"Connecticut Fun" CD

Incas 101 v/a "Connecticut Fun" CD
The newest release from Incas Records is the long out of print v/a “Connecticut Fun” LP from 1985. The music has been
transferred straight from the original master tapes and digitally remastered. This is the first time this
classic release has been available since 1985 and also the first time it has ever been available on CD format.

There are 36 tracks of raw Connecticut hardcore played by all of the bands that hung out and ran the infamous
Anthrax Club. Recorded in one long weekend session this was then released on Incas Records and sold out shortly
there after. Now 21 years later it still sounds as vital and important as it did back in 1985. To make a good thing
even better, Incas has also added as CD bonus tracks the entire 1985 Rude Awakening “Teenage Suicide” single
and the entire 1984 s/t 7” EP by No Milk On Tuesday.

With the inclusion of these two historic Connecticut hardcore records as bonus tracks, this CD will also serve
as a discography release for both bands. By coupling them with the Connecticut Fun tracks this
represents all of the original output from Rude Awakening and No Milk On Tuesday.

Track Listing:

Fatal Vision
1. Bloodbath
2. Complex
3. Klan Man,
4. Fatal Vision
End Product
5. Starve
6. In Heaven
7. Feathered Fish
8. Red Lights
Vatican Commandos
9. Carry it Forward
10. Things are not the Same
11. Slaughterhouse
12. Guns
Bad Attitude
13. Kill You
14. Holy War
15. Destiny
16. J.F.K.
Rude Awakening
17. My Walk to the Liquor Store
18. We're Here to Fight
Lost Generation
19. Short Cut
20. Don't Exist
No Milk on Tuesday
21. White Not Right
Youth of Today
22 Take a Stand
23. Stabbed in the Back
24. We Just Might
25. Wake Up and Live
26. Standing Hard
76% Uncertain
27. Into the Void (Black Sabbath)
28. Connecticut Fun

Bonus Tracks:

Rude Awakening “Teenage Suicide” 7”
29. Teenage Suicide
30. Wanted

No Milk On Tuesday s/t 7”
31. You Lied
32. Killing Myself With Drugs
33. Pressure Sensitive
34. USA Today
35. Polyester Pigs
36. I Don't Know