Rosemary’s Babies

"Talking To The Dead" CD

Pulled from the festering womb of Lodi, New Jersey, Rosemary’s Babies came screaming into the world in 1981. The brainchild of Eerie Von and Post Mortem, Rosemary’s Babies were everything the Lodi Music Scene came to represent: loud, fast, angry and aggressive. Rosemary’s Babies were together for 3 years from the years of 1981 thru 1983. During that time, they spent unending hours writing and recording song after song after song. Rosemary’s Babies split for good in ‘83 when Eerie got the call. Glenn from The Misfits needed a bass player for his new project, Samhain. Eerie went on to play in Samhain and Danzig as well as a prolific solo career. In 2003, Eerie and Post had a conversation and decided to dust off the old Rosemary’s Babies reel-to-reel tapes, spending months re-mastering all of the old sessions. From these tapes, 25 songs were selected to be unleashed upon the world.

Classic '80s Hardcore from Lodi! Eerie Von's (Danzig, Samhain) FIRST band! Featuring many unreleased recordings as well as tracks from the highly collectible "Blood Lust" EP. These tracks were recorded between 1982 and 1983. The recordings have been completely remastered at West West Side Music and sound as immediate now as 20 years ago. Feel the passion and intensity of this band that was part of the seminal Lodi hardcore scene that included The Misfits.

Ghastly Records was originally founded in 1981 by Bob Montena (Rosemary’s Babies, I’m Afraid) with his buddy and bandmate Eerie Von (Danzig, Samhain) in order to release the first record by their band Rosemary’s Babies, a blood red 7-inch, 10 song EP named Blood Lust.
In 2003, Bob asked Eerie if it was time to put out the music of Rosemary’s Babies on CD. Deciding that it was indeed a good time, they took the original master tapes of all the recording sessions Rosemary’s Babies did in the early 80s and had them re-mastered. These sessions resulted in the resurrection of the Ghastly label and its first release in over 20 years, Talking To The Dead.
Talking To The Dead is a 25 song CD of classic 80s hardcore. It includes many songs by Rosemary’s Babies that have never been heard before!

Tracks Include: What I Hate, Talking To The Dead, Sex Maniac, One Dead Low-Life, I Vote Yes, Happy Song, Attack Of The 50ft Cowboy, Sounds Of Death, I'm Gonna Be Sick, You Just Don't Rate, Alice In Murderland, That's Alright-That's OK, Let's Molest 10 Yr. Olds, Fake Babies, Dead Zone, Small Minds Think Small, Becky Bondage, Inferior, Blood Lust, The Green Hornet Theme, Fake Babies (live @ CB-GB's 5/15/83), Alice In Murderland (live @ CB-GB's 5/15/83), Talking To The Dead (live @ CB-GB's 5/15/83), That's Alright I'm OK (live @ CB-GB's 5/15/83), Small Minds Think Small (live @ CB-GB's 5/15/83).