"Won't Bleed Me/Failed Society" CD

Led by Brad Logan, who's also played with Leftover Crack, The Unseen, and many other punk-as-fuck bands, F-Minus is the real deal! With all the bands claiming to play "hardcore" these days, it's good to know some bands still understand the meaning of the term. F-Minus have always played hardcore in the straightforward, no-bullshit manner of pioneers like Minor Threat and Negative Approach without sounding like a throwback or cringe-inducing cliche. With a dual male/female vocal assault that recalls bands like Nausea and Crass, and to-the-point songs that rarely break the minute mark F-Minus makes its impression felt quickly and memorably in the same way records like "Victim In Pain" did.

With two full-length albums under their belts- 1999's "F-Minus" and 2001's "Suburban Blight" on Hellcat Records- F-Minus has reached a wide audience, building a rabid nationwide following. "Won't Bleed Me/Failed Society" collects the band's long out-of-print and sought-after vinyl only EPs of the same name plus some unreleased cover tunes. F-Minus fans have long asked for these hard to find EPs to be released in digital form and now F-Minus fans finally get what they've been waiting for- 20 songs worth of no-frills catchy-as-hell West Coast hardcore!

Track Listing:

1. Who Pays, Who Profits?
2. Lies
3. No Chance For Change
4. Set Up To Fall
5. Fuck You O.C.
6. Uniform
7. Gun To My Head
8. Sick
9. Can't Tell No One
10. Gimme A Fix
11. Christianity
12. Ruined
13. World Still Turns
14. Peer Pressure
15. Trouble At The Cup (Black Randy And The Metro Squad)
16. End Of The Line
17. Living Hell
18. In Sight
19. Victim In Pain (Agnostic Front)
20. Negative Approach (Negative Approach)

Tracks 1-9 "Won't Bleed Me" 7" 1998
10-18 "Failed Society" 7" 1998
19-20 (previously unreleased)