Code of Honor

"Complete Studio Recordings 1982 - 1984" CD

This collects all the studio recordings by one of San Francisco's top hardcore bands of the early '80s, known for their innovative, groundbreaking song structures, use of unconventional effects and tape manipulation, and highly political lyrics. Included are their tracks from the 1982 split LP with SICK PLEASURE, their 1983 "What are We Gonna Do?" 7", and their outrageous 1984 album "Beware the Savage Jaw" (which has been likened to a punk rock "Houses of the Holy"), plus one previously unreleased track from the same sessions as the original EP! The deluxe 20-page booklet has all the lyrics, several photos, and a band history by guitarist Mike Fox.

Track Listing:

01. What Are We Gonna Do?
02. What Price Would You Pay?
03. What's It Gonna Be?
04. Code of Honor
05. Fight or Die
06. Attempted Control
07. People's Revolution
08. Death to You
09. Stolen Faith
10. Be Fighting Still
11. New Era
12. And We Fight
13. Beware the Savage Jaw
14. I Killed the Dove
15. Downtown
16. Education
17. The Ballad of One-Eyed Jack and the Backhand Kid
18. Too Much for One Man
19. Not If I Can Help It
20. House of Others
21. Don't Tell Me
22. Waiting Always
23. No Room to Cry
24. This Day
25. Beware the Savage Jaw (reprise)