"The Re-Releases" CD

Venice, California-based thrashers BEOWULF (not to be confused with the earlier, L.A.-based hard rockers by the same name) formed in 1984 and featured singer/guitarist Dale Henderson, guitarist Mike Jensen, bassist Paul Yemada, and drummer Michael Alvarado. Friendly from the start with local legends SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, the quartet contributed two tracks to 1985's Suicidal Records' compilation Welcome to Venice, and then quickly recorded and released their Self-Titled debut a year later. This was followed by 1988's Lost My Head...But I'm Back on the Right Track LP, which was issued through Caroline Records and featured a thrashy version of Smokey Robinson's "Cruising." Sadly, none of the above could help distinguish BEOWULF from the era's teeming thrash metal throngs, and the group decided to split up a short time later...

1. Tool The Jewel
2. No Doubt
3. Drink Fight Fuck
4. All I Need
5. Shoot Them Down
6. Taste The Steel
7. Phuck
8. Get The Grind
9. Americanizm
10. Down Till Dead
11. Belligerance
12. Don't Give A Damn
13. (My Life) Alcohol
14. Muy Bonita
15. Flare
16. Plastic People
17. Fuzzy Princess
18. Hippy Liquor
19. One Chance
20. Done Got Caught
21. You Get Me Off
22. Winer Diner
23. Where You From
24. Lost My Head
25. Cruisin'
26. Killing Time (Bonus Track)

1-13 s/t debut LP 1986
14-25 "Lost My Head...But I'm Back on the Right Track" LP 1988