October 17th, 2006

Last call at New York's CBGB's punk bar
EDWARD J. CROWDER / Connecticut Post Online
Article Launched:10/15/2006 04:44:12 AM EDT

It may be that CBGB's punk rock heyday had already passed by the time Tom Andrukevich first stepped inside 30 years ago.
In 1976, Television, Patti Smith and the other acts that had made it the most famous dive bar in Manhattan had already been signed.
But even then a suburban kid like Andrukevich could walk into the Bowery bar, which closes forever today, and rub shoulders with Joey Ramone.
"All of the Ramones except for the drummer were there," recalls Fairfield resident Andrukevich, 47, of that first visit to CBGB to see the Dead Boys. "Lenny Kaye was there, David Johansen — the first time I went there, all those people were still hanging out."

Like many drawn to the music scene that had formed around CBGB, and Max's Kansas City across town, Andrukevich was deeply affected. Within two years he would form the Stratford Survivors — named after his hometown — and take the stage at CBGB himself, the first of a dozen gigs he's played there with various bands.
"It was still a very local phenomenon — not many kids in my school knew about it. It was still pretty much off the beaten path," said Andrukevich, who still figures into the local music scene as bass player for the Zambonis.

In the ensuring 30 years CBGB would go from a low-rent boozemill at 315 Bowery — Manhattan's version of Skid Row — to a tourist attraction, a point of pilgrimage for anyone interested in rock 'n' roll history.

Its closure today comes after a lengthy and well-publicized landlord-tenant dispute marked by intervention of well-known musicians such as Little Stephen van Zandt of Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band.

Chip Anderson recalls taking Metro-North from Bridgeport with his sister to see the Ramones at CBGB in the mid-'70s.
"It was packed to the ceilings," said Anderson, 48, who comes from Stratford and now lives in North Carolina. "Back then the Ramones weren't always as tight as they should have been. Sometimes they would start two different songs at the same time and they'd start to fight — Dee Dee would throw down his bass and Johnny would jump in."

It wasn't long before Anderson, too, started rounding up friends for a band. By 1977 they'd formed Epitome, considered by some to be the first Connecticut punk band.
"I think, the truth be known, anybody who ever went to CB's at least thought about starting a band," said Anderson, who now plays bass for South Carolina-based Cartoon Factory.

CBGB was founded in 1973 by entrepreneur Hilly Kristal in a neighborhood best known at the time for its homeless population Its full name is CBGB & OMFUG, which stands for "Country, Bluegrass and Blues and Other Music For Uplifting Gourmands."

It turned out to be a poor, perhaps ironic, choice of names. Kristal's vision changed fatefully in 1974 when the proto-punk band Television talked their way onstage, soon to be followed by other early punk acts including the Ramones, the Patti Smith Group, Blondie and Talking Heads, to name a few.
The word "punk" was not yet in widespread currency and a notorious British band, the Sex Pistols, had yet to encapsulate the leather-and-spikes look that became associated with the genre. The scene at CB's was well established by the time the Pistols played there in 1977.

"The music at CBGB's in those early years was very diverse — there was no one way to dress, there was no one punk sound. It wasn't defined yet," recalls Andrukevich. "It was just kind of an arty crowd. There was no slamdancing, there was no real dancing, it was just too cool of a crowd."

A decade later CBGB became the center of New York's nascent hardcore scene, and has remained an important stop on the city's local music circuit.
Punk poet Smith and her longtime guitarist, Lenny Kaye, are booked for closing night. Blondie's Debbie Harry and the Bronx-punk band the Dictators were on the schedule for Saturday's show. The Ramones, the band most closely associated with CBGB, is defunct after the deaths of three of its four founding members in the last five years.
Kristal, 74, has said he plans to move the club far from its Bowery roots with a new CBGB's in Las Vegas.

"I always said Hilly should go to Vegas," said punk rock historian and Cheshire native Legs McNeil. "Girls with augmented breasts playing Joey Ramone slot machines. It would become an institution."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

August 11th, 2006

H20 Interview!

I conducted an interview with Toby Morse, lead singer of NYC's H20 which will air Monday night, August 14th at 9PM EST! After being on hiatus for a short while, the band just released a new DVD, are in the process of writing and recording a new album and will be playing a handful of shows on the east coast with Rancid as well as their own headlining gig at CBGB's in mid August

Remember WNHU has a live stream, so you can listen in from anywhere in the world! Monday nights from 8-11 PM EST!

ALSO, very important!
The week of September 4th, The Anti-Emo Empire! will be moving to Thursday nights. Same time 8-11 PM EST!

August 8th, 2006

Tons of new pictures!

Check out the Pictures page for a bunch of new live photos!

Friday July 28th, Bill Collins and Rocket From The Tombs and Wednesday August 2nd, No Image and Retching Red. Both shows were at
Café 9, New Haven, CT

August 7th, 2006

WNHU is online only for the next few days!

The transmitter at WNHU crapped out last week and the radio station has been off of the air since Tuesday night (8/1). A brand new and long overdue transmitter is on it's way and WNHU should be back on the 88.7 FM airwaves again any day now. If you are a local listener, please tune in via the live web stream at http://www.wnhu.net for the time being. All of your favorite shows are still on live to listen to and make requests to, so don't miss out!

It's been a rough few weeks for WNHU staff and DJ's, so be sure to call and email in requests to your favorite shows!!

July 25th, 2006

Posted some new live pics today...

The Secretions, The Teenage Harlets and The Danglers @ Café 9, New Haven, CT from Thursday July 20th, 2006

and Broken from Ideatstock @ Pitkin Plaza, New Haven, CT from Friday June 16th, 2006

Check out the Pictures page!

July 19th, 2006

Interview with Craig Bell (bassist) of Rocket From The Tombs to air Monday July 24th at 9PM EST!

This is one interview not to miss!
If you are not familiar with RFTT check out these sites for a brief history lesson...



Rocket From The Tombs! with be playing along with Bill Collins on
Fri July 28th at Café Nine, 250 State Street, New Haven, CT (21+)

July 6th, 2006


After over 30 years, the legendary rock club CBGB will be closing for good on September 30th, 2006.

CB's, as it is universally and fondly known, opened its doors in 1973, making it NYC's oldest continuously-operating rock venue. Owner Hilly Kristal originally intended the club to showcase country, bluegrass and blues (hence the acronym), but the lack of places for unsigned bands to perform in New York at the time made CB's a magnet for the punk and art-rock scenes that were emerging downtown. Throughout the 70's, such seminal artists as The Ramones, Talking Heads, Blondie, The Patti Smith Group, Television and Suicide performed at CB's regularly, and the club served as an incubator for what would become the most influential music of the era.

When punk metamorphosed into hardcore in the 80's, CB's remained on the city's cutting edge, offering a home for The Gorilla Biscuits, Agnostic Front, The Cro-Mags, Sick Of It All, H20, Murphy's Law, Leeway and the other pillars of the NYHC movement.

As the New York nightlife industry grew bigger and more cutthroat in the 90's, CB's remained an endearingly stubborn throwback, sticking firm to the open-door booking policy that first welcomed its inaugural class of rebels - whoever you are, whatever you do, your band can play at CBGB. In a downtown scene increasingly governed by fashion and status, CB's has zealously adhered to the formula that made it meaningful, by refusing to apply stylistic filters to its bookings, welcoming all comers to sink or swim on their own merits.

A much-publicized altercation with their landlord in mid-2005 led to an a star-studded benefit concert in Washington Square Park, and even Mayor Bloomberg vocally led his support to the little club that had developed, over the decades, into a globally-recognized cultural institution.

However, despite the universal outpouring of love, and numerous attempts to resolve the matter legally, Krystal has been unable to arrive at terms with the building's owner, and a three-decade musical legacy will come to an end in just a few short months.

Fittingly, steadfastly independent New York concert promoters Rocks Off have signed on to book CBGB's closing festival, set to take place throughout August and September. They are in touch with many of the artists who made CB's famous, and are hard at work putting together a final schedule that will do justice to the club's enduring impact in the many varieties of rock and roll it has helped to cultivate throughout the years.

Until the final schedule is announced, all press inquiries can be directed to Bill Stites, at (212) 571-3304, or bill@rocksoff.com.

July 3rd, 2006


Let's Rock Again! a film made by Joe and Dick Rude is being released next week. This is Strummer's final message to the world, a story about never giving up. To see the trailer and for more info on how you can help please visit,

Minutemen Documentary "We Jam Econo" out on DVD NOW!!
Scroll down to April 27th news for more info and link!

When Freedom Dies are looking for a guitar player. If you are interested in trying out, contact Dave Campo at whenfreedomdies@yahoo.com

June 23rd, 2006

Great News! All ten of the interviews that I have conducted over the past few years are now hosted on the WNHU web site for everyone to listen to. I cannot even begin to explain the amount of people who have contacted me saying that they missed an interview when it originally aired and want to check it out. Well now you can... twenty four hours a day, seven days a week at WNHU.net. Choose AUDIO ARCHIVES and The Anti-Emo Empire has it's own page with a list to pick from.

Here is a list of the interviews from most recent to oldest:
Anthony "CIV" Civarelli from Gorilla Biscuits. Conducted 5/16/06 Aired 5/22/06
Chris Jones and Dylan Roy from Verbal Assault. Conducted 4/11/06 Aired 5/1/06
Danny Slam from America's Hardcore. Conducted 4/4/06 Aired 4/17/06
Dave Markey from We Got Power Films and SIN 34. Conducted 1/23/06 Aired 2/6/06
Jason Hall from Western Addiction. Conducted 1/24/06 Aired 1/30/06
Eddie Sutton from Leeway. Conducted 1/17/06 Aired 1/23/06
Orlandito "Dito" Montiel from Major Conflict. Conducted 1/10/06 Aired 1/16/06
Dave Campo and Kevin Bobbins from When Freedom Dies. Conducted live in the studio on 12/26/05
Katon W. DePena of Hirax. Conducted 11/9/04 Aired 11/29/04
Jim Martin and Gerry Stopper from Broken. Conducted 8/18/04 Aired 8/24/04

I have been the WNHU Punk Director for the past 2 1/2 years and I am proud to say that you can now view the weekly Punk Top 10 on the WNHU web site!

I will not be able to do my radio show on Monday 6/26, but not to fret... Fred from the Graveyard Shift will be filling in for me. Be sure to tune in and show Fred some love. Fred is on the WNHU airwaves every Thursday night from 11PM to midnight! I will return live on Monday 7/3 with a ton of new stuff to bombard you with!!

June 2nd, 2006
I find this damn amusing!!!!

May 24th, 2006
The Playlist from yesterday's show when I co-hosted on One Man's Opinion!

Anti-Emo Jeff's opinion!
Tuesday May 23rd, 2006

Laverne & Shirley Sing / I'm Walkin' / Laverne & Shirley Sing / Atlantic Records
Lenny & Squiggy Present Lenny And The Squigtones / Vamp On - Night After Night / Lenny And The Squigtones / Casablanca Records
Scott Baio / Some Girls / The Boys Are Out Tonight / RCA Records
Danny Bonaduce / I'll Be Your Magician / Danny Bonaduce / Lion Records
The Brady Bunch / Yo-Yo Man / Phonographic Album / MCA Records
Donny Most / Rock Is Dead / Donny Most / United Artists
Johnny Whitaker / Monster Rock / Friends / Chelsea Records
Telly Savalas / You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' / Telly / MCA
Bruce Willis / Secret Agent Man - James Bond Is Back / The Return Of Bruno / Motown Records
Cybil / Find Me A Primitive Man / Does It... To Cole Porter / Paramount Records
Sally Field / The Louder I Sing (The Braver I Get) / Star Of The Flying Nun / Colgems Records
Leonard Nimoy / Highly Illogical / The Two Sides Of Leonard Nimoy / Dot Records
William Shatner / Spleen - Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds / The Transformed Man / Decca Records
Leonard Nimoy / The Ballad Of Bilbo Baggins / The Two Sides Of Leonard Nimoy / Dot Records
Sherman Hemsley / Ain't That A Kick In The Head / Ain't That A Kick In The Head / Sutra Records
Vincent Laguardia Gambini (Joe Pesci) / Wise Guy / Sings Just For You / Columbia Records
Hulk Hogan / I Want To Be A Hulkamaniac / Hulk Hogan And The Wrestling Boot Band / Select Records
Hulk Hogan / Beach Patrol / Hulk Hogan And The Wrestling Boot Band / Select Records
The Wrestling Album / Don't Go Messin' With A Country Boy / The Wrestling Album / Epic Records
Hogan's Heroes / Praise The Lord And Pass The Ammunition / Sing The Best Of World War II / Sunset Records
The Odd Couple Sings / When Banana Skins Are Falling (I'll Come Sliding Back To You) / The Odd Couple Sings / London Records
Archie And Edith / Oh Babe, What Would You Say / Side By Side / RCA Records
The Blues Brothers / Rubber Biscuit / Briefcase Full Of Blues / Atlantic Records
Chevy Chase / Short People / Chevy Chase / Arista Records
David Hasselhoff / Night Rocker / Night Rocker / Silver Blue Records
Morton Downey Jr. / Zip It / Sings / Compose Records
Gomer Pyle U.S.M.C. / You Can't Roller Skate In A Buffalo Herd / Shazam! / Columbia Records
Lorne Greene / Speak Low / Young At Heart / RCA Records
Vicki Lawrence / Gypsys, Tramps & Thieves / The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia / Bell Records
Eddie Murphy / Everything's Coming Up Roses / How Could It Be / Columbia Records
Ethel Merman / There's No Business Like Show Business / The Ethel Merman Disco Album / A&M Records

May 22nd, 2006
I am co-hosting with Malcolm from Trash Tues 2-4PM

If you can tune in, I will be on Malcolm's radio show "One Man's Opinion" Tuesday afternoon (5/23) from 2-4 PM EST! I am not playing anything close to what I play on my radio show The Anti-Emo Empire! It's going to be a fun time.
This week marks Malcolm's one year anniversary on WNHU and next week marks my 5 year anniversary!
Live stream at www.wnhu.net

May 19th, 2006
CIV interview Monday night at 9PM EST!

I had the chance to speak with CIV, lead singer of NYC's Gorilla Biscuits this past Tuesday night and I will be airing the interview on Monday May 22nd at 9 PM EST. Listen and learn...Be sure to check out the tattoo shop that CIV owns and operates in Sayville, NY.

May 29th marks 5 straight years on the air for The Anti-Emo Empire!!

May 18th, 2006
WNHU Voted #1 in the 2006 New Haven Advocate "Best Of" readers poll!

That's right, on the news stands today... Volume Two

The official results of the 2006 New Haven Advocate "Best Of" readers poll!
WNHU came in 1st place for Best College Radio Station!!
My wife Michelle Terranova came in 3rd place for Best Radio Personality!!! This is for ALL radio stations in New Haven County, including the huge commercial ones! Check out her radio show web site and be sure to send an email over to congratulate her! gokatgoradio.com

May 1st, 2006
Spike Cassidy of D.R.I. was diagnosed with Cancer

From the official D.R.I.
web site:
Spike Cassidy, Founder, Long Time Guitarist of D.R.I. was diagnosed with Cancer, and underwent sugery recently to remove it. He will be starting months of radation and chemo-therapy soon.
All tours and shows have been canceled. You can help spike and his family with your donations to :
Spike Cassidy Cancer Relief

April 28th, 2006
Interview with Chris Jones and Dylan Roy, the lead singer and bassist of Newport Rhode Island's Verbal Assault to air on Monday May 1st at 9:00 PM EST!!

I've been a big fan of Verbal Assault ever since I first saw them live back in 1986! Their progression from the 1985 Masses demo to their farewell release Exit in 1991 was mind boggling! A truly unique and original band for their time! Tune in to check out a phone interview that I conducted with Chris and Dylan on April 11th!

Chris has created and up keeps an extremely informative web site... check it out! www.verbalassault.com

Remember WNHU has a live stream, so you can listen in from anywhere in the world! Monday nights from 8-11 PM EST!

April 27th, 2006
Minutemen Documentary Due out on DVD on June 27th

We Jam Econo, the Tim Irwin directed Minutemen Documentary is due out as a two disc DVD set on June 27th. The original movie had interviews with all three Minutemen as well as Ian Mackaye, Thurston Moore, Henry Rollins, Jello Biafra, J Mascis, and Flea, among many others. But the folks over at Plexifilm are making the wait for the DVD worth it by including even more interviews, live performances (62 songs from three shows), music videos, and archival footage for a total of over five hours of special features. There is also a 16-page booklet with photos, flyers, and liner notes by David Rees, creator of the comic strip Get Your War On. The DVD is available for pre-order (at a discounted price) http://theminutemen.com/store.html

April 15th, 2006
Interview with Danny Slam, the lead singer of southern California's America's Hardcore to air on Monday April 17th at 9:00 PM EST!!

I got into America's Hardcore back in the mid to late 1980's when I heard their song A.H.C. on the v/a We Got Power II, Party Animal LP that Mystic Records released in 1984! I also got a 10th generation cassette copy of a live show from the band at The Cathe De Grande from 1983 which was rumored to be the band's demo tape. The band only officially released two other studio tracks on other Mystic Records comps and there has always been the wonder if there were more songs that never saw the light of day. This interview answers that question as well as a ton more... Listen in and learn, you will not be disappointed!

After the interview was conducted, Danny set up an America's Hardcore page on Myspace... be sure to check it out!

Remember WNHU has a live stream, so you can listen in from anywhere in the world! Monday nights from 8-11 PM EST!

March 29th, 2006
Anti-Emo Empire! Interview on Hardware Media And Radio!

Check out Hardware Media And Radio, a great new web site dedicated to punk & hardcore internet radio…and other stuff

Today they added a brand new interview that they recently conducted with me... check it out!


March 6th, 2006
(From Doctor Strange Records)

Sad but true… One of L.A.’s Punk legends call it quits after 29 years. Please come by and join them one last time. Celebrate with: The Stitches, Neon Maniacs, Pri Madonna and other “surprises” such as the original (from ’77) Skulls guitarist playing with them and more. There will be lots of FREE “stuff” passed out, limited Skulls t-shirts for sale and more. Trust your Doc on this one. It’ll be a night to remember. I can’t give away al the surprises but show up and you will see.

Where/When? The Showcase, Saturday March 11th.
Tickets/info: 909-340-0988

March 5th, 2006
The Tomorrow Show with Tom Snyder - Punk & New Wave DVD

I wanted to post about this a month ago when I first found out about it, but finally got around to it! This 2 DVD set was officially released on January 24th of this year and includes 8 complete episodes of The Tomorrow Show with Tom Snyder. Two weeks ago while hanging out in Boston, Newbury Comics had it on sale as a new release and of course I HAD to pick it up.

Tonight I said screw the Academy Awards and decided to watch the DVD and all that I can say is WOW! Classic live footage and some incredible interviews! Wendy O' Williams blows up a car on stage during Master Plan... what more can you ask for...

The menu is set up so that you can watch all the episodes, one episode at a time, or better yet, you can choose "all of the punk", which skips to the interviews and the live footage only!

This is truly a must have DVD.... buy it, rent it, steal it, do what it takes to check it out!

Disc 1:
October 11, 1977 - Joan Jett, Paul Weller, Bill Graham, Kim Fowley and Robert Hilburn in a roundtable discussion on the emergence of punk
February 3, 1981 - Elvis Costello & The Attractions
"New Lace Sleeves"
"Watch Your Step"
February 12, 1981 - Iggy Pop
"Dog Food"
"Five Foot One"
"TV Eye"
May 20, 1981 - The Plasmatics
"Head Banger"
"Master Plan"

Disc 2:
May 11, 1978 - Patti Smith
June 25, 1980 - John Lydon
May 27, 1981 - The Jam
"Pretty Green"
"Funeral Pyre"
September 1, 1981 - The Ramones
"We Want The Airwaves"
"I Wanna Be Sedated"
"The KKK Took My Baby Away"

February 23rd, 2006
The New Haven Advocate gives press on WNHU's live internet stream!


Click here to view the New Haven Advocate article online!

February 22nd, 2006
Anti-Emo Jeff voted WNHU DJ of the week in the University Of New Haven's Charger Bulletin!

February 16th, 2006
20th Anniversary of Trash American Style

2006 is not only the 5th Anniversary of The Anti-Emo Empire!, it also marks the 20th Anniversary of Trash American Style in Danbury, CT!

We are proud to say that not only have we supported this incredible store since day one, but also that Trash has been one of the biggest supporters of my bands, record label and pretty much everything that I have done throughout the past 20 years!

In honor of the store's 20th Anniversary,Malcolm and Kathy (the owners), have some cool stuff planned! They are compiling a Year Book and need info from everyone who was a Trashy!

Here are the details direct from the Trash web site....

OK gang. Mark it on your calendars. The Trash American Style 20 Anniversary Class Reunion is occurring! November 24, 25, and 26, 2006. What's going to happen? This:
On the 24 + 25th, come to Trash American Style and meet old friends, former employees, and whoever else might show up. Refreshments will be provided. All ages welcome!
On the 26th, bands galore- old and new. Starting at 1:00 PM and going on until there's no one left. All ages and free!
Also, a 20th anniversary sale during business hours.
AND...... a yearbook! Fill out the questionnaire below to be included in the yearbook. We'll be printing a hard copy for all to see and hopefully we'll be able to post it online for those of you who can't attend. Just copy the questions below, and paste them on an email here. trash@trashamericanstyle.com


please send a photo of yourself. old, new, both, whatever!
This should be a lot more fun than a high school class reunion. Instead of hanging around with a bunch people you were forced to go to school with (3/4 of whom you probably hated anyway), you'll be spending quality time with real friends and comrades who share a common (anti) cultural heritage. Play catch up! Come to the reunion!

Check out the Trash page directly here!

February 9th, 2006

I just posted a bunch of new show photos!!
No Image from Friday February 3rd at The Maxx in New Milford, CT
Second Class Citizen, Broken and Elvis McMahon from Feb 4th at Café 9, New Haven, CT
Stressbomb, Zippo Raid, and No Image from Feb 8th at Hard Drive Live @ Alchemy, New Haven, CT

See them all on the Pics page!

February 8th, 2006

February 8th, 2006

R.I.P. Alan Paulino / Real Kids / Nervous Eaters
Don't know any details, but I just heard that he died on Monday night...
Alan was an original member of the Real Kids and most currently a member of the Nervous Eaters

February 3rd, 2006

The East Village rock scene faces another demoralizing loss. The Continental, the punk rock dive on St. Marks Place that has showcased the likes of Iggy Pop, Guns N' Roses, the Ramones and Patti Smith over the years, will no longer offer live music. Continental owner Trigger says that he plans to close the club in late spring, then re-open it as a "neighborhood bar with a great jukebox, a pool table and cheap drinks. My rents and overhead go up every year. It's become un-doable to have a punk rock club in this neighborhood these days - the crowd isn't there to support it".

February 2nd, 2005
R.I.P. Jason Sears

Former RKL Singer JASON SEARS Dead At 38

Former RKL (RICH KIDS ON LSD) vocalist Jason Sears passed away on Tuesday (Jan. 31) in Tijuana, Mexico while receiving treatment at an alternative detox clinic that primarily serves U.S. citizens struggling with drug addictions, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune. He was 38 years old.

The cause of death was pulmonary thrombosis, according to an autopsy report. State authorities weren't planning on filing charges because Jason Sears appeared to have died of natural causes due to other health problems, a spokesman with the State Attorney General's Office said, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Sears was one of several U.S. patients at a Tijuana clinic, according to a city police report. The clinic — which is operated through a U.S.-based group — occupies a two-story house in a quiet Tijuana neighborhood near the beach. It has no obvious name or signs.

The clinic is operated through the Ibogaine Association, which displays a picture of the house on its Web site and provides a San Diego phone number — though a staff member reached there declined to comment on the death or provide additional information on how the program is run.

Ibogaine is a drug derived from a West African plant that can help overcome addiction and eliminate withdrawal, according to some animal research and limited case studies in humans.

But the drug can also induce powerful hallucinations, and that, along with animal studies that indicate potentially dangerous side effects, have made U.S. regulators reluctant to endorse human clinical studies. It is illegal to use the drug in the United States.

The attending physician at the Tijuana clinic, Itzcoatl Medina, said Sears was receiving treatment when he died. Medina said a pulmonary thrombosis is an obstruction in the vascular system, usually from a blood clot. Medina said that infections can sometimes lead to clots, and Sears had refused to take antibiotics for an infection.

Medina, who declined to comment on who runs the clinic, said Sears had signed a release form to participate in the program.

According to PunkNews.org, RKL was a fixture of the '90s Santa Barbara punk scene. Two members of the band, guitarist Chris Rest and drummer Dave Raun, went on to join LAGWAGON. Sears was the vocalist of the band in 1983-1989 and 1994-1996 and was responsible for the vocals on the band's Epitaph full-length "Riches to Rags". The band split up around 1996 but had reunited in various configurations 2001, 2002, 2004 and 2005. A posthumous collection, "Keep Laughing - The Best Of RKL", appeared in 2001
After his time in RKL, Jason recorded "Jason Sears And Mercury Legion", which was released last year. Jason also sang on "Strait Up" a tribute to the late James Lynn Strait of SNOT on "Until We Meet Again".

RKL Myspace page

January 31st, 2006
R.I.P. Thomas "Pig Champion" Roberts

Thomas "Pig Champion" Roberts, guitarist for Poison Idea, died at his home in Portland, Oregon, Monday night. A founding member of the seminal punk band, he continued to appear with Poison Idea throughout the late nineties and into the new millennium, despite officially quitting the band in 1993. Variously described as "spectacularly fat", and "the single largest man in hardcore history", Roberts crowned himself "Pig Champion" after hitting an impressive 450 lbs. on the scales. The highly regarded guitarist was revered by a devoted following worldwide. Fans and friends alike will feel the loss keenly. Further information not available at this time, but will be posted here, for your reference.

The following links are to profiles and histories of Poison Idea:

January 6th, 2006

The Anti-Emo Empire! is streaming online!

That's right... WNHU 88.7 FM now has a live stream! It's still new and in the experimental stages and unfortunately does not work with MAC's yet, but they are working out that bug!

The new web site is still in the works as well...

Also be sure to check out the show before me, Wires In The Walls from 6-8
Malcolm from Trash American Style is on Tuesdays from 2-4
Wednesday nights from 8-10 is The Basement Takeover!
Fri and Sat nights are chock full of all sorts of METAL!

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