1983 - "I Kill Hippies"/"Mind Loot," the first JACK TRAGIC single. Distributed by Slash Records, listed as one of Spin Magazine's top 100 punk singles of all time. Huh? BEASTIE BOYS opened up for 'em, they played with AGNOSTIC FRONT, KRAUT, BUTTHOLE SURFERS, BAD BRAINS, and more. JACK TRAGIC's sound is one of anger and old-punk angst, carrying on the tradition of classic '77 punk instead of going hardcore. These recordings span '83 though '89, a band breakup and re-formation, and even there's even two tracks produced by Andy Shernoff of THE DICTATORS. Bacchus takes another dip into the pool of punk from CT with the help of compiler Keith Grave, and this release was put together with the full help of Keith and JACK.

If you live in New England, then you NEED to own both of these incredible compilations documenting the careers of many Connecticut and Western Massachusetts bands from the late 1970's through the early 1980's. Look out for Volumes Three and Four to be released later in 2003.

Busted At The Lit Club - Shielded By Death Vol. 1 CD
When Bacchus found out that Busted At The Lit was a European vinyl only release, we hit up compiler Keith Grave for the CD version. And here it is! From 1979 to 1982 the Lit Club in Hartford, CT. was the local spot for national and international punk and new wave bands. Groups like KILLING JOKE, BLACK FLAG, SOCIAL DISTORTION and the CIRCLE JERKS would headline the bill with Hartford CT and Western Mass. bands providing support. Busted At The Lit documents some of the area's top punk and garage bands that played the club. Also included on this comp are some non-Lit Club bands who thrived during this era. From '60s inspired garage to old school punk, this comp covers it all and is a must buy!

Guillotined At The Hangar: Shielded By Death Vol. 2 CD/LP
In the spirit of the Killed By Death series, about two years ago, a great late 70s, early 80s comp called Shielded by Death appeared on Germany’s Incognito label. Compiler Keith Grave has come up with yet another collection of rare and raging punk rock from ’79 through ’84 from Connecticut and Western Massachusetts. Bacchus Archives presents 20 tracks of primal American punk, featuring some names you might have heard of (Jack Tragic, Chronic Disorder, 8th Route Army, The Foreign Objects) and, unless you lived in the region we’ve focused on, may not have heard of. This doesn’t matter. The entire comp is a treat to fans of old punk rock and we’ll equate this to some of our regional 60s comps such as The East Side Sound and Legend City. Unlike many of the KBD and Bloodstains comps, GUILLOTINED AT THE HANGAR will be readily available on both CD and LP, at a reasonable price!