Rancid Vat vs. The Rest Of The World CD

Guided by the phrase "Inspired By Enemies," Rancid Vat has refused to bow to any musical convention, style or trend over the course of their first two and a half decades and continue to defy the odds, the critics and, occasionally, even their fans as they triumphantly surge into their second quarter-century with no signs of slowing down. Rancid Vat vs. The Rest Of The World is not a "greatest hits" collection or a tribute to some by-gone era, it’s a celebration of the band's first 25 years of rugged individualism, documenting their evolution from reckless punk experimentalists into a tightly wound rock and roll unit and laying the groundwork for their next 25 years. This historical double CD set also features a special video message from Thee Whiskey Rebel & liner notes by Reb and longtime Rancid Vat ally Jeff Clayton of ANTiSEEN.


Disc #1:
It's Lonely At The Bottom, Baby * Low Blow * Trouble * Guest List * Larger Than Life * Premature Ejaculator * Most Likely To * When The Roll's Called Down Under * Ballad Of Brigham Young * Puke On My Face * It's My Fate * Born To Lose * The Competition Stinks * Apathy * H.H.H.H. * Cracked Actor * Baptised In Blood * Destroy Nature

Disc #2:
Cosmic Astro Boogie * Hostile City USA * Loser Leave Town * Why Don't You Love Me * Eat Hot Lead * Rulebreakers Rule * Rock n Roll Fraud * Dead Babies * Hot and Nasty * Testify * Strychnine * We Hate You All The Way From Texas! * Nature Boy * Tears And Heartbreak * Say You Love Satan * "A Message From Thee Whiskey Rebel" (Bonus Video Track)