Hardcore From The Early Days
A 3 way split featuring
Target Cells,
White Pigs,
and Chronic Disorder

All three bands are from Connecticut (two from South Windsor), and the recordings are from 1982-1984. This release is a must have for any fan of early 80's New England Hardcore!

500 on LP ( 200 on coloured) / 750 on CD

When Tim Yo reviewed the TARGET CELLS demo in MRR #15 at the time he called it the “metal” side of hardcore and the guitars were “heavy”. Times have changed so much that these days it would go through as 100% hardcore. Whatever you want to call it, it seriously rages. This demo has never made it onto a disc or vinyl until now.
Fans of Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Nihilistics etc will love it.

The WHITE PIGS are better known, but still a lot of HC fans still don’t know their first EP, which is a great thrasher. First released (1000 copies) in 1984, never repressed and definitely worthwhile re-releasing. Some tracks on this album are from that EP and some are unreleased.

CHRONIC DISORDER needs no introduction, they made quite a name for themselves and they had numerous releases. They even recorded for the legendary Posh Boy records! Their first 2 self financed EP’s are very rare (300 made) and a selection of tracks are included on this LP/CD. As a bonus we have added some live stuff recorded at the legendary CBGB’s. They are still going strong to this day.

Killer artwork (12 page booklet with lots of photo’s, flyers, lyrics etc) and a truly fantastic production/remastering ( done at joetown.com, Walingford, CT) makes this release a must for the old school hardcore fans...