour last year.I had high expectations of getting radio ID's from all of the bands, but I had such a great time hanging out and enjoyed the show so much that I put business aside and kicked back and soaked it all in. I did though manage to get some digital photos of the show which you can check out on the pictures page.
It's not too often that I can say ALL of the bands were great, and it's rarely ever the case that you get the opportunity to see 2 bands that started in the late 1970's, three that started in the ealry 1980's, and one more recently formed band from Japan! Toad's Place claims to be "Where The Legends Play" and that was certainly the case last Friday night!!!!!

Well, this coming week marks the end of the summer and the end of my 2 hour 3-5 slot. On Friday the 29th, I am going to be joining Kevin and the Basement Takeover form noon to 4 and we are going to bombard the airwaves with our end of summer bash. Kevin and I will be dueling dj's for 4 hours and I highly reccomend that you tune in, it is going to be one hell of a time!

From Dr. Strange Records
The brand NEW Skulls cd “The Golden Age of Piracy” is out! Well, at least WE have them in and for sale. It’s officially out September 9th but you can be the first on your block to own, what is in MY opinion, one of the BEST Punk Rock releases of the year. For those of that loved their first full length “Therapy For the Shy” I promise you this one is even better. Don’t believe me? Then go to the web site to sample a few songs.
This release will also be on very limited vinyl. We’re just waiting on the sleeves. Keep checking your e-mail updates. They will go FAST (I mean FAST!). (sorry no pre-orders).We’ve also added Skulls t-shirts to our website. click on “Catalog” and then t-shirts.
Also, speaking of limited Skulls vinyl, do yourself a favor and check out the new Skulls website. It’s awesome. And when you
sign up you will be entered to win FREE stuff. “Possibly” one of the limited to 100 leather bound Skulls lp….

“The Skulls straight ahead Punk Rock is inspiring” -Al Quint/Suburban Voice

August 22nd, 2003

This is from an email that I received today from Alternative Tentacles Records:


Dear Friends and fellow Wesleynauts,
We are deeply saddened to report that one of our artists, Wesley Willis passed away yesterday, Thursday, August 21st. Wesley will be greatly missed by all that had the privilege to know him, as well as the fans who have been fortunate enough to experience his genius.
Wesley was diagnosed with Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia (CML) at the end of 2002, and had to undergo emergency surgery on June 2nd to identify the source of, and to suppress internal bleeding. It is not clear if this bleeding was related to his leukemia or not, and the exact cause of death is still unknown. Wesley had been recovering at a Hospice in Illinois, and since the surgery his health had declined.
His songs were simultaneously disturbing, hilarious, blunt, and intoxicating. Wesley's sheer excitement and unaffected honesty about every cultural phenomenon defined his music as truly individual, and truly punk rock. Wesley released well over 50 albums--three of which are on Alternative Tentacles, and a fourth, entitled "Wesley Willis Greatest Hits, Vol. 3" (CD) had already been scheduled for release in October of this year.
For more information on Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia, please visit

A letter from one of his biggest fans, Jello Biafra:

We lost Wesley Willis some time before 9PM Chicago time August 21, 2003. Word is he died peacefully. The likely cause may be heart failure. Wes had been battling leukemia for less than a year.
No services are planned as of yet. There will probably be a memorial concert, or at least a gathering in his honor in Chicago in the near future. We will let you know.
Wesley will go down as one of the most unique songwriters and entertainment personalities in history. His music, lyrics, drawings, insight and the way he put them together are like no one else. Ever. There will never be another.
As I got to know Wes, what really struck me was his sheer will power, his unrelenting drive to succeed and over come his horrifically poor background, child abuse, racism, chronic schizophrenia and obesity among other things. He was the most courageous person I have ever known.
Yet through it all he had such a deep, all-encompassing love of life. Little things, big things. He loved bus rides. He loved watching trains. He loved writing songs about how much he loved his friends. He loved travelling to new towns so he could headbutt new friends. Is there any band he saw that escaped being in their own song about how much he loved their show? He was so warm, so sweet, so giving. He could be a handful when he came to visit; but as soon as he left, we'd miss him immediately.
As his long time friend Dennis Cooper said, "No More Demons." The voices in Wesley's head can't yell at him and put him down any more.
Wes was deeply religious. He was afraid that if he died he would no longer get to go see bands play. If there is a hereafter I hope he's right up front as Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn, his beloved Otis Redding and his dear friend Bradley from Sublime "storm the stage" as the crowd "roars like a sea monster." All opening for Wesley, of course.
It will be hard now that he's gone, but I'm not going to let myself stop enjoying the funny stuff, or the look on people's faces when they first hear "Rock n Roll McDonalds," or the memories of the good times and Wesley's many adventures. He wouldn't want it any other way.
There are many down times when all I have to do is think of one of Wes's songs, something he said or simply marvel at his Wesley-isms, and the clouds part and a smile comes to my face. I think he does that for a lot of people. He always will.
Rock over London
Rock on Chicago
Sail on, Wes. I love you.
Jello Biafra
For more info and MP3's:

August 9th, 2003

This was sent to me today by REDUCERS producer Richard "I'm working on it" Brukner for immediate publication:
As you know, the boys are celebrating their 25th anniversary with a free blowout show at Ocean Beach Park in New London on August 23. We were scratching our collective heads about what to do to make the night extra special and I think we got it.
We've thrown around the idea of putting together a live record for years and I'm proud to say that the first copies of The Reducers new CD will be for sale at the Ocean Beach show.
The CD is called OLD CONS and it's a collection of live performances of fan favorites going way back to 1981. Which fan favorites? OLD CONS collects 14 cover tunes - the songs you thought The Reducers wrote but were afraid to ask (cuz you were probably too busy doing The Pogo). It's a great line up of tracks and I'll send the track list soon along with some cover art to whet everyone's appetite.
After the show we'll make the CD available online and in better record shops, but we hope everyone can make it to the show and pick up a copy in person. It should be a great night!.
Check the web site for track listing, cover art and more news about the 25th Anniversary gig at Ocean Beach Park on August 23rd.

Upcoming Gigs

August 23rd
(Saturday) Ocean Beach Park, New London, CT (25th Anniversary show!)

September 5th
(Friday) Boats, Books, and Brushes Festival, New London, CT

This has got to be the best article that I Have read in years
Warped Irony
by Mike Sembos - August 7, 2003

August 6th, 2003

Had the opportunty to fill in for Jessica and "Search And Destroy" this afternoon. I will be filling in again for her next Wednesday the 13th as well. Check out the Playlist!

July 31st, 2003

Added a brand new pictures page, check it out...

T.S.O.L. Frontman Running For Governor Of California

July 30th, 2003

Taken from the CHEAP SEX web site
TOUR UPDATE: Members of CHEAP SEX were involved in a major accident on Friday July 25. Lead guitarist, Johnnny O. is in critical condition in the hospital with a torn aorta to his heart. and two other members suffered minor injuries. A pickup truck filled with cinder blocks was parked on the side of an exit off a freeway in Harrisburg, PA. unattended, and the trailer holding the bands equipment hit the truck. The van started spinning out of control, and then get hit by a semi which did not stop at all, he kept going. The van flipped on its side, and the windows shattered in the van, the cinder blocks from the pickup truck flew in the van one of which hit John in the chest hard enough to tear his aorta which is the main artery to your heart. Glass went everywhere. We are all hoping for John's speedy recovery, and that the mess can be sorted out in Harrisburg, PA and that the band returns safely home. Needless to say, the band will not be able to play any of the east coast dates of the tour. Hopefully everyone will be ok, and the band will come back to tour the east coast in the near future. .

July 29th, 2003

War Machine Records NEWS - 6.26.03
Much to the surprise from us at War Machine we are sad to announce the end of NJ's Survivors. They announced the news last Sat. at the Death by Stereo / Over My Dead Body show and was quite a huge downer for everyone. In their 5 year history The Survivors have released a full length, an ep.and a 7" in addition, to the split CD/7" with A.New Enemy for War Machine. They will be playing 2 more shows in NJ before they are completely finished.

July 24th, 2003

Added all of the 2001 Playlists to the Playlists page and a bunch more band links to the Links page...

July 10th, 2003

Had the pleasure to atttend this show yesterday: July 9th Woodbury Ski Area, 785 Washington Road, Woodbury, Connecticut, The Threats with No Regard, Down For The Count, Silenced Sin, Good Times, and Under Investigation. I had never seen the Threats before and all I can say is that they kicked my fuckin' ass! They have an incredible live sound and live show and were four of the nicest guys that I have ever met. All of the bands were great and pretty much all of them gave me a cd to play on upcoming shows. I brought the digital camera and you can check out the pictures here...

July 8th, 2003

My friend Joe Snow and I teamed up this afternnon to bring you an all CT band show, featuring bands and recordings spanning from 1978 through 1986. The response was pretty damn cool and Joe made some new connections to get his hands on more out of print and rare CT band's recordings. If all goes well, we may plan a follow up show later in the year. Check out a picture of us at the station. If you used to play in an older CT band or have copies of old CT records and/or contacts to members of old CT punk bands, feel free to contact
Joe Snow
28 Culvert City Rd.
New Milford, CT.

My good friend Bart had the pleasure to see Youth Of Today this past weekend on their European reunion tour. Check out this picture of him hangin' with Ray and sporting my dad's companies t-shirt...He posted all of his pictures here.

July 1st , 2003

Next Tuesday, July 8th, I am going to have a special guest in the studio with me. A great friend of mine, Joe, is going to join me and the show is going to specialize in CT hardcore/punk only. It is going to be a show not to miss. Joe has an enormous record collection and I am confident that the bands and the songs that he chooses will blow our minds.
Youth Of Today have reunited for a short European tour which they are on right now. Check out some pictures that people have been posting from the shows.

June 20th , 2003

We are shocked that the California State Court of Appeals has denied our appeal in an unpublished opinion, and sent the dispute back to San Francisco Superior Court for further hearings. Those hearings will give us an opportunity to prove facts different from those claimed by the other ex-Dead Kennedys. So, unfortunately, this dispute is far from over. We are far from giving up. Stay tuned.
Sadly this means we need your support now more than ever. If interested, please help us out through the Alternative Tentacles Legal Defense Fund.

June 10th , 2003

Added some more band and friend links
Kevin from the Basement Takeover, Friday's 2-4 PM on 88.7 WNHU asked me to fill in for him this Friday the 13th of June while he is having some minor surgery performed. I am honored that he picked me and I am also very excited to be able to have a two hour show in addition to my regular Tuesday show. Email Kevin at The Basement Takeover and show him some love and support! I may be filling in for him again on 6/20 if his recovery time runs longer than expected.
Also, it is looking like the girl who is presently on Tuesdays from noon to 2pm may be changing to Mondays. If this happens, and this would be for the summer time only, Mark, from Shock and Awe will spin form noon to 3 pm and The Anti-Emo Empire! will spin from 3-5 pm every Tuesday until the new semester starts at UNH in the fall. Keep your finger's crossed!!!!

New releases on Twisted Chords Records:

[MDC were and surely still are one of the best, most important and most influential US-hardcore bands of the early 80s. Beside bands like Reagan Youth and Dead Kennedys, MDC stood for political lyrics and a –for that time- new and unused sound: hardcore! We`ve re-released the first three MDC EPs, that have been sold out for years:]

tc035 MDC “Chicken squawk” 7” • 2,10 Euro
The third single from 1984 was originally released by Radical Records. This 7” has one of the most important and most uncommon MDC songs “Chicken Squawk” on it. On the b-side it goes on in the usual MDC style with following songs: “Kleptomaniac” and “Pecking order”. This record also offers the original artwork with a big posterfoldcover including all lyrics and political information. More to say?

tc034 MDC “Multi Death Corporations” 7” • 2,10 Euro
Here is the second MDC single being published in 1983 on Crass Records. It presents four great punk songs with political lyrics: ”Multi Death Corporations”, “Selfish shit”, “Radioactive Chocolate” and “No place to piss”. We also took over the original artwork, the big posterfoldcover and all lyrics. Do not miss one of the most essential MDC records…

tc033 MDC / Stains “John Wayne was a Nazi” 7” • 2,10 Euro
The very first MDC single from 1981 comes out in the original artwork with a coloured cover. Dave, Mike, Ron and Alshivitz then formed the band. On the a-side is the first version of “John Wayne was a Nazi” and the b-side presents the great song “Born to die”. The single was released by the legendary Radical Records label and it hasn’t been rereleased since that time. One of the best, most rare and most important records of US-hardcore is again available!
twisted chords • reutweg 1a • 76327 pfinztal • Germany•

June 5th , 2003

Updated the 2002 playlists. Added lists for May 7th through August 13th, which now completes the entire year of 2002. Still working on finding the lists for 2001 and hope to have them up on the site in the near future.
Also linked some more bands that we play on the show whose sites I came across in my web travels.

June 3rd , 2003

Hey all! The Unseen's new record is coming out June 3rd in stores. It is called 'Explode' and has 12 fast and furious anthems for you to sink your ears into. We're really proud of this album, its our best stuff to date, so make sure you check it out!
If you would like to recieve the album a week before everyone else does and get a free patch, check out for more info!
Also, goto our website for updated tour info and to download tracks from the new album!
-Paul Unseen

June 2nd , 2003

I want to thank Mark, a great kid and DJ from WNHU who filled in for me on May 20th and May 27th while I was away. I had every intention on pre-recording my show like I did in the past when I was away, but things got too crazy and I just did not have the time to do so. I am going to get the playlists from Mark and have them posted hopefully by the end of the week. I am truly looking forward to returning to the airwaves and doing the show tomorrow.

May 6th, 2003

Greg Ginn talks about a possible Black Flag reunion and Resurrection of SST Records. Read all about it at Mean Street Magazine

April 24th, 2003

Dr Strange News
Out Now!

THE THREATS: "Demos and Rarities". This 27 song cd features NEVER before released songs and different versions of all the classic old Threats songs from the early 80's as well as the "official" releases (Rondelet Records). This is the stuff that made the Threats truly one of the finest in their league. You can listen to a couple samples if you'd like and get the track listing on-line and click on "Label" and/or "News". And since you're getting "Demos and Rarities" pick up the NEW Threats cd "12 Punk Moves". In my opinion, their best release EVER!!!!

GOVERNMENT ISSUE: In addition to the Threats cd we also got in GOVERNMENT ISSUE'S CD "Strange Wine". This has been remastered by the "man" himself; Tom Lyle. It sounds so much better than the original release. And to top that off, this one (unlike the original release) includes the ENTIRE show and three never before released studio songs! You'd be a god damn fool not to get this one. Listen to a couple songs for free by going to the web site and click on "News".

April 15th, 2003

D.O.A. and THOR release Are U Ready CD
In stores April 21st

Legendary punk pioneers D.O.A. and legendary metal artist THOR have teamed up to release a 12 song CD entitled Are U Ready. The songs are all about sports, power, glory and mayhem. Leading off this dynamic union of roaring rock is the D.O.A. track “Are U Ready”. The powerhouse Vancouver Canucks have been playing the tune at home games to rev up the crowd and the team. So this powerful CD has been released in time for the drive to the Stanley Cup.

“Are U Ready” has also been adopted as the theme song in the restoration of the memory of the Vancouver Millionaires (Stanley Cup Champions 1915).

This CD is a co-release on Canada’s punk godfather Joey Shithead Keithley’s Sudden Death Records and THOR’s record label ThorToen. It is distributed by Vancouver’s Scratch Records.

On this CD THOR crushes everything in his path. He has only gotten stronger with the passage of time; this is evidenced by power anthems like “Call of the Triumphant”, “Gladiator Stomp” and “The Challenge”. THORS music is bruising, infectious and guaranteed to get U Ready.

D.O.A. is well known for its place in mixing rock and hockey. D.O.A. could be considered the originators of puck rock, starting with their great hockey video for “Taking Care of Business”. D.O.A. also roughs you up with songs like “Dead Men Tell No Tales”, “Beat ‘Em Bust “Em” and “I Am Canadian”. It is a non stop parade to the penalty box.

This collection will surely mow down all that get in its way. See you in the finals. Oh, by the way, keep your head up on the blue line.