There are not too many labels left around that make an effort to release true hardcore/punk, both new, and also classic re-releases from legendary bands from the past. Dr. Strange are one of them, and as you will read in the label bio below, Dr. Strange Records is truly by the fans, for the fans.
Stalag 13 'In Control' was origianlly released on Up Start Records back in 1984 and has long since been out of print and rare to find. This record is a true California hardcore classic and was a staple of my hardcore youth. As with most hardcore records from the 1980's, they still stand their ground today and sound just as good, if not better than they ever sounded.

Dr. Strange Records bio taken from their web site:
Let me start off by saying what we are NOT. We are not a "company" or "corporation" making money off punk rock. I've been into punk since 1980 and it is truly a way of life for me. It is who I am and what I will be until I die. I started Dr. Strange Records in 1988 in an effort for like minded people to get rare punk records for FAIR prices. My "hobby" has not only turned into the biggest mail-order for punk in all the world, but also a record label (in 1989) and a store in California (opened in 1997).
We're small...there's myself, my wife and my three friends: Chaddie, Hot Dog Boy and Thom-Ass doing the best we can to get you the best "stuff" for the best prices. So please keep that in mind when ordering. We always do our best to treat others the way WE would want to be treated.

Be sure to also check out these other incredible Dr. Strange releases
You will not be disappointed!

"Demos and Rarities" by Scotland's own THREATS. Originally formed back in 1979, this cd features never before heard songs, demos and the very collectable releases from the band that would later influence many of todays punk outfits such as: The Unseen, The Casualties, A Global Threat and many more. "Demos and Rarities" has 18 never before released songs as well as their highly sought after "official" Rondelet Records releases from 1982-1984. Twenty Seven songs of pure Punk Rock in all! Oh, and it's been pain-stakingly remastered to perfection with the help of the Doc himself. The THREATS are first generation Punk Rock and are for real. Not that candy coated bullshit you see on MTV.

The Doc has seen fit to re-release a classic from Washington D.C.'s finest; GOVERNMENT ISSUE. For those of you with your head in the ground, GOVERNMENT ISSUE played right along side the other early 80's straight edge and hardcore greats such as: Minor Threat, SOA, Artificial Peace, Bad Brains, Teen Idles, Dag Nasty and just about every other band on Dischord Records. This version of "Strange Wine", unlike the original release from '87, features the ENTIRE show plus three bonus studio tracks! Many unreleased songs on this one. And to top that off this was re-mastered by Mr. Tom Lyle himself! Great new artwork, liner notes and photos as always.

"Strange Wine"

"Complete Discographies Volume One and Two"


Originally released on the infamous Toxic Shock Records in those "bad old days" of Ronnie Raygun, "BARRICADED SUSPECTS" gave the world some of the best up and coming Punk Rock bands from North America in the early 80's. Coming up on its 20th anniversary of its original vinyl release, this CD reissue not only features all those bands originally on it; PEACE CORPSE, SEPTIC DEATH (Pushead's band from his Idaho years) , RED TIDE (features the late Ken Jensen, future drummer for D.O.A.) MAD PARADE, KILROY, DECRY, MASSACRE GUYS (with Karl Alvarez and Stephen Egerton before their move tothe DESCENDENTS and ALL) , Florida's ROACH MOTEL, and SUBURBAN MUTILATION (with Norb Ugly of Sick Teen/BORIS the SPRINKLER/Hit List fame) and many also contains very rare bonus songs from: PILLSBURY HARDCORE, The DULL, PEACE CORPSE and more. This CD has the original Pushead artwork from 1983, liner notes from two punk rock iconoclasts, Bill of Toxic Shock Records and Dr. Strange himself, plus great old photos. It has been remastered for maximum brainwashing potential.

"The title says it all! It took the Doc a lot of pleading, begging and bribing to get the rights to re-release, for the first time on CD, some of the earliest (1982-1984) of the Toxic Shock Records 7"s for the perfect companion piece to BARRICADED SUSPECTS!! You get 21 songs from these long sought-after releases: the first "NOISE FROM NOWHERE "7" comp with infamous "exploding penis" artwork by Pushead, Pomona CA's PEACE CORPSE "Quincy" 7"ep.(more gruesome Pushead art), Victoria B.C.'s RED TIDE "Kelp and Salal" 7"ep., (features the future drummer for D.O.A., Ken Jensen R.I.P.) and Salt Lake City's MASSACRE GUYS "Behind the Eight Ball" 7"ep., (with future and current DECENDENTS/ALL members Karl Alvarez and Stephen Egerton ). Liner notes from Bill Toxic, remastered, great CD booklet with lots of photo's and old ads from the lost archives of Toxic Shock's Pomona years. Toxic Shock Records has been, and will always remain "The Assassin of Mediocrity".