JFA 'We Know You Suck' CD
30 tracks including the "Blatant Localism" EP (Placebo 1981) and "Valley of the Yakes" LP (Placebo 1983) as well as about a dozencomp-only and live tracks have been collected onto one CD!Bursting with juvenile spunk, WE KNOW YOU SUCK documentsthe watershed moment in pop culture history when the two tastes that taste great together--skateboarding and punk rock--collided in a happyshotgun wedding.
Volume four Skate Rock Re-issue series!
The pioneers of skate rock, JFA (Jodie Fosters Army) have kept true to their underground skateboarding roots for more than 20 years. Pool and pipe skaters throughout the world know and respect the group's original, balls-to-the-wall, hard-driving sounds.Since the band began in 1981, skateboarding and punk rock have blown-up, but JFA has steadfastly refused to sellout. As always, the most important things to the band members are skating, their fans, and their music. CD only.

In this day and age, it seems like every band and record label out there are trying to be the next big thing. They compromise their sound, their beliefs, and unfortunately leave behind the DIY ethics, integrity, and sincerity that they started out with. Well Alternative Tentacles Records are one of the rare exceptions to the rule. I cannot even begin to tell you how many LP's I bought from this label since getting into hardcore/punk back in 1985. Now 22 years later they have maintained true to their roots, values and beliefs. Here is an excerpt that I took from the label's web site.


What do Dead Kennedys, Butthole Surfers, D.O.A., 7 Seconds, Winston Smith, NoMeansNo, Neurosis and Voice Farm have in common? They all came to the public's attention through early debut and other releases on Alternative Tentacles. A.T.'s impact on the world of underground culture is often underestimated and not easily measured, due to a long history of refusing to do the obvious rather than concentrate on an easily identifiable 'Alternative Tentacles Sound.' The diversity in releases has strayed as far afield as the debut album of Evan Johns and The H-Bombs, the Beatnigs (with the founding members of Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy and Spearhead), bent pop of Wesley Willis and Half Japanese, to rapper Chill EB.
Established in June of 1979, the name Alternative Tentacles was used as the label name on Dead Kennedys self-produced debut single, "California Uber Alles." In true independent spirit, the band saved their gig money for a year to produce their own record instead of waiting for an established label to sign them. By a stroke of luck the single did better than the bands' wildest dream, garnering considerable attention throughout the U.S. and Europe. Lead singer Jello Biafra's 1979 mayoral campaign in San Francisco helped kick-start interest from the British music press that culminated in a very successful British and European tour in the fall of 1980, upon the release of their full length debut, "Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables".
Speaking with the people from the audience after the gigs, Biafra found that the actual fans who liked the music were far more interested in the American underground than the overseas labels and press were. Back then, it was very unusual for there to be interest in an American underground band in Europe at all, let alone a tour.
The original idea was for Alternative Tentacles to be based in Europe only, and concentrate on European released and exposure for then-unknown American Bands. The result was the "Let Them Eat Jellybeans" compilation album. "Let Them Eat Jellybeans" was quickly followed with singles by D.O.A., Bad Brains, Black Flag, Flipper, TSOL, Voice Farm and more. But the impact of "Jellybeans" and Alternative Tentacles turned out to be even greater outside Great Britain. "Jellybeans" and Dead Kennedys' follow-up '81 European tour is credited with breaking open the still strong underground scenes in Finland, Italy, Germany, and even behind the Iron Curtain.
Meanwhile, "Jellybeans" was also gaining steam in America. Many Americans were picking up import copies as a way of tuning in to the ongoing underground explosion in the States. Alternative Tentacles U.S. was off and running with domestic releases of new albums by D.O.A., TSOL, Dead Kennedys, Butthole Surfers, the Dicks, the Crucifucks and many more. At the same time a friend in San Francisco, Ruth Schwartz, was starting Mordam Records label and distribution, known locally as the label where Faith No More and Victims Family got their start. An alliance was formed and distribution continues to this day.
The label has been the perfect outlet for Jello Biafra's work including his six spoken word releases and musical collaborations with friends like D.O.A., NoMeansNo, Steel Pole Bath Tub (Tumor Circus), Ministry (Lard), Mojo Nixon, and most recently the No WTO Combo. From the begining, A.T. has treated their artists the way Biafra and Dead Kennedys wanted to be treated. They are given complete control over all aspects of their recordings and are not to sign multi-album contracts. Bands are free to leave and work with other labels if they so choose, and return whenever they like.
The label's small, hardworking staff of six considers the artists very good friends and family and it is this relationship that motivates the staff and bands to work together and respect each other.
Through January 2001, the label has released over 250 recordings and pride themselves on the fact that, in addition to CD and, occasionaly, cassette, every release is issued on vinyl. Recently, the label has made its music available in the MP3 format as well. Recently Alternative Tentacles started to release social and political commentaries by individuals such as the late Judi Bari and Mumia Abu-Jamal , in addition to the 6 spoken word releases by Jello Biafra. A.T. has also co-released some spoken-word releases together with AK Press, such as Noam Chomsky, Angela Davis and Howard Zinn.
The label has also raided its vaults and has re-released some classic early 80's recordings in its "Re-issues Of Necessity" series by the likes of the Dicks, BGK, the Fartz, False Prophets, Amebix, and the famous compilation: NOT SO QUITE ON THE WESTERN FRONT.
Today, Alternative Tentacles still upholds the same ideals under which it was created. With current artists such as Bastard Noise, Black Kali Ma, Buzzkill, Causey Way, Creeps On Candy, Dead & Gone, Half Japanese, Jad Fair & Jason Willett, Iowaska, Jello Biafra, Lard, Logical Nonsense, Mumia Abu-Jamal, NoMeansNo, No WTO Combo, Pachinko, Pitchshifter, Queen Bee, Ratos De Parao, Slim Cessna's Auto Club, SNFU, Tribe 8, Ultra Bide', Wesley Willis, and Zeni Geva, A.T. manages to bring an eclectic array of music to an industry sadly lacking in originality.
Alternative Tentacles Records turns 22 years old this year!!!!!!!

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