The Pointed Sticks

"Waiting For The Real Thing" CD

The Pointed Sticks were formed in early 1978 and quickly became a big part of the underground punk/new wave scene in Vancouver, Canada, gigging with bands like D.O.A., the Subhumans and the Dishrags. They had a fun, quirky style that they combined with pure pop genius. Throughout the band's 1978-1981 career, they produced 3 singles and a multitude of demos, TV and radio recordings. The best of these have been melded together by Dale Wiese and Chris Cutress (producer of the fabulous Vancouver Complication album, also on Sudden Death Records) into "Waiting For The Real Thing".

On this CD you get to hear one of the very best bands of that great musical era at their most inspirational stage.

Track Listing:

1. What Do You Want Me To Do
2. Somebody's Mom
3. Real Thing, The
4. Out Of Luck
5. Lies
6. I'm Numb
7. It's O.K.
8. All I Could Take
9. How Could You?
10. Apologies
11. Marching Song
12. True Love
13. New Ways
14. All That Matters
15. Love Or Money
16. Witch, The
17. Real Thing, The
18. You Must Be Crazy
19. Care Less
20. Worse
21. Middle Age Teenagers/No More Love
22. Found Another Boy
23. Middle Class
24. Automatic You